ac3 cosplay

I always forget to share cosplay photos on tumblr ;_;

Anywho, if you know me even the slightest, you know I’m a HUGE Assassin’s Creed fan, especially when it comes to multiplayer. I have made a cosplay for every AC game with a multiplayer mode, as well as some OCs/original designs. Sadly I just never really got any photos of them. That is until this past Anime Central!

The Independent was my go-to in AC3. Sadly the outfit falling apart and that may be the last time I ever wear it. She was a good costume and my first I ever made 100% from scratch.

Photo by a friend with a small digital camera.

For more cosplay photos, check out my Facebook cosplay page - Spaz by Design


The USS Constitution and the Aquila are not  the same ship.  However, I think they’re close enough that if thenoahwatts came to Boston, dressed up in the Connor costume I made him, and did a photoshoot on board the USS Constitution where it’s docked in Charlestown it would be a personal dream come true for me!