Ubiworkshop Concepts

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What Assassins and Templars say when they're drunk.
  • singing...
  •'re a novice.
  • I killed a Templar then the Templar killed me...lmao no way!
  • I love Malik and Maria.
  • Ezio:You are bella.
  • Grazie for the drink and the chance to stare at you.
  • Let us bang.
  • Leonardo, Leonardo let down you gold locks.
  • Connor:*singing* GIVE ME LEE!!!!
  • I love my mother but my father...he's a duck! Quack!
  • I love chickens and pigs.
  • And then I said to the Templar, you'll be the one dead.
  • Edward:why you cock head!
  • Give me more drink.
  • Wow the stars are pretty.
  • Adewale...I'm gonna fuck the Jackdaw.
  • Why is my son a Templar?
  • Why is the rum always fucking gone?
  • Shay:I love you Haytham.
  • Gist let me wear your hat.
  • I'm gonna do some Irish dancing.
  • Penguins rule the world.
  • I am a skeleton and I wear Templar suits. Lmao.
  • Haytham:why is my father a pirate?
  • Ziio I wanna bang you again!
  • Give me Lee! I sounded like my son.
  • I want you and me...together forever Charles.
  • Arno:*speaking random French*
  • You want my baguette?
  • Elise come here and bring me some wine!
  • I love you Elise my wench.
  • Hoho oui oui baguette!
  • I'm going to twerk on the table.
  • Jacob:Rooks let's dance.
  • I'm so tired as fuck.
  • Evie where is my top hat?
  • Henry I love you man.
  • Clara get me another drink.
  • Off to fuck all the bitches.
  • Let's bang then shall we?
  • Evie:hello there Henry.
  • Jacob give me a kiss on the cheek you idiot brother of mine.
  • Henry wanna bang?
  • I love birds.
  • Can someone cook me something? Hungry as hell.
  • Jacob you're a twat.

So on Saturday at #animecalifornia #ac2015 I did a photoshoot with @ivotronphoto
It was … Freaking awesome. There was some yelling, some tears, and a security guard telling us to get out of the fountain. All in all, a successful shoot! He was great to work with, and I hope to work with him again in the future! Looking forward to these awesome pics. #hector #fe7 #fireemblem #cosplay
Post script: I found out for sure that I shouldn’t do happy faces. Stern? Sure mildly displeased? I can do that. Angry? Bring it. Happy? Smile? … You want me to do what?