I have been like this my entire life. People gush to me about how attractive someone is and I’m just like “?????”

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Time does not flow in a straight line.  Not for Natsu.  Cursed to re-live his time with Fairy Tail over and over he’s seen more lifetimes than he can count.  Exhausted and at the end of his rope he gathers the strength to try one last time.  And this time he’s breaking all the rules.  Fairy Tail style.

This is our new Nalu fanfic that will be posted after Wild Aces. Hope this sheds some light on it!

it legitimately blows my mind that ace people think they are systematically oppressed like??? i’m sure it’s difficult to live in a society that glorifies sex but???? there are legit anti gay commercials. when we died by the masses people laughed. we can’t show our partners affection in public without fear of ridicule or even physical harm. we are literally being put in concentration camps like??? y'all are wild


Ok but I want to talk about something here. Everyone made a huge deal that Todd came out as asexual. Tumblr blew up. “TODD IS ACE”. The internet went wild because it seemed revolutionary, but nobody said anything about this lesbian couple getting married. And I think most people didn’t really give it a second thought, and I find that fascinating how far we’ve come that same sex marriage is now normalized. If this was like five years ago, there would probably be discussions about how the show put in a gay couple. 

I’ve had a few comments of “But I thought-!!” and I feel like it’s important to note that not every asexual person is the same. Not only is everyone different and has different life experiences, but they make different choices in how they conduct themselves. It doesn’t make them any less Ace.

Tumblr vs. Real life
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Hi im Asexual<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> omg you dont belong in lgbt no one wants u here lol, ur not oppressed enough ur basically straight<p/><b>Me :</b> Hi im Asexual<p/><b>Real life Pride Parades:</b> ok cool here are some beads go party<p/></p>

Okkayy, so I did a lot of researching to buy the real thing, but ebay prices is ridiculous. So I found a manufacture on alibaba that can produce it. However, there is a minimum quanitity for me to buy. Was wondering how many of you would be interested?? I’m not going to make money out of it. It’s whatever cost from the company($~2) + shipping. Just let me know and please commit! Will update about once they get back to me. Only thing is they won’t talk (i dont mind tbh).

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