Method of Lighting Wireless Vacuum Tubes Devoid of Any Electrodes Placed In An Alternating Electrostatic Field.

In 1891, just before becoming an American citizen, Nikola Tesla was asked to lecture before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers at the Columbia University in New York. He performed experiments with alternating currents of very high frequency and left an audience of America’s greatest engineers spell-bound as he demonstrated a new theory of light. This lecture would be the first public demonstration of transmitting wireless energy, making Tesla the true father of radio and wireless power.

Throughout his investigations of alternating currents of very high frequency phenomena, Tesla satisfied himself with the conclusion that light bulbs using carbon filaments were inferior, and that an electric field of sufficient intensity could be made to fill a room and light electrodeless vacuum tubes. This was done by connecting two large sheets of zinc to the terminal of the circuit with the sheets being spread apart about fifteen feet away from each other (as shown above). The sheets served as condensers, and both received the charge of electricity from the wires connecting the sheets to the transformer, creating an electric field between the two. Tesla would then introduce vacuum tubes and place them between the zinc sheets–illuminating the tubes and lighting the room. He waved the vacuum tubes around like a Jedi showcasing the first light sabers, and the tubes continued to glow as long as they remained in the electric field.

He accomplished this by upping the speed of his dynamo, transforming his alternating currents into a continuous flow of static currents. This allowed him to pass a large amount of energy from sheet to sheet, or even through his body, without any harm. To help better explain this, direct currents carry an electric charge along a conductor which travel in one single direction, like a straight line, while the charge in AC alternate back and forth in waveform. Static currents, on the other hand, are stationary with no movement. Tesla would speed up his AC so fast that they would transform into a static current, allowing him to create a static field of electricity capable of lighting his wireless bulbs.

The electrical wizard went on to show the absolute harmlessness of his electric system by passing thousands of volts of electricity through his body–lighting light bulbs and shooting sparks out of his finger tips.

These amazing demonstrations would set Tesla apart from the rest of the scientific world, and the inventor would be showered with awards and invitations from all around the world begging him to share his work.

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Can you do some headcanons where the paladins’ s/o comes out to them as asexual?


  • You come out when he was getting a little frisky
  • But once you tell him he’ll back off
  • You feel kinda bad because he’s a huge flirt and sex seems like something he’d like
  • He’s completely ok with it
  • He wouldn’t force you into anything that you weren’t comfrotable with so why should this be any different?
  • Probably makes some pun like “I’m ace-static that you told me” to add some levity


  • You sit him down when neither of you are doing anything
    • You’re kinda nervous about it
  • When you tell him he just goes “Ok.”
    • You’re confused
    • He just tells you “I love you no matter what. I see no problem in it.”
  • He’s happy you told him though so he knows your boundaries


  • Like Shiro you sit him down for this
  • He’s completely fine with it 
  • He part Galra, the enemy, and you still love him, the least he could do is do you the same courtesy
  • Also you’re the best thing in his life, why would he reject you?


  • You just walk up to him, tell him, and then fast walk away from him
  • It takes him a second to process it because it was so sudden
  • But then he goes after you to tell you that he doesn’t mind
    • He knew that you did it so suddenly to avoid face it too much rejection
  • You two end up spending the rest of the day cuddling


  • I honestly think she’s asexual too
  • You’re relaxing and watching a movie when you spring it
  • She’s like “Great, me too. Popcorn?”
  • You’re happy she treats it so casually and it puts you at ease

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Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, but what's the difference between grey-ace and aceflux?

Grey-ace can be a static or it can range from varies degrees of limited sexual attraction. The focus here is limited sexual attraction. 

Aceflux has a bigger range to the point where in certain situations the person doesn’t feel ace at all. But the majority of the time they do. The focus here is the change.