full offense but it is unbelievably ridiculous to act as if micro-identity labels are coherent in society and act as if people have been historically oppressed because of those labels, not to mention that hardly any of them are functional at all and are way too specific/intimate for comfort like your sexuality should not include that you’re a bottom and only feel attraction on the seventh day of august

mogai is such a mess bc so many of the sexualities there……..,,, are not sexualities?

like they’re ways someone wishes to express/not express sexual acts eg placiosexuality, lithosexuality etc

and a sexuality…. is not that. they’re about sexual attraction. in defining myself as bisexual i tell you nothing about my sex life, and honestly the idea of a group of people encouraging other people - mostly teenagers, lbr - to identify themselves by the way they wish to have sex? is super dodgy????

like if someone asks you how you identify, and you say placiosexual, most people don’t know what that is, so you have to explain how you prefer to have sex. not who you are attracted to, just. how you have sex. and something about that makes me very uncomfortable