Day 1: Draw one of your dreamies

I actually like a lot of villagers so it was difficult to choose. I eventually narrowed down to Olivia, Roscoe, and Annalisa. And just felt more inclined to draw a cat than a horse or pangolin/anteater haha =‘w’=

I do like Marshal, Merengue, Julian and Zucker too, but I figured that that lot had enough fan art and drawings of them on the internet.

I haven’t digital-arted anything in ages omigod (was buried under school stuff)

ANYWAY, I plan to be doing Animal Crossing commissions soon, both by bells and actual money. 

This is the AC Drawing Challenge by usagistop! Thank you for making the challenge ^^ I hope I stick to it

day 1 – draw one of your dreamies

  • i actually still have julian in my old alt town but i really want him in my main!! after i get marshal’s picture i think i’ll trade for him. i actually had julian in lunatea for a short time before trading him, and i grew to like him a lot before he moved out. he’s such a sweetheart, and super gentle and welcoming. when he moves in i’m sure he’d be friends with everyone!! especially skye though. he can be her senpai uvu

AC Drawing Challenge: Day O1 ♡ Draw one of your dreamies

I drew Chrissy and Francine! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ I have a few dreamies, but the most important to me is Chrissy. I had her in my town from the very start, but she moved out without warning… I can’t wait to have her back, and reunite her with her sister Francine.