Michael’s stubble is so nice like I know Luke’s beard is awesome right now but Luke’s looks like it’s the soft kind of beard while Mikey’s looks like it’s short enough to still be scratchy, like he’d rub his hand on the side of his face and you would hear the scratchiness and when you kissed it was always prickly and you’d get mad at him because it wasn’t fun to kiss (even though he was fun to kiss) but he’d kiss you anyways and obnoxiously rub his stubble against your cheek and you’d always end up with beard burn which the other three guys would tease you for especially when the skin around your lips was really red and sensitive from a particularly long make out session and you’d glare at Mikey but he’d just kiss you on the cheek because he knew you were just as head over heels for him as he was for you and couldn’t stay mad at him for long.