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AC/DC - Live Wire (Live Fresno 1979 Incomplete) HD

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Life was cruel. It was beautiful in those crystalline hues of the songbird but it came with prices that no one could afford to pay. It was an ongoing round of poker – all fun, chances taken – until someone played their ace. The barbed wired man had played his but instead of money lost, it was L I V E S. Not just anyone’s lives but the strongest and the purest of all of them. Abraham was deceased along with the only decent soul that was left on this forsaken earth. Glenn was her F A M I L Y and now he was ripped from the world like any other person to add to their numbers lost. They were both gone, taking the remains of what was left in each of the group’s hearts with them.

Quivering fingers wiped the fresh droplets that clung to blonde eyelashes before further tugging at the over sized flannel around her petite frame to keep warm. Dawn had approached quicker than most mornings in the somber Alexandrian walls and though she felt the need to lay still in bed, Beth didn’t desire to wake the Grimes. It had taken him a while to rest that fatal night and she knew he N E E D E D it more than she ever would. Even so, the delicate patter of footsteps didn’t startle her when they descended the staircase to join her in the kitchen. Instead, her pale hues just steadied on the figure of the ex-sheriff before averting to the untouched glass of water in her palm. 

“She’s still sleepin’… Carl too. Already checked on ‘em after ‘ya pretended not to hear me leave the room,” her melodic voice was S C R A T C H I N G with pent up emotion, though she wiped at her puffy eyes before he could say anything. “Jus’ need somethin’ to drink..”