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Town Tune Guide

This post will help guide you to figuring out a town tune based on an existing piece of music for your town in Animal Crossing. I realize that it’s a little bit late, since Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a bit old right now, but I figured that I’d type this up just in case. This post is a little long, and covers some areas of music theory to help you understand how the tunes work, but it shouldn’t take you too long to read through this. You’ll have fun and learn something new, at best!

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Overworld 6
  • Overworld 6
  • Michiya Hirasawa
  • Obocchama-kun

Obocchama-kun | Michiya Hirasawa (1991, NES) | “Overworld 6”

I adore this little gem from the old NES and had to make a town tune from one of it’s tracks.  This theme is really nice and I think it turned out to pretty rad-sounding, too, so I thought I’d share it with ya below~

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