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it’s bring your child to work day. the Aces practice if full of young children learning to skate. Kent Parson arrives, with a stroller and Kit Purrson on a onesie. The PR team shakes their head, but go get the cat sized Purrson jersey they had for the occasion, knowing that it would happen. when they are taking pictures with the children, Kent’s is captioned as “Kent Parson, single mother of one”

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Hi! i'm the anon who was scared of start an art blog, and guess what, I started it :D I'm also the anon who you helped to realize that she was asexual, so tanks you so much for everything, and sorry for bother you with this things, i just want you to know how awesome you are :)

Awww sweetie I’m so glad to hear that! And I’m asexual as well (on the scale at least). I would love to see some of your art and reblog it for you! I’m sure it’s wonderful <3

You’re so welcome, my dear. Anytime :) 

If you need anything else, I am here for you! :) 


I visited lanternflies ’s beautiful town of Paw Paw today. ∆their dream address: 7500-5312-8022 ∆10/10 bells! ∆additional comments: I really enjoyed Paw Paw! I loved the clover paths, and i thought the mushrooms scattered around town were so cute! ♡ the house I got to see was very cozy, but unfortunately, Lilac wouldn’t let me inside the other one.

The Office (With Sehun, pt 2)

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genre: angst, smut
2093 words

Summary: You no longer have a hot boss so now you’re helping your neighbour get through a visit from her twin brother.

pt 1

Your alarm at 4 in the morning wakes you up as per usual. His four paws running all over you, licking the side of your cheek to wake you the hell up. You really shouldn’t have trained him to wake you up like that.

“Good morning Ace!” You get up quickly to greet your beagle a very good morning, scratching behind his long brown ear.

Your precious baby tried his best to keep quiet, barking as low as possible with excitement but with his genes he had the habit to make every bark echo through the small apartment and through you and your neighbour’s shared wall.

“Thanks for the wakeup call Ace!” You heard your new neighbour bang on the wall. Most people would probably yell at you for having such a loud dog but Sohee, she was the best. She woke up early at the same time as you did and she’d usually greet you and Ace with a small breakfast from her apartment, saying that she couldn’t possibly finish a breakfast meal meant for two.

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Puppy Therapy

A/N: THERE’S NO READER, just Bucky with a puppy (ft. some Avengers). ALSO, I’m not planning on making a second part, might reconsider if requested.

Words: 3,401

Warning(s): Some cursing, PTSD 

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All is Fair in Paint and War

Terezi and Aradia have been dating for five years, and have known each other for nearly twenty. They always have fun with each other, and Aradia can hardly say no to her. When Terezi suggests a paint war and Aradia agrees, she’s in for a surprise. (One-shot. Terezi/Aradia. Fluff. Femslash).

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Tfw when your friend mathes0n draws Aradia as a minion and you have to write him Terezi/Aradia as payment

Who am I kidding I love Terezi/Aradia too

Also there’s a bit of suggestiveness but it passes by quickly

Aradia is Japanese/Latino/Black and Terezi is Desi

Shoutout to my friend stoicscripter for the inspiration!

A noise was ringing in the back of Aradia’s mind, steadily growing louder and louder. She grunted and turned over, trying to keep hold of her grasp on sleep.

Come on, come on, jump a little higher-

Groaning, Aradia rolled over and picked up her cell phone, ignoring her notifications from her accounts. “Hello?” She squinted at her alarm clock, which read 8:47.

“Heya, Ara!”

Despite herself, Aradia smiled at the sound of her girlfriend of five years’ voice. “Hey, Ter. What’s up?”

“I wanted to hear how my lovely girlfriend was doing.”

“I’m doing fine. You just saw me yesterday, at the meeting with the landlord for getting our own apartment soon?”

“I know, but I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“I have quite the story for you!”

Aradia rubbed sleepily at one eyes. “What is it?” she yawned.

“My sister-hey!” Loud scuttling came from the other end of the phone. “Neophyte, get back in your cage! I only opened the door to give you food!”

Aradia waited patiently as the sounds of Terezi wrestling with her pet lizard filled the phone. “Sorry, he’s been frisky lately.” Terezi apologized as she picked the phone back up.

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Sunday, August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day

Did you know Sunday, August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day??

Why do black cats need a day? It’s not a myth; black cats are often overlooked at shelters! Orange cats or blue-eyed kitties are often adopted on their first day while black cats may stay for months before being adopted. Far more often, they are euthanized before they get that chance at a happy life. Rescues (even AC PAW) have the same problem, with some black cats remaining in the rescue for years.

Join us at PetSmart in Traverse City this Saturday and Sunday, August 16th and 17th, to meet our many black cats! We have some adorable kitties who would love a second chance at life. Open your heart and home to a black cat.