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relaxing and calm video game music for those bad days when you just need to take a nap and sleep- listen here

stale cupcakes- animal crossing new leaf | sazanami town- pokemon black and white | cool cave- kirby’s epic yarn | aryll’s theme- legend of zelda: wind waker | forest life- animal crossing new leaf | deepest woods- tales of symphonia | gates of time- legend of zelda: skyward sword | turnabout sister’s theme ( music box ver.)- professor layton vs phoenix wright | night falls- professor layton and the curious village | a wish- secret of mana | zelda’s lullaby- legend of zelda: a link between worlds | eterna forest- pokemon diamond and pearl | sweden- mincraft | 1pm (snow)- animal crossing new leaf | secunda- skyrim

Assassin's Creed >> Assassin's Creed: Unity
Jesper Kyd, Lorne Balfe, Brian Tyler, Chris Tilton
Assassin's Creed >> Assassin's Creed: Unity

Remember this? Well, I thought now it needs an upgrade, so I added AC Unity.

Before you start hating me for no Rogue, I was considering it a lot, but after all Shay is a traitor and this whole concept doesn’t match the five main assassins. Also, did you know audio has 10mb limit on tumblr? Stupid, right?

Anyways, make sure to grab a tissue before listening.


Ace Attorney Anime OST - Mayoi no omoi (Maya’s Feelings)

Since I just made the whole OST available for download here, I figured I could share my favourite track with you! I bet most of us remember this as “that Narumayo song from the second episode”.

If you ask me, the title is making the song even more Narumayo’ish (if that was even possible?), because the way they wrote “omoi” here (想い, not 思い) is the less “official”/a lot more personal way to write it. It can, for example, be used when talking about/to someone special to you/someone you like. Do I smell a little crush?!