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Petition for Kass as Deimos to be called Phobos

Phobos is the name of panicked fear and the brother of Deimos (Terror) and Harmony. SonI felt as it would fit and help us differentiate the two.

Beside it allows us for 2 pair of twins AU; get ready for Kass and Alexios as twins with two emo lil siblings, two dads and a mom and the shenanigans of this (dysfunctional) family.

Are people literally hating on blizzard because “all they gave us was a spray of emily”? The mascot of Overwatch is an out and proud lesbian and Blizzard consistently listens to fans and tries to be inclusive.

Like, you don’t only get to like One game by One studio. You can praise many studios at once!! AC: OD has a wlw in it, Ellie is in lesbians with another cute girl in the main narrative of TLOU2, doesn’t mean everything Blizzard does now or has done is irrelevant.

Multiple studios are working towards being much more inclusive: this is great! It’s fantastic! 20 years ago I would have FUCKING TRADED A KIDNEY for a single queer character!! Now I have a choice of which queer games I want to play!!! It’s positive, we need to loudly thank studios for supporting us and not nitpick things that are UMMM NOT PERFECT ENOUGH!!! for us or discard the studios that contributed earlier to representation now there is even more of it <3

This has been stuck in my head for days now… I wanna take a better picture but it’s Gorillaz dressed in Cherry’s music video outfits

2D - Ode To The Bouncer 
Noodle - Flawless (All About You)
Murdoc - Eros and Apollo
Russel - Jenny
Ace - Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Would it be a bad idea if I did a screencap redraws of Studio Killers music videos but instead of Cherry it’s Gorillaz because I really wanna