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Alright, I’ve been resisting this, but I’m gonna talk about Jughead.

For those of you unfamiliar, Jughead Jones is a character in Archie Comics, and earlier this year when the company rebooted pretty much their entire universe, they made Jughead canonically and explicitly asexual in his new run, originally penned by Chip Zdarsky (zdarsky). It’s really important to me, so read on if you want to hear my rambling thoughts on how much I fucking love, adore, and cherish the gift that is asexual Jughead Jones.

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1/25/14: i visited north today! and yesterday but eee! it’s adorable and what i always imagined my town to be like before i started getting too carried away. oops! but that means it’s also very amazing and everything is fabulously placed! i love the paths so much / v \ also i love the dark weather and rain! it’s so peaceful and everything was touched up nicely, good job! north is owned by rae! the dream code is 7900-3285-6095 

i accidentally cinderella au

I tried many times but I did not succeed so INSTEAD OF WRITING THIS FANFIC I’LL THROW THIS AT THE TAG AND SOMEONE ELSE CAN DO IT SAVE ME FROM WRITING FANFIC oh my god this was supposed to be a brief plot outline but it’s 2000 words long save me this wasn’t supposed to be long enough to need proofreading THANK YOU NONNIE FROM MY INBOX FOR YOUR HELP!!!!

Okay so: Cinderella Reaper76 AU. Gabe is a spy in an enemy nation where Jack is the youngest prince. People in Jack’s kingdom just kinda casually waltz over to Gabe’s every once in a while and take shit and are generally assholes but it isn’t enough of a problem for the royal family to notice lol it’s mostly just a local thing. Jack may be the youngest prince with the fewest responsibilities but he’s still just a dude who wants to live his life without his bodyguards tailing him all the time (he loves Ana, Reinhardt and Genji to pieces but oh my god let him live you guys)

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11 x 17 print for anime north 2015 (messydoodle and i are at table C04!)! professor layton vs phoenix wright! this game was just a whole trip of feelings for me (ESPECIALLY THAT END HHHHHRGH) 5/5 would cry again ;_;

my sister and i have wanted to do a proper fanart for it for awhile, so we decided to collab on it for a print! she did the sketch, backgrounds and little sticker chibis, and i did the inking and the colours for all the characters!

Color Photo of the Famous Duo which Winston Churchill called Damon and Pythias, after the legendary characters from Greek mythology, John T. Godfrey (left) and Don Gentile in front of Don’s famous P-51B 43-6913 “Shangri-La“.

not actually 76 in the past #5a

I was thinking “What if Jack really was hallucinating and not actually from the future” and then I accidentally a thousand words please forgive me. OBVIOUSLY some things are different from what I’ve already written but this thing stands on its own so I am too lazy to clarify lol. Just assume that Jack is like significantly more emotionally fragile than 76 is and is deliberately avoiding the memory of his time in Talon’s hands lmao

(i’ll probably list AU blurbs down here lmao i have an au of an au now send help)

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Lt. Ralph “Kidd” Hofer showing Virginia Irwin, a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the cockpit of his P-51 Mustang. In the cockpit is the squadron mascot “Duke” who Hofer was frequently pictured with.

Duke’s previous owner Lt. Robert “Digger” Williams was shot down over France on 21 March 1944.