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s/o to all aroace girls

you deserve more recognition for all the shit u deal with, u are amazing, super brave and strong; if you are not rn, you’ll be okay, you’ll find peace with yourself, you’ll find people who’ll love and support you unconditionally, i believe in each of you wholeheartly; a bright future awaits you n there’s no doubt in this


Here are 18 Ace Attorney characters I voiced in our Phoenix Wright playthrough on Press Buttons ‘n Talk in a row.

You can watch Press Buttons ‘n Talk RIGHT HERE WOW

Self-Shipping Meme

because there needs to be more love for people’s interactions with their favs (you can ship yourself with a character or they can just be your favourite, hopefully this’ll be a nice creativity booster)

draw/write you and/or your fav:

  1. meeting face-to-face for the first time
  2. going to a cafe
  3. going to the cinema
  4. going to the park/beach
  5. having a movie night
  6. racing 
  7. dancing together
  8. ordering pizza
  9. going on a road-trip
  10. stuck in a traffic jam
  11. dealing with you/your fav being ill
  12. giving you/your fav a back-rub
  13. stuck in the rain
  14. having a prank war
  15. comforting you/your fav after a nightmare
  16. playing video/board games 
  17. drawing each other
  18. hiding a surprise for you/your fav (can be cute/romantic/angsty)
  19. cuddling 
  20. (open suggestion!)