325: "The Most Heinous Power! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace!"

Well, that escalated quickly…

That was amazing.

I cannot believe Oda and the anime team ended it like that on a “To Be Continued” cliffhanger! I laughed and cursed Oda’s name at the same time.

Ace had better not be dead, though. That shot of his hat lying on the ground was ominous.

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These are the results of this poll. I received 100+ results over various message boards including The Bell Tree, Animal Crossing Community, GameFAQS, and The Gamer’s Bench. I also received some results from Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook allowing me to be able to put this together.

Dreamies are villagers that are the most widely desired.

Desirables are the villagers that were above average in desirability.

Fillers are the villagers that people equally love/hate or people had very little opinion of.

Benchwarmers are the villagers that have a few big fans but are generally left on the side.

Undesirables are the villagers that were the most hated among AC fans.

The majority of the villagers scored below average based on the polls: From Ken (2.99) to Harry (1.9).

Remember, this poll isn’t about who sells for the most bells/furniture. This is a poll about who individual people like in order to form an accurate consensus without any assumptions.

The polls have been left open for possible future updates. If you don’t like the results and haven’t voted, then do it now and try to change it for next time.