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Now, if you’re a trans person or a Muslim or someone else who feels legitimately threatened by America’s shifting political climate, or if you’re terrified about the prospect of losing lifesaving health coverage, you’ll find that Canada is a welcoming country. Our government’s Twitter page even trolled America with a reminder of that on election night.

But for everyone else – and I really apologize for how harsh this is going to be – Canada is not your fucking safety school. If you drive across the border, there will not be a career magically waiting for you in the middle of an economic downturn. If you’re a middle-class white guy and your first instinct is to abandon your country when you experience a setback, I’m not sure how you expect to ace a job interview here. “I was sad about my country so I decided to fall back on yours” is not a good answer to “What attracted you to this position?”

I spent a lot of time on social media during election night, because it was a great excuse to not work, and two things stuck out to me. I saw lots of Americans asking themselves how they could have gotten so out of touch with the world, and then several of my American friends with a history of making exhaustingly cliched maple syrup and igloo jokes asked me how my government worked. Because up until then, they had no clue and no interest. That’s not an approach to life that helps you settle down in a new country – it’s the approach that got you into trouble in the country you’re in now.

What Canada Thinks Of You Threatening To Move There


Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin answer fan questions. It’s 2 hours worth here! :)

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[ENG] 140821 Mnet M!Countdown Begins - Open Studio Talk (Taemin)
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CP 14 Days of Love #9: Aces/Falcs TV (or interviews)

Day #9 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

It is a bright, sunny morning in Providence and we’re here in Falconers’ Captain, Jack Zimmermann’s three-story brownstone. It’s a beautiful Colonial structure, located near a hub of small businesses. The interior is warm and inviting with American walnut wood floors and wide, comfortable furniture while modern abstract art spotted on the walls. We’ve been told that Alicia Zimmermann, philanthropist and former model, had decorated the entire house except for the kitchen, which was selected by Mr. Zimmermann’s husband, Eric Bittle. Eric Bittle is the proud owner of a small bakery, Bittle’s Bits, and creates what is possibly the best beignets I will ever taste.

Today, we join Jack Zimmermann and the Aces’ Captain, Kent Parson to discuss life, love, self-care and hockey.

INT: Hello, hello you two. How are you? How is the off-season treating you two?

Zimmermann: We’re quite well, thank you for asking. I think I’ve only gained about eleven pounds this break.

Parson: It’s been two weeks, Zimms. Nate is gonna kill you.

Zimmermann: Nah, she understands. [looks to me, mouth stuffed with beignets] You do too. I can tell you.

Parson: At least Tater makes me healthy food.

INT: Alexei Mashkov cooks?

Parson: Yeah. Well…cooks compared to me. I tend to burn water.

Zimmermann: [nods] And not for a lack from Eric either.

INT: I always assumed you boys at least know how to make breakfast food.

Parson: I can make breakfast food! It may not be edible, but I can make it. Besides, I’m getting better.

Zimmermann: [shakes his head]

INT: Alright, alright, let’s talk hockey. First, I have to say congratulations on the C, Mr. Zimmermann. It is absolutely well-deserved. Were you surprised?

Zimmermann: Thank you very much. I was very surprised. You know, being on the ice, going through drills, playing games…there’s no checklist to get the C. It’s really doing the best you can and making sure everyone around you does the same. I spend more time with the guys than I do with my husband, so really, it’s just looking out for family.

INT: Were you surprised, Mr. Parson?

Parson: Nah, I don’t think anyone but Zimms was. I always knew he’d end up at the top.

INT: You have known each other a long time. Can we talk about that for a bit, your relationship?

Parson: Of course.

INT: It seems like anyone who knows hockey knows your story, but I’m not interested in ancient history. Tell me about now and how you got here. Just a few years ago, your rivalry was legendary in hockey and yet, you’re here today under the roof, laughing and joking with each other. Tell me about that journey.

Parson: Well…it’s the result of a shitton of therapy. I could tell you that I was young and stupid, but it was more than that. I had serious trouble with anger management as a result of my, uh, colorful childhood and some leftover issues from that too. That manifested into me being a dick. I didn’t even realize it until Tater pointed it out to me.

INT: So your husband is the reason for the two of you being friends again?

Parson: This was before we started dating, but yes.

Zimmermann: And mine, to be honest. Parse and I were best friends through Juniors, yes, but it was complicated. Like he said, young and stupid. We hurt each other and after my overdose, I wasn’t exactly eager to let that happen again. When Kent came by to apologize, Eric was the one who talked me into actually listening to him. I’m glad I did.

Parson: I think once we got everything out there, it was way easier. We both knew how the other felt, we didn’t have any more questions, you know? Then came the hard part.

INT: Talking wasn’t the hardest part?

Zimmermann: Talking is hard, sure. But maintaining it, setting boundaries, redefining our friendship was harder.

Parson: It was getting rid of old habits, you know?

Zimmermann: We had to relearn each other.

Parson: Totally worth it though.

Zimmermann: [smiles] Yeah


New York, New York

Textile legend and long-time friend Andrea Aranow traveled the world for decades and amassed a stunning collection of textiles. These forty thousand design pieces have been digitized and organized by Textile Hive, a company she co-founded with Caleb Sayan. For this episode of Just/Talk, renowned New York City DJ and music producer Justin Strauss chatted with Aranow about contracting dengue fever, Jimi Hendrix’s custom snakeskin suit and why we need to seek beauty now more than ever.

Textile Hive’s NYFW presentation, Illuscious, happens February 9 in the Lobby at Ace Hotel New York. It’s free and open to the public. 

Justin Strauss: I recently found out about you, the Textile Hive and all the things you’ve been involved with. I was immediately drawn to your story. Like you, I’ve always collected things. I’m obsessive. Music, records, magazines, books, fashion. It’s always inspired so much in my life. You came to New York City in 1968 from Springfield, Massachusetts. Let’s start there.

Andrea Aranow: I went to college and came immediately to New York upon graduation. I had been making clothes as a kid and then in high school. While in college, I started making leather and suede clothes (as well as using fabric) after I discovered that Boston was an old shoe center so the jobbers there had leather. I continued working in skins during college; then I moved to the city. I was living on St. Mark’s Place with my first guy. There were two sewing machines there. It was a six-floor walkup. Soon enough he said, “These two sewing machines are a little bit in my way. There’s an empty storefront on East 9th Street around the corner; let’s just rent that empty storefront, not for a business, but for a place for you to sew.” Two weeks later, I put something in the window of that shop that was just supposed to be a workshop, and before I knew it, there was a business there.

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Interview translation (Takumi Shu)

This is from one of the trilogy era fan books, an interview with Ace Attorney writer/creator/director Takumi Shu about Phoenix and Edgeworth. I posted it on the PW Kink Meme before but since I finally jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, I figured I might as well put it up here too. Enjoy~

Interviewer: The profile that the fans came up with for Wright is published on page 46. What’re your thoughts on it?

Shuu: You all put a lot of thought into that, didn’t you? Personally when it comes to Wright, the more I try to unravel him, the less I understand. When it comes to Edgeworth, he’s a little more unstable in some ways than the average person, so that actually makes it easier to think up interesting replies for him. But with Wright, I feel like he’s the type who leads a relatively normal life with both feet on the ground. And he’s quite average. That actually makes it more difficult to imagine what his life style is like.

I: As you say, Inaba-san and Iwamoto-san both described Wright as “average.” (see page 48)

S: I suppose so. He gives the impression of having been raised in a very normal family. I think he probably grew up in municipal housing or apartment building with his family. I bet even now he’s renting a normal apartment. He probably commutes to the bath house and stuff.

I: When it comes to his mode of transportation between his place of residence and his office or the bath house, it seems that a lot of fans are of the opinion that he rides his bike…

S: Couldn’t it be like a granny bike [characterized by having a basket on the front for carrying a purse/groceries]? I don’t really think a mountain bike suits him (lol) Just so we’re clear, I don’t ride a granny bike (lol)

I: Train and bike were mentioned, but what about other modes of transportation?

S: It’s been established that he doesn’t own a car. I can’t picture him driving one, it just doesn’t fit his image (lol)

I: Does he have his driver’s license?

S: Probably not.

I: While we’re on the subject, what about you, Shu-san? Do you have your license?

S: I don’t, actually (lol). That might have influenced Wright in a way.

I: The next item on the player input survey is about “part time jobs he had in college.” In average Wright’s case, there seems to be a general consensus that it would’ve likely been something that had a lot to do with serving people’s daily needs or the hospitality industry, but since he was enrolled in the art department, I think it would be interesting if he’d done some artistic modeling.

S: He might’ve also been something like a manga artist’s assistant.

I: What exactly was Wright studying in the art department?

S: I actually have an established headcannon about that. He was hoping to become a Shakespearian actor. That’s why he was enrolled with the art department. Influenced by that experience, his gestures tend to be a little exaggerated

I: So did he plan on someday going to England to study acting, then?!

S: I think he did. But then while he was enrolled, a newspaper article about Edgeworth caught his eye. After that he changed courses and started studying to be a defense attorney so that he could meet Edgeworth.

I: I wouldn’t have expected him to pursue an acting career. So does this mean that he’s actually pretty capricious?

S: I wouldn’t call him capricious exactly; I think he’s more the type that once he starts thinking a lot about a certain thing, he becomes very single-mindedly fixated on that thing (lol). I already mentioned that in the “his ‘type’” section though, didn’t I?

I: I see. Let’s talk about his taste in cell phones. What sort of phone do you imagine him owning?  I’m betting that since he’s hopeless with technology, he has a very basic model that he’s used and loved for a long time. Is that right?

S: It’s probably one of those old basic straight phones [as opposed to a slider or flip phone which were more common in Japan when this was written]. But even as old as it is, he still hasn’t managed to ruin it with over use. I doubt he’d bother to replace it until it actually breaks… He doesn’t seem like he’d be able to afford an upgrade before that time (lol)

I: Wright keeps taking jobs that don’t end up paying much, so he doesn’t seem like he has much money.

S: And we probably shouldn’t underestimate the cost of maintaining that office of his. It’s in pretty good shape, and there’s a decent amount of room in there. But I think that for Wright, in contrast to wealthy Edgeworth, a poorer image suits him pretty well. If you think of him that way, he, how should I put this… it adds flavor to his character (lol)

Interviewer: Looking at the responses we gathered from the fans, we got some pretty nice comments, but it still feels like there are gaps here and there. What can you tell us about Edgeworth’s character?

Shu: Compaired to Wright, don’t you think Edgeworth’s details are easier to imagine? How should I put this… it’s easy to play around with different aspects of his character. Once I decided that he was rich, various inspirations about him just kept coming to me.

I: Speaking of his wealthiness, it looks like the fans, in regard to his living quarters, imagined him to have rather expensive tastes.

S: I wonder (lol). I think he might be the owner of a large dog. Its collar is white and has frills on it. If you’re going to keep a large dog like that indoors, I suppose an expensive apartment would be best. He’d be like, “Hey, Pess! What’re you barking at?!”

I: …Pess?!

S: That’s the dog’s name (lol) Edgeworth doesn’t seem like the type who’d be good at communicating with other people or horses, Pess is the only one he can really communicate well with.

I: Pess is the only one, huh? (lol) That’s pretty blunt.

S: If Pess were to die, Edgeworth’s world might come to an end. He’s a man who lives in that sort of delicate balance.

I: Edgeworth’s emotional state really depends on Pess’s wellbeing, doesn’t it? So even though he puts up a strong front for the rest of the world, he allows himself to be vulnerable in front of Pess. Is that it?

S: Not only that, but Edgeworth is a very two-faced character. At first, I planned to write him as the type of man without any chinks in his armor. But then… in the strategy guide published by Futabasha, Suekane-san drew a comic in which Edgeworth was a Steel Samurai fan. Now that I think about it,that was what caused Edgeworth’s character to begin to crumble (lol). I began to think “he might actually be cuter if there were chinks in his armor.”

I: Between Wright and Edgeworth, which one do you view as being cuter?

S: Wright is heavily modeled after my own personality, so I can’t really think of him as “cute.” Maybe it’s because when I write from Wright’s point of view, I’m basically just writing what I would think in that situation.

I: So from Wright’s perspective, Edgeworth is…

S: He’s probably thinking that Edgeworth is a pretty cute guy (lol). The second game was when Edgeworth really began to come into his own as a character. So as I was writing it, I began to want to give him a little more development, and I came up with an episode where Wright’s it a really tough spot and Edgeworth helps him out.

I: You’re right; it was the fourth case of the second game where we really began to see Edgeworth as a good guy. It really gave credibility to the claim that he was Wright’s best friend. Now, returning to the topic of the profiles, I’m curious as to what you have to say about Edgeworth’s taste in music.

S: He might be a ppongjjak fan. [Pponjjak= Korean techno/disco music XDDDD]

I: P-ppongjjak?! That’s… rather unexpected…

S: What would be the fun in making him a classical music fan? So he’d be like, standing at attention, listening to ppongjjak. I think that style of music actually suits Edgeworth’s character pretty well.

I: According to the opinions of some players, they could imagine him “singing a passionate rendition of the English song 'My Way.’” Might he sing this song after a victory in court?

S: Sometimes he’ll do things in accordance with the Von Karma family tradition. That means if he wins a trial, he definitely sings “My Way.” (lol) Manfred Von Karma would hold the mic out to him and say, “Sing, Miles.” Franziska might also join him.

I: Speaking of the Von Karma family, it’s amazing how he had all those Von Karma-isms carefully hammered into him since around his middle school years.

S: He received special accelerated education for gifted children, so by the time he was around 20 years old, he fit in pretty well at the Von Karma family dinner table. By the way, the old housekeeper that currently tends to Edgeworth’s fancy appartment has been with him since back then (lol)

I: The old housekeeper left the Von Karmas so that she could be with Edgeworth, huh? (lol)

S: But I think of Edgeworth as being the type of man who really appreciates time to himself, so on such occasions the housekeeper won’t disturb him. I wonder what it is about Edgeworth’s character that makes him so easy to play with (lol). It’s strange.

America's Education System

You know what school teaches you? It doesn’t efficiently teach you how to get along with people, pay taxes, ace a job interview or even more importantly: be happy with yourself when others aren’t, know that you don’t need a significant other to be fulfilled, or that everyone is equal. You know what school teaches you? School teaches you to be a homework machine, to spit out worksheets and keep formulas in your head until the next test. It teaches you how to stay up late studying things you don’t even understand and sacrificing time with your family to put yet another number on your transcript. It teaches you to volunteer not because you care, but because colleges like people who volunteer. It teaches you to follow all their rules and then you get into the world and people wonder why everyone is the same, dull person.

honestly every cliché au gets an extra scoop of adorable when it is betty x veronica

social media au? betty and veronica are like duelling bloggers edging closer from “foe” to “yay” every hour???? yes

coffeeshop au? betty is the tireless manager and veronica is the riches-to-rags new barista trying to get her life back together??? yes!!

celebrity au? rising starlet veronica gets interviewed by ace reporter betty cooper and they fall in love??? Y E S

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hashtag luv these chicks


OTOMEDIA June 2016 issue

This column’s included in the content: Only oneの王子様と 楽園で極上ハネムーン ❤️


THIS IS SO GAY ARGH and so sorry for my low quality camera