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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Fancast

So @the-snarky-british-girl and I went overboard with this. There were arguments and so much frustration when we found out we forgot someone (I’m looking at you Twopenny!)

I’m planning to do one for every main game (and possibly some of the side games like Liberation) I’ll have the masterlist HERE

But here we go!

Emilia Clarke as Evie Frye

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Richard Armitage as Jacob Frye

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Arjun Rampal as Henry Green (AKA Jayadeep Mir)

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Ewan Mcgregor as Alexander Graham Bell

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Hugh Laurie as Frederick Abberline

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Kerry Ingram as Clara O’Dea (as there were literally 0 gifs for her, have a photo!)

Stephen Dillane as Crawford Starrick

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Natalia Tena as Lucy Thorne (and again, no gifs I liked so a photo!)

John Rhys-Davies as Rupert Ferris (okay, I walked into this one; all the gifs were of Gimli)

Charles Dance as David Brewster

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Sean Bean as John Elliotson (I had to use a Boromir gif, I’m trash)

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Kate Winslet as Pearl Attaway

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John Hurt as Philip Twopenny (there were 0 gifs for him, so have some War Doctor!)

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Ian Mckellen as The Earl of Cardigan 

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David Thewlis as Maxwell Roth


Judi Dench as Queen Victoria 

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ZE Aesthetics » 999 Fancast

“Before he disappeared, the one who made me bestowed names on his six apprentices, and passed down the Book of Prophecies to five who came to be known as the Foretellers.”

[ ღ Kingdom Hearts Chi fancast ღ ]

Lana Condor as the Foreteller of Vulpeus, Ava
Godfrey Gao as the Foreteller of Unicornis, Ira
Sendhil Ramamurthy as the Foreteller of Ursus, Aced
Sota Fukushi as the Foreteller of Leopardis, Gula
Arden Cho as the Foreteller of Anguis, Invi

literally all i can find in the ac: last descendants tag are posts about the cormacs. and while, sure, theyre cool, theyre like 2% of what the books were about. i want cute fanart of the kids or interesting meta and whatnot. can anyone in the fandom direct me to some?