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you know what?? i love being aroace. i love not wanting to kiss people or go on dates or to get a boyfriend or girlfriend or to fall in love. i love to watch stories of romance unfold on tv and in novels and countless other stories and not in any way wanting something like it for myself. i love getting squishes on people and knowing that that’s all it is, platonic love, and that’s all i ever want it to be. i love that the thought of kissing or dating any of my friends/squishes makes me, at the very least, extremely uncomfortable.

what i love most of all is the fact that i am confident that i will never want a romantic relationship for myself, and that i’m 100% ok with that, because i have so much love for my family and my friends that’s enough to last me a lifetime- and i don’t need anything else.

Tumblr user @shut-up-aces: *starts derailing positivity posts, mocking aces, and openly saying they wish aces didin’t exist*
Exclusionists: …….
Tumblr user @shutupaphobes: *makes a blog in response and just tells people to shut up*
Exclusionists: lol why are inclusionists so embarrassing and gross when are you gonna delete :/


Oh no Namidai~ 

aaaand someone had to take a picture HAHA XD    

 Daiya no Ace all star event II


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Inashiro vs Ugumori
Today’s game. It’s my fault that we lost. For putting you on the mound. Tadano is still nowhere near Harada’s level. However, he’s always thinking hard about the pitching combinations to make you shine as a pitcher. Other players followed your lead and played for themselves. There’s a difference between taking responsibility and not trusting your teammates. An ace who pitches for himself is not an ace.

naomi-the-space-ace  asked:

I really love this blog, and I'm very grateful for the translations. All the Tabimatsu events are so insane, I tend to share them with friends and we all genuinely have a good time reading them. I don't have the game myself but I keep up with your posts and holy cow, even in part one of the new event, I am DEAD. I wonder if Ichimatsu is going to even get any lines in this event but I'm choking from laughter at the thought of him being Darth Vader the entire time. Thank you again for everything.

aaaaaa you’re too kind!! it makes me so happy to know that you share and enjoy my posts with your friends ;A;

and will ichi have any lines besides ‘breathes into his mask like darth vader’ indeed (and yes btw I’m going to type that out every single time he makes that noise)? we’ll have to see, won’t we


2/18 Happy Miyusawa Day! ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ ) 

As promised, here’s the second part of the Figure Skating AU comic! I’m posting it now because tomorrow I sadly wouldn’t be available almost all day // cries 

Sawamura forced Miyuki to go skating on the frozen lake they saw from their hotel room’s window

This is the Miyuki-centric part 

I hope you enjoy this! 

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im tired of hearing arguments about whether aces should be at pride because:

1. aces can come to lgbtpn pride parades as allies and to support their lgbtpn friends.

2. aces can host their own pride events for ace people

3. ace people should not be using pride events for lgbtpn people as their own pride events

thats my opinion