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~ Mayor Jessi of Woodbury and her baby Eugene ~

OMFG, my brother is the very fucking best! Look at this freaking masterpiece, holy shit! I’m the happiest potato since I’m the owner of this picture.*~*
He doesn’t have a tumblr, so if you want to see more of him, you can add him on Steam, he is called “٠•● Snoop71 ●•٠“ there. If he ever gets a facebook page or anything like that, I’ll link it asap. :3

anonymous asked:

do you have any all time fave band of brothers fic recs

booooooy I hope you know what you’ve started ;) 

I feel it is worth saying that I would without a doubt rec every BoB fic I’ve ever read bc they are all SO GOOD. I swear, our little fandom has some of the best writers out there. 

That being said, here are a special few that I have read over and over, and will probably continue to do so until the end of my days: 

The Cruelest Sort of Kind (apologies, I don’t know the author) aka my absolute favorite BabeRoe fic EVER. Marvelous prose, and it fits with canon so well, I’ve accepted it as my personal headcanon. The whole thing makes me ache in the best way. 

Our Hemisphere by @ackackh I know you said BoB but look……if you ever watch the pacific, or if you already have, please please please read this. I’m begging here. it’s AndyEddie heaven.

By Small and Small by @luxover Modern AU BabeRoe, that just….. *points at heart* gets me right here. 

Until I’m Completely Broken In (again, not sure about author) ACE EUGENE. I REPEAT. ASEXUAL EUGENE ROE. I was sold the minute I read the description and I was not disappointed. As a member of the ace community myself, this was so refreshing to read, and I may have even cried a little. :’) 

The Words On Your Skin by @thedenofcaseywolfe the best Luz/Toye/Guarnere fic I’ve ever read, not to mention a Soulmate AU. It’s beautiful and I cry. 

Honestly I am leaving soooo many out, and it’s kind of hard to just put 5, but I know this will get way too long if I let it go on anymore. 

Please feel free to ask for more recs, or to clarify if there’s a specific type of rec you’d like! also, you can follow my ‘What I’m Reading’ tag for weekly updates and fic recs! 

asexual easy company

I was thinking about this the other day and now I need to write it down. here’s a list of Easy Company men that I could totally see as asexual. (obviously I could probably make an argument for each man in easy company but here are the ones that seem most obvious to me) 

I give you the Ace Squad™

Eugene Roe

I have always had this lingering thought that ace!eugene made all the sense in the world. kind, loving and affectionate, he just doesn’t get why sex is such a big deal? tbh it confuses him a lot, what do you mean people fixate on that sort of thing?

Carwood Lipton

just wants to be loved and romanced, and look after his ducklings is that too much to ask? 

Smokey Gordon

idk I could totally see him finding other things way more interesting than sex and he’s just like *shrug* let’s bake a cake or have a water balloon fight instead 

Skinny Sisk 

is ace/aro and he is literally so happy with friends and his blanket, why complicate things? anyway he likes sleep better than people 

David Webster 

appreciates emotional & romantic connections to a profound level, but sex just doesn’t enter his mind. who needs it when your souls are entwined so closely? 

Chuck Grant 

is tired of being treated like a sex symbol when he doesn’t even want sex. pretty people aren’t obligated to be sexual and thats a lesson he’s proud to have learned and be able to share. 

Johnny Martin

just does not have any desire for that, sorry not sorry. he’s not into the mushy romantic stuff either, but he wouldn’t say no to a best friend that also lives with him for the rest of his life and does domestic-y things like adopting a kitten but hey its whatever 

I could go on, and I probably will at some point, but anyway, those are my go-to ace bros. let me know what y’all think, and if you have an BoB ace/aro headcanons!