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“I`m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind!” ~ Jacob Frye

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For this I specifically made a upper body. It was made with foam rubber. For the skin ton I used a flesh color and for the shadings i used a dark brown eyeshadow. I cut some of my hair to make the body so similar like that from Jacob.

I made this specially for all Jacob Frye Fangirls ~

The photo has gotten even better than I expected °3°

Cosplay made and worn by @endlesschaoscosart


@wordsdrippinginink ‘s Comic Au inspired me to doodle up some superhero designs, as I am weak to costume design as some of you may have noticed.

Most of Ace/Firestarter’s costume centered on the skull part of his hat with a few additions here and there for a demon them. Sabo/Dragonclaw got the casual clothes hero costume, to better blend in and with the little personal touch of his goggles.

Marco. Oh Marco. Pretty much figured he would be a disaster from the get go and then I was inspired by Discowing. These are the results. You are no longer allowed to dress yourself. I hope your modern redesign is better!

Nnnot showing my face, but this is my aroace jughead “costume” so far! Painted the pins, made the bracelets, and - most importantly of all, crocheted the hat! (finished just now)
Now I only need to find a dark green or purple tshirt… already have the white pen that writes on textile for the “S” :D

Spite can be a great motivator!


Okay as promised.
Some behind the scenes. Some you may have seen, some I know you haven’t. Including Stevens extremely over exposed selfie.

Fun story with that, to get a shot up on a high ledge I had to climb up, naturally though when you have an expensive and heavy camera, the last thing you want to be doing is climbing around with it in your hand or strapped to you where it can collide with whatever you’re climbing. So I thought it would be a good idea to ask Steven to hold it for me whilst I did a run and precision jump up. Once I got my camera back and did the shots, I checked through them to make sure they were all okay and I found ten… TEN selfies like that one. Thank you Steven.

We also have Steven as Shay, killing his creator. (He’s become a monster…)
Stevens smoking picture, followed by the moment I caught on camera of Steven and @the-fashionable-assassin hugging showing his gratitude of receiving the costume.

Then there is Steven (Shay) and Arno… Self explanatory really!

Lastly we have a snap I took of Nicole helping attach all the loops together for his little parkour vault as we had to remove the gun temporarily to see if he could make it over without smashing it against the wall.

I was going to show all new ones but I thought I would leave that until the website is up and running. That way you don’t have to wait in between posts and you can see them all at once.

I honestly hope everybody enjoys the final shots, official and behind the scenes. I had a blast doing these shots and I am sorry for the huge unexpected and unwanted delay on these photos.

Thank you all for your patience.