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still one of the funniest things that happened at anime boston was when my roommate and gf came up to meet me at the ace attorney cosplay meet up (which wasnt quite over yet) and my roommate, who doesn’t play ace attorney, upon seeing klavin asked me “Is that one the murder gavin of the guitar gavin” i have thought about that every fucking time i see a picture of kristoph or klavier since.


A very important Turnabout Boston photoset featuring Ghost Trick and my garbage camera. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Ace Attorney Meetup on Saturday night! Shane/ @ughlawyers and I live for being your shoot leaders–a huge thank you to Shane for setting up the spot and to Zack for being one of our head photographers!

Athena Cykes: @two-can-keep-a-secret
Ema Skye (shoot leader/dark green vest): @fairwind
Phoenix Wright ): @gogglecandyme
Trucy Wright: Warpstar Cosplay

Young Dhurke: @equestrianime

Ema Skye (pink 3ds case): @tsunderegrumbling

Simon Blackquill: @bythe-outsider

Bobby Fulbright: @the–lord–protector

Klavier Gavin: @klvrgvn

Miles Edgeworth: @maya-fey

Phoenix Wright: @sexycowboy123

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The Arrangement (Part 8)

Summary: You and Dean head out to his hometown, where you finally get to meet Mary and John. The sleeping situation causes some minor problems.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: language, sexual tension

A/N: here it is, guys! Part 8! I hope you all like it!

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Some pictures I took during the Ace Attorney photoshoot today at Anime Boston (featuring ghost trick).

If anyone sees themselves tell me so I can tag you!

Franziska Von Karma (last pic, right): @puppyrock3

Miles Edgeworth (the shorter one): @maya-fey

Phoenix Wright (shorter one): @sexycowboy123

Lynne: @mommyshnookums

Sebastian Debeste: @temsik 

Simon Blackquill: @bythe-outsider

Bobby Fullbright: @the–lord–protector

Klavier Gavin: @klvrgvn


Frame Info:
Columbus Life Double Oversize Tubeset
Llewellyn Cadenzia Lugs/Dropouts
Pacenti Artisan BB Shell
Enve 1.0 Fork
Clearance for 27mm Challenge Paris Roubaix (measures 30mm on a wide rim)

Full parts list:
DA9070 Groupset w/ Stages PM
Reynolds Assault Wheels w/ 25c Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX Tires
Campagnolo Record Cassette
KMC X11SL chain
eeCycleworks Brakes
Chris King headset/bottom bracket
Deda Superleggero RS post
Deda 35 Carbon bars
Deda 35 Stem
Aican Bungarus Housing
Concor Carbon FX Saddle

I want Kent and Tater that both have huge crushes on each other, who know that their feelings are requited, but who are too stubborn to make the first move.

Like every time they see each other the flirting is so instense that the rookies get embarrassed and have to leave.

When Jack asks them why they won’t ask the other out, Kent tells him “I like making him work for it. If he wants a piece of me, he’s gonna have to do something about it.”

Tater responds “Kent is too cocky. Need to knock him down a peg. He is needing to admit what he wants.”

So they continue to dance around each other, until a party at Jack’s one weekend when the Aces are playing in Boston. Tater finds Kent leaning against a wall in the hallway, nursing his drink and looking contemplative.

“Kenny, why so sad looking? Aces lose again? Or you just disappointed I am not in your bed?” Kent grins at that, looking up at Tater with those bright eyes that just get him every time.

“No, just wondering when you’re gonna get the courage to wine and dine me like you know you want to.”

“Am ready to do so much more than that, am just waiting for you to give word.” Tater is, he really is, but he’s not ready to give up on this game yet.

Kent sighs and look down at his drink, somwthing Tater was not expecting. “Why do we do this, Alexei?” Tater is surprised, and it takes him a moment before he can answer.

“Am liking chasing you, Kenny.” Tater tries to keep the conversation flirty, but the air has changed, and he’s not sure what to do. Kent looks back at him intensely, and Tater feels naked.

“I’m done with games, Alexei. I think it’s time I let myself have something that I deserve.” Tater is sure that Kent is ending this thing they have, that he’s getting thown aside so Kent can chase a real relationship, and Tater is ready to leave now. He wants to go home and bury himself in his blankets and never come out.

Tater is so buried in his thoughts that he nearly falls over when Kent pulls him down into a rough, searing kiss that leave him a little lightheaded and yearning for more.

Suddenly Tater’s hands are on Kent’s waist, pulling him in closer, and Kent’s hands are burying themselves in his hair, and he’s pressing Kent against the wall like he’s afraid Kent might slip away. One of Kent’s legs is in between his own, pressing up into him, and Tater’s whole body is on fire.

Kent’s mouth has moved to his neck, and Tater is gasping into Kent’s hair, breathing in smell of him. He pulls Kent back up to kiss his mouth, murmuring “Go on date with me, real one”

In between kisses Kent laughs softly. “Thought you’d never ask”


Yoh Shunshin (Akikawa) - Uehara Koji (Boston Red Sox #19, closer)



me in the fall: wears hockey jersey

me in the winter: wears hockey jersey

me in the spring: wears hockey jersey

me in the summer: turns up ac, wears hockey jersey