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Ok, I just LOVE drawing Animal Crossing villagerd and I think I need to practice drawing cartoon like animals SO I decides to challenge myself! For every letter of the alphabet, I’m going to draw a villager whose name starts with the same letter! Don’t know how much time it’s gonna take but hey, it looks fun to do. Gonna tag these drawings with #animal crossing alphabet.

So let’s start! A is for… The cutest hamster in the entire game, Apple! 🍎

hey hey hey! thank u so much ur the sweetest, and ofc it’s okay I love miyuki so much no matter how much of a tease he is!! have a good day and enjoy this <33

G: getting protective over you

He is protective of you around some of the boys on the team but he wouldn’t stop you being friends with any of them he actually loves it if you are bc he has to spend so much time with them, it’d be nice to have u around while doing that sometimes. But when he does get protective he has a permanent frown on his face and his eyes are trying to scare the person away, if the person started touching you and you started to look uncomfortable he’d be over there in a second wrapping an arm tightly around you and pulling you close to his side while questioning what they are doing and why they need to be gone. Right now. He’d check if ur okay or he’d give u some kisses.

K: kissing you

Extremely cheeky and carries on living up to his name of the ultimate tease with how he kisses you, as he loves to be spontaneous with his kisses and kisses you whenever you least expect it to see your cute shocked and flushed reactions. It’s hard to read miyuki so he takes a little advantage and always changes how he kisses, from short and sweet to borderline french kissing to barely and kiss as he ghosts his lips over yours which you subconsciously end up chasing his lips sometimes to ur embarrassed. Damn catcher

W: waking up to you

When you stay over at the dorms the first time and he wakes up to you he can’t even hide the genuine smile it brings to his face along with the tightness in his chest. If he has to get up for practice at that moment he makes sure to not wake you up only gently kissing you on the head and climbing out slowing laughing if you whine and pout about him leaving while half asleep. But if he still has time before he leaves then he pulls you closer to his chest and admired how cute you look while sleeping, no teasing or anything just sweet words and gentle rubs on your waist.

more foreteller headcanons because my brain cannot create anything else also, they’re fun

  • Ira: “when have I ever led you guys astray?” Gula: “would you like a list? it’s alphabetized”
  • Aced: “there shall come a day when the strength of men fail… But it is not this day!” Invi: “you’re going to ask ira to let you lead group training this isn’t a final boss battle”
  • Gula is The Prankster™
  • Ask him to help you get back at someone. No questions asked just “yeah sure do we need the saran wrap or the flamethrower”
    • Him and Master would pull the stupidest things lemme tell you
    • That time they replaced all the curtains with aced’s underwear
    • The time they switched out all of invi’s books with childrens picture books
    • Luxu once woke to find every single one of his souvenirs had been moved to separate shelves
    • related to this, they once switched everything in invi and ava’s rooms (which were across the hall from each other) while they were sleeping. how’d they do this without waking either up. no one knows.
    • That other time they replaced all the curtains but this time with sequins
  • Oh but if Gula’s the prankmaster
  • Invi is The Blackmailer™
    • You need something to make Ava blush for an hour straight? The third bear incident. Something to stop Aced from ratting you out to Ira? Remind him of that time he wore high heels and managed to break three stairs and a door
  • Luxu probably hoards photos. He’d be the best scrapbooker you’ve ever seen. No one knows why.But he has at least fifty candids of each of them, even of Master. Invi probably teams up with him for incriminating photos.
  • people try to keep secrets in the castle but like?? they never stay secrets
  • Invi knows about it like immediately, either from deducing it or because someone told her (they all tell her like everything) and no one knows how but Gula knows, and Master probably knew even before it happened. Luxu will figure it out sometime after too
  • Faced with seemingly impossible circumstances:
    • Aced grits his teeth and inspires himself with some impassioned speech and does it anyway
    • Gula rolls his eyes and walks away
    • Invi had already prepared for this what are you talking about nothing surprises her
    • Ira panics internally but comes up with a plan
    • Luxu probably sighs because again, Master, why did you leave me alone with the giant monster again, but doesn’t back down even as he’s freaking out
    • Ava probably calls for help and in the 0.5 seconds it takes for the other Masters to show up she’s probably already killed it (oh, sorry, guess I didn’t need the help but thanks anyway guys! You’re the best!)
  • Ava: “You’re smiling. Did something happen?” Gula: “Can’t I smile just ‘cuz I feel like it?” Luxu: “Aced tripped and fell in the parking lot.”
  • Master, at some point: “No instructions, you die like men.”
  • you know the part in the movie where Invi’s like “no, let me do the talking” to Ira? Yeah, that’s not because he and Aced would butt heads. No, it’s because Ira is really bad at subtlety. Like, really bad. he couldn’t be subtle if his life depended on it. Can’t keep secrets. you know the parks and rec scene where it’s “look behind you but don’t be obvious”? yeah, him obnoxiously obviously turning around is Ira to a T

thanks for listening to me ramble about these kids

Continuing with the Animal Crossing Alphabet! B is for… Baabara! Again, I don’t know much about the character but I was attracted to her color palette ✨ But I don’t think I’ll be drawing many sheeps, the wool is like scales and it’s so long to color! I’m really happy with the result tho cuz it was a bit out of my confort zone! C is coming next week… Can u guess who it’s gonna be? Hint: 🙈🙉🙊


I heard you wanted some nonbinary companion fic. (Set right after Battlefield because I watched that recently so why not)

Less than thirty seconds after the TARDIS had taken off, Ace’s foot made contact with the door. She immediately regretted the action, but only showed it with a wince and a grimace. The Doctor, being the Doctor, of course noticed.

“What’s the matter, Ace?” he said. “I thought that all went rather well.”

“Yeah, everything’s peachy,” Ace said bitterly. “We saved the world, the Brigadier’s still alive, I got the girl. Everything’s fine.”

“Obviously it isn’t,” the Doctor said. “I take it this has to do with Shou Yuing?”

“Yes. No.” Ace kicked the door again, more lightly this time. “Sort of.”

The Doctor quirked an eyebrow in concern. “What do you mean by that?”

Ace gave a frustrated sigh and flopped down into the nearest chair. “She thinks I’m pretty. And smart and clever and cool.”

The Doctor, ever patient, leaned back on the console and waited for her to go on. Ace scowled at the opposite wall as she tried to formulate her thoughts.

“She thinks,” she finally said, “I’m a girl.”

Now both the Doctor’s eyebrows raised. “She does?”

Ace acquired a defensive look. “Yeah,” she said. “She does.”

The Doctor straightened up and walked over to sit by her. “Forgive me for prying, Ace, but… is she wrong?”

“Yes,” Ace said. “No. I don’t know. I think so.”

The Doctor pushed his lips out thoughtfully. “If it helps,” he said, “I’m only very infrequently a man.”

Ace straightened up and looked at him. “What do you mean, Professor?”

“Oh, gender’s a baffling concept, really.” He leaned back and threw his arms out—or rather, one arm, so he didn’t hit Ace. “There are too many to count, and even then there are too many combinations to bother with. I’ve had more than my share of that, believe you me. What I mean to say is, at least in this body, I don’t have a gender, least of all one that you would call ‘male.’”

“I didn’t know that was possible,” Ace said.

“Oh, anything’s possible when it comes to gender.” He gave one more bombastic wave of his arm before sitting forward again, the very image of a father. “So. Shou Yuing thinks you’re a girl, but you think she’s wrong. Am I following so far?”

“I guess,” Ace said slowly.


“But,” Ace said, screwing up her face as she thought it through, “not always.”

The Doctor nodded for her to continue.

“Different combinations, you said?” Ace said.

He nodded.

“Like… a person could be both a girl and a boy, you mean?”

“Any combination you can think of,” he said. “And probably many you couldn’t.”

“Is there a word for that?”

“Bigender. Or polygender, if you’ve more than two genders.” He gave a happy sigh and leaned forward. “Ah, memories.”

“You’ve been that? You’ve been… this?”

“Oh, yes,” the Doctor said. “More than once, in fact.” He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “So, you mean to say—”

“It’s got to be, doesn’t it?” Ace’s mood had now taken a turn for the much, much better. She was practically bouncing in her seat. “It makes sense. You know, this isn’t the first time I’ve felt like that. Like maybe I wasn’t a girl, you know? But I figured it was just ’cause of how most girls don’t like explosives like I do. I never thought… because no one ever tells you that you can be something else, right? Especially ’cause I do feel like a girl some of the time, so I thought I must be just imagining things.”

“Do you feel like a girl right now?”

Ace considered this. “Yes,” she said. “At the moment.”

“And when you don’t feel like a girl, what do you feel like?”

“Like a boy.” She paused to think about this for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah. Definitely a boy.”

“One final question,” the Doctor said, holding up a finger. He leaned forward, gazing at her intensely. “When you do feel like a boy, do you want me to address you by a different name or pronouns?”

Ace grinned, a genuinely delighted smile. “You’d do that?”

“Of course I would,” he said, dead serious. “You deserve to have your gender respected. Why, more than deserve. It’s positively my duty to ensure that it happens.”

Ace flung her arms around the Doctor in a tight hug. “Thank you so much, Professor! You’re the best.”

He laughed and returned the embrace, though his hold was much looser. “You’re quite welcome, Ace, but I’m only doing what anyone should.”

Ace withdrew, still beaming at him. “Well, no one’s ever done it for me before,” she said, “so I stand by it.”

He smiled. “Do let me know if you ever want me to change how I address you.”

“Of course, Professor,” Ace said. She stood up and leaned over to kiss his cheek. “You’re great. Thank you.” She turned to go.

“Don’t play with explosives,” he called after her.

“I won’t,” she called back. She didn’t even bother to cross her fingers this time as she bounced out of the room with a huge smile on her face.

~Alphabet Tag~

tagged by the loveliest @whylivewhenucankpop thanks sweet cheeks!~~~ <3

A: Age - almost an adult >.>

B: Birthplace - san jose

C: Current time - 8:21 pm

D: Drink you had last - lemonade

E: Easiest person to talk to - usually kitty muffin, fish, and chicken nugget [yes they got codenames/cool nicknames/ food slash pet names lmao]

F: Favorite song - EXO - Miracles in December [both versions]

G: Grossest memory - uh….when my lil sis spit on my face for no reason [that naughty little brat]

H: Hogwarts house - HUFFLEPUFF!!!~~~~~~~~~

I: In love? - with myself? yeah~ jk XD i’m in love with food ;3

J: Jealous of people - ye, who wouldn’t? it’s a common emotion

K: Killed someone - nope.

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - i should walk by again bc i got distracted by the beautiful existences of others

M: Middle name - vamee

N: Number of siblings - four siblings

O: One wish - to be rich and give the money to my family

P: Person you called last - uh…when was the last time i called someone??? my brother, i believe so

Q: Question you are always asked - ‘why are you so quiet?’ ‘how come you never talk?’ ‘what?’

R: Reason to smile - my family, my friends, funny things, things i love/like

S: Song you sang last - Chen, Baekhyun, & Xiumin’s For You (Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST)

T: Time you woke up - around 8:30 am

U: Underwear color - blue

V: Vacation Destination - laos, south korea, hawaii, jeju island

W: Worst habit - repetitive actions

Y: Your favorite food - ramen bc i’ve been eating it for breakfast my whole life

X: X-rays - eh??? i’ve never had a bone broken. i did get my left thumb sprained once when i had harshly bumped into the wall after getting a dizzy spell so now it’s weaker than my right thumb in strength

Z: Zodiac sign - SCORPIO!!!~~~~

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