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naming characters

Other games: It’s all about being subtle. You want the names to vaguely hint at their future character arcs, but don’t make anything too obvious as to spoil the plot. Only dedicated fans that really look into it should really understand where their names come from.

Ace attorney: FUck You! Fuck you! THIS GUY’S NAME IS REDD WHITE ANd he’s american and works at bluecorp, YOU SEE THESE SISTERS? MIA AND MAYA, (and their mom misty and aunt morgan) THIS GUY IS DISGUSTING AND HE’S NAMED SAL MONELLA BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY, guy who sets off bomb? TED TONATE, THESE TWO ARE NAMED ACRO AND BAT BECAUSE THEY’RE ACROBATS AHHHA, THIS GIRL AFRAID of yokai and curses is JYNXie WE CAN DO IT WITH MAIN CHARACTERS TOO WATch see this guy’s name is phoenix because he fucks up and then comes back and this main character with SUN SYMBOLISM? APOLLO ALSO HE’S A LAWYER SO HIS LAST NAME IS JUSTICE, AND SINCE WE HAVE AN APOLLO WE’RE GONNA HAVE AN ATHENA TOO! why are we naming our characters after greek gods? because fuck you! fuck you is why!!!!

rogelio de la vega is honestly the best male character ive ever seen on television 

  • he doesnt give a shit about masculinity. moisturizing, avocado masks, etc.
  • the episode where he realizes how attractive rafael was, and he was so unapologetic about it.
  • he openly became best friends with his daughter’s lover, instead of trying to act like that stereotypical father thats mean to the man his daughter dates.
  • him renaming his grandson, matelio. 
  • his obsession with twitter.
  • he puts his family first all the time, i literally want to cry, he’s such a good man. 
  • he compliments people in the cutest way ever. :(
  • he loves shopping for clothes.
  • he knows the importance of lighting when it comes to photo taking.
  • ‘why are you so afraid of having your pelvis touch mine?’
  • his dedication to concealer is the greatest thing ive ever seen. 
  • when he left the AC running for 30 minutes and explained by saying ‘i didnt want your makeup to run’ on jane’s wedding day, what a dad! 
  • he owns up to his mistakes whenever he can. ie: when he told xo to get an abortion. 
  • he knows damn well that he can dance. 
  • HIS SKIN CARE DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • when he payed for jane’s education and literally set up a fake scholarship so she wouldn’t find out that the money was coming from him, like come on…
  • him constantly calling michael is best friend :( 
  • his moment of blatantly checking out rafael’s ass on the elevator one time after saying ‘i never realized how attractive you were until now’
  • again, he doesn’t give a shit about masculinity. 

He’s six now and in his eyes, there’s nothing wrong with the world. He always has a smile on his face, hazel eyes bright with joy that can only come with that kind of innocence. He doesn’t know about the monsters that stalk the night or why Dad will disappear for days at a time or why they live in their car now as opposed to a house.

They’re in an extended stay hotel. The kind with the kitchenette and a little living area. It’s slightly nicer than what they’re used to but it only means that Dad plans on staying here for a while. Dean watches Sam from where he is sitting on the couch. A couple days ago, Dean managed to steal Sam a box of crayons and ever since then, the kid has been filling a notebook with scribbles.

Dean tried to hold a conversation with Sam but the moment that he opened his mouth, Sam told him to hush, that he was focusing on what he was doing and he couldn’t have any distractions. And when when Dean walked behind Sam to see what he was drawing, Sam splayed his hands across the sheet, turning to look at Dean with his faux angry look and demanded that he sit on the couch. He couldn’t see it yet.

Begrudgingly Dean obliged and planted himself on the couch as Sam bit his lip in concentration, working away on whatever he was working on. Every now and then he would look up at Dean, his brow furrowed before he went back to work.

Finally, after nearly an hour, Sam leaned back dramatically with a sigh as he picked up what he was working on, hiding it behind his back as he walked over to where Dean was.

“Close your eyes, Dean.” Sam demanded, innocent authority in his voice. “And hold out your hands.”

“Okay, Sammy.” Dean said, doing as Sam instructed. A second later, he felt the paper light weight of what Sam was working on in his hands.

Beside him he could feel the couch dip from Sam’s weight as Sam climbed up on the couch beside him. Sam pressed as close to Dean as he could, his chin nearly resting on Dean’s shoulder.

“Okay. You can open your eyes now.” And for the first time that day, Sam actually sounded nervous. 

Slowly Dean opened his eyes, looking down at the paper in his hand. It was a drawing of two people standing hand in hand, one with hair that was slightly too long and the other with green eyes and freckles.

“That’s me,” Sam said pointing to the shorter person with a chubby little finger. “And then that’s you. See. The freckles.” Sam explained, reaching out to touch the freckles that lined Dean’s cheeks before shifting on the couch so that he could look at Dean’s face. “Do you like it, De?”

Dean placed the picture down beside him and pulled Sam into his lap, wrapping his arms around his little brother as he hugged him tight. “I love it, Sammy. It’s awesome.”

“Really?” Sam giggled, his face breaking out into a wide smile.

“Of course.”

thirty words in thirty days
audaciousdean vs. @call-888-8sparky
word #1: jolly; (adjective) happy and cheerful


30 Days of AA Challenge ✬ Day 3: Favorite Ship

Sorry for my shitty handwriting, but it’s a solid tie between these two! I love them so much ;V;

Now if only klapollo got even close to the screentime narumitsu gets