ac 130 gunship


     The aptly named “First Lady” was born in Marietta, Georgia (uncoincidentally, so was the author), as the first ever production C-130A. Only two Hercules airframes came before her, both of which were pre-production prototype YC-130 aircraft. First Lady rolled off the assembly line on March 10, 1955. Today, over 60 years later, the production line continues to produce new C-130 aircraft, making this the longest production run in American military aircraft history. More than 2,500 of these have been built in Marietta and this was the first.

     Today, it is common that the first several aircraft in a production run will participate in nothing but flight test through their entire life and never see an operational sortie. Nothing could be further from the truth for First Lady. Her first flight lifted off from Dobbins Air Force Base on April 7, 1955. During her third flight, a fuel line broke, causing a major fire. As soon as she landed, her entire right wing burned off, giving the crew just enough time to escape the blaze. This would not be her last emergency. After being repaired and then returning to the lengthy test program, she was converted to a JC-130A and began operating in the Eastern Test Range, serving NASA and missile test squadrons out of Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.

     In November, 1967, First Lady was converted to an AC-130 Spectre. Over the years, she would fly with different weaponry. Her final armament would include a pair of 20mm cannon, a pair of 7.62x51mm Mini-Guns and two 40mm Bofor cannon, enabled with FLIR and Ground Mapping Radar, allowing night/all weather attack. During her career, she would fly over 3,000 combat hours and be hit four times by AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) while performing close air support over Vietnam. After her last encounter with 74mm AAA, First Lady would limp home with a good portion of her nose missing and major damage to hydraulic, avionic and landing gear systems. Again, her crew survived unharmed. These stories are now shared at the Air Force Armament Museum on Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, where the aircraft now resides.


The AC-130H Spectre and the AC-130U Spooky primary missions are close air support, air interdiction and armed reconnaissance.
i dont believe for a second that the united states of america accidentally bombed the MSF hospital in kunduz accidentally

if the best explanation the american military can come up with for leveling a hospital at four am with an ac-130 gunship is “fuckin whoops our bad” then they need to come home and think of a better lie. that was a lie. we did that on purpose. a cargo plane thats been extensively redesigned to carry very large guns flew lazy circles around a hospital for an hour shooting and we told the world it was an accident. collateral damage, fog of war—no. that was deliberate