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The Early Years

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“We have our own magic eight ball!”

February 12th, 2020.

Seattle, Washington. West Pacific Academy.

The Barracks

The room was silent for a moment, as the team processed your words. You could see the confusion on their faces, not only from your innocent looking appearance, but also your unique ability.

“Well, hello there, (Y/N), welcome to our squad: Strategic Mutiny!” the brown haired boy, Peter, said, near the back of the room. He jumped up from his bed and walked towards you, a bright smile on his face. “I’m Pe-”

“Peter,” you said for him, shaking his head. “How’s your Aunt May?” you asked curiously, tilting your head slightly. “Did her lazer eye surgery go well?”

His mouth hung open in surprise, his brown eyes going wide, before a wide smile spread across his face. “Oh my god, are you like reading my mind?” he asked, his voice tinged in excitement.

You laughed, shaking your head. “No, I’m not that cool,” you joked, and he laughed. “I’m just able to see bits of the future.”

“’Not that cool’?” Peter asked in disbelief, looking at you in amusement. “You can see the future, man!” he shook his head, before walking away, mumbling about being able to see the future.

You blushed, as once again you were under scrutiny from the rest of the room. “It’s not that cool,” you mumbled, and Bucky chuckled, squeezing your shoulder.

“So you’re able to see what will happen tomorrow?” Pietro asked, and besides him, his sister gazed at you curiously.

You hesitated, and bit your lip. “I can only see what happens with those I’m drift compatible with,” you answered, and his blue eyes widened. “Even then, most of the times I need a conduit to see the future with.” you added, and in your minds eye you pictured you grandmother’s beautiful tarot cards. Your hands itched to touch them, and you could tell you had a vision coming on.

“That’s awesome, we have our own magic eight ball,” Sam said, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you. Your squad laughed, and you could feel the tension draining from the room.

Steve and Bucky left your side to go sit on their beds, watching your interactions with both amusement and relief. Sam walked up to you, two others trailing behind him. “I’m Sam, by the way. The cranky kitty cat over there is my co-pilot, T’Challa,” he introduced, jutting his chin towards the man sitting on the bed next to his. T’Challa raised a hand in greeting, his dark eyes curious and thoughtful.

“Nice to meet you,” you replied brightly. “I’m sure between the two of us can get our cranky kitty cat co-pilot to smile.” you joked, and Sam roared in amusement, patting you on the shoulder. You jumped a little bit, but the jolly man didn’t notice.

“You hear that, kitty cat? (Y/N) is gonna make you smile!” Sam called to his co-pilot, as he walked back to his bed. Next up were Natasha and Clint. They mimicked each other’s movement so perfectly that it amazed you. When Clint stepped up and offered his hand to you, Nat took a step forward as well, but didn’t offer her hand.

“Hiya, (Y/N), I’m Clint and this is my co-pilot Nat,” he introduced, and you shook his hand. “But, I guess you already knew that.” he joked, and you laughed.

“Yeah, I did,” you admitted shyly, and his green gray eyes sparkled in amusement. “You two met when you were still in high school, right?” you asked curiously. “It was the first time your futures crossed.”

Natasha’s eyes widened, and she shared a quick look with Clint. “Yes,” she said, pursuing her lips. “I guess you really can tell the future.”

You lips parted, and Clint laughed at your expression. “Don’t worry, (Y/N), she’s just joking,” he explained, and you sighed in relief. Giving you a smile, the pair walked off, the squad going back to whatever they had been doing.

Looking around, you took in your surroundings. The barracks had brick walls, and cement floor. Someone had put a large tye dye rug on the hard floor the covered most of the spacious room. There were six beds on the left side, seven on the right, colorful curtains covering the furthest three on the right. Pictures and posters covered the wall, and each person had a little bed side table.

“Would you like me to show you where you’re sleeping?” someone asked, and you jumped in surprise. Wanda stood in front of you, a small smile on her face. Her long brown hair was braided, and the rings on her hands glinted in the light.

“Oh, yes please,” you said, giving her a smile. Turning to grab your suitcase and duffel bag, you noticed it was gone. Bucky caught your eye and grinned. Sneaky, courteous bastard, you thought to yourself as Wanda led you to the last three beds on the left.

“This one’s mine,” she said, pointing to the one that had red curtains, with small flowers embroidered on them. The curtains were pulled away, and you could see Pietro lounging on his sister’s bed. “Nat sleeps next to me,” she continued, the red haired girl’s bed covered with gauzy black curtains, that had shades of purple and gray mixed in. “And here’s yours.” she finished, coming to stop at the last bed. Curtains that looked like the ocean covered yours, shades of blues, greens, and whites flickered as you stood by Wanda. “I make these myself.” she added bashfully, noticing your flabbergasted expression.

“Wanda, they are breathtaking!” you exclaimed, giving her a bright smile. “I love them!”

Wanda blushed, averting her eyes. “Thank you,” she said, her fingers playing with soft material. “Bucky and Steve told me you have lived in Seattle for most of your life, and you missed seeing the ocean everyday.”

You felt a lump forming in your throat, and your eyes prickling. “Thank you,” you said thickly. “This really means a lot to me.” you added, touched by her thoughtful gift.

“No problem. Anything for a team mate,” she said, and then added silently in your head: Anything for a fellow mutant. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help to unpack!” she said brightly, as if nothing had happened. Giving your hand a squeeze, she flitted away.

Setting down your duffel bag and carry on bag, you noticed a couple things. 1. There were three boxes sitting on your bed, probably Uncle Phil dropped off from your old room. 2. Your other bag and suitcase were placed carefully to the side of your bed. 3. Your bed was a bit bigger than a twin, and there seemed to be about three and a half feet between you and the wall, and you and Natasha. 4. There was a bedside table, and a dresser. 5. Someone, probably Uncle Phil or Bucky, had already made your bed, with pretty blue sheets, green and gray pillows, dark blue blankets, and a white comforter. 6. This could feel like home.

Smiling to yourself, you started to unpack. First, came your going away present from Daisy: a pretty blanket, that was a mixture of colors. You placed that on the foot of your bed, along with your Stitch stuffed animal. Next came your clothes. You only took out your fall and winter clothes, no need for your wonderful spring and summer dresses that you had worn in South America. You mournfully left those in your suitcase, which you stuck under your bed. You kept your rain boots, rain jacket and umbrella at the foot of your bed (hey, you can never be too careful in Seattle). You placed three picture frames on the dresser; one of you and your dad (he was actually smiling), on of you and Uncle Phil, and one of you and your late parents. Then, you strung up your flickering yellow fairy lights, and placed your lamp on your bedside table. All that was left was two boxes and a duffel bag.

One box held hundreds of photos and rolls of tape (and your Scooby Doo backpack that held your most prized possessions… We’ll get to that later). You took out a shoe box from your duffel bag that held Polaroids from your time in South America. Carefully, you started to tape these up, first on the wall over your bed, and then the other wall. This took time, patience, and a lot of tape. Finally, you were done. The smiling faces of Bucky, Steve, and your (adopted) older brother Thor stood out, along with laughing faces of your friends in South America- Daisy, Fitz, Simmons, Mack, Hunter, Bobbi, and Lincoln. Your face frequented the photos, some of you when were younger, some of you when you were older. Candid photos of your adopted father and your Uncle Phil littered the wall, and those were your favorites.

In the other box and your duffel bag were books. You had just enough room on one of the walls to hang up three shelves. Just as you were wondering how you would get them on the wall, someone asked “You need some help with those shelves?”

Jerking around with one hand over your heart, you met the eyes of the one squad member who hadn’t been in the room. Scott, the only person you hadn’t met yet. His eyes were bright, and rain glistened in his hair. He waited patiently for your response, smiling at you. “Sure,” you finally said breathlessly. “You scared me!”

Scott grinned. “Everyone tells me I should wear bells or somethin’ like that. Peter especially,” he joked, reaching for the shelves. “So, Peter tells me that you can see the future… Is it true?” he asked conversationally, scooting behind you to reach the wall.

You nodded, sitting down on your bed. “Yeah, I guess I’m a bit of a pre-cog.” you answered, biting your lip.

“That’s so badass!” he replied, and you let out a laugh. Scott’s reaction was eerily similar to his co-pilot’s, and you could tell it was like this for the rest of the team. “You’re gonna be such a great asset, (Y/N). I bet your gonna be a better pilot than your dad.” he turned to look at you, a twinkle in his brown eyes.

You blushed, and opened your mouth to reply, but Tony cut you off. “Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” the two of you turned to see Tony standing at the foot of your bed, his arms crossed. “You look like you couldn’t even kill a fly, let alone pilot a Jaeger and kill a Kaiju. I bet your dad just let you in out of pity,” he taunted cruelly, his dark eyes blazing.

The room went silent, and you knew that if you didn’t do something, two things would happen. 1. Bucky would most likely throw a punch at Tony and 2. your squad would never respect you. Standing up, you pressed your lips together in a thin line. “Tony,” you said evenly, a hint of anger in your voice. “If I am as incompetent as you say I am, how about you prove that?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. “Unless you’re scared.” you added, and you could see Tony’s eyes narrowed.

“Fine,” he spat, and you gave him a pleasant smile. “Lead the way, princess.”

Nodding, you walked out of the barracks, a cruel smile on your face. Did Tony really think Fury’s daughter couldn’t fight? Your smile widened as you walked down familiar halls, your squad trailing after you. Oh, you were going to have fun.

AN: Sorry if it’s a bit slower! This chapter is a bit of a filler chapter. But next chapter will be FUN!

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OOC: My idea for an Ace Attorney/ Pacific Rim AU crossover thing, where Clay and Apollo are Jaeger pilots. (The Jaegers caller ‘Lunar Redemption’) 
This was drawn mainly because I fucking love Pacific Rim and secondly every time I look at Clay he reminds me of one of those early-mid 90’s anime robot pilots… You know the type haha.

Not gonna lie this was REALLLLY self indulgent of me but you have to admit Clay and Apollo suit that look pretty well :3))