Animal crossing town - Portugal theme

I did research on Portugal history and on animals that were common there and I ended up with this list of villagers. I will do other countries if you want to suggest one and I advice asking it on my ask box. Thank you! :)

Knox (cranky) - My number one choice for a Portugal theme town. It’s like a reference to the rooster of barcelos and Portugal medieval history.

Sparro (jock) - similar to a common bird in Portugal

Jay (jock) - black swallow are pretty common during the summer since there’s no animal crossing black swallow I picked Jay as a reference to the swallow.

Kyle (cranky) - A reference to the iberian wolf

Jacques (smug) - similar to a pretty common bird in Portugal called common blackbird

Nan (normal) - similar to the wild goat in Portugal

Erik (lazy) - there’s wild dear in Portugal

Bonbon (peppy) - the most similar animal I found to a hare since there’s pretty common in Portugal

Kiki (normal) - there’s cats everywhere in Portugal XD decided to pick kiki

Annalise (snooty) - a reference to the Lusitano

all these neon lights; [ch7]

Summary: The only people who ever use the L&L Diner these days are down-and-outs and mob members, so Angie Martinelli sees her fair share of criminals. But there’s none quite like Peggy Carter and her little group of extraordinary con artists.
And, Angie’s a girl with grand designs, she doesn’t want to be a waitress all her life - if Carter and her boys ever asked Angie in, she’d probably say ‘yes’ in a heartbeat.
(or, the one where they’re all world-class grifters)
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There’s a possibility that Howard might never get used to just how disappointing the L&L’s food is. He picks unenthusiastically over a side salad, before deciding it was probably safer to just leave it uneaten.

“Are you ever going to tell me where you were the other day?”

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A bunch of AC-centered pesterlogs

Nice to meet you.

More dangerous than hunting wild animals? Really?

Heh. I just love those small variations in running jokes, they keep them from getting repetitive and are really smart.

All right, christ, we got it! Alternia is a horrible place full of things and people that want to eat/hurt you! Great! Can we drop this now, please?

blah blah blah same same same huge kitty dies in a landslide blah blah blah conversation with Karkat!


Karkat’s social skills must have gotten lost in one of those tragic roleplaying accidents.

It can’t even stay mad at this guy he’s so funny

Nepeta stop being so adorable. You’re messing up my daily angst intake. I’ll have to listen to a full MCR album to recover from this.

Why does poor Nepeta constantly have to deal with assholes? She of all people shouldn’t have to deal with Karkat’s perpetually flipped shit, Terezi’s everything, or whoever the fuck this guy is

Oh god it’s the creepy robot guy I’m not ready for this

So far so good *takes deep breaths* *drinks some water* next line

Perfectly standard reaction. No evidence of outstanding douchebaggery thus far.

Ok, so he’s a killjoy and too stupid to know you can’t tell a cat what to do. Still zero asshole points.

Negative asshole points now.

Okay, even for Karkat, that was kinda rude. As well as classist.

Christ, what a bigot. And equating “good” language with morals is pretty hilarious coming from the guy whose username refers to a half- beast’s genitals.

That’s pretty cute. CT trying to play the responsible parental figure and then getting caught up in the silliest form of bickering is both adorable and funny.

Seriously? Was mentioning that really necessary?

#not sure if vegan of brony

Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere.

I simultaneously like him for being so protective of Nepeta and hate am annoyed at him for being overprotective and a massive bigot.

A discussion between two people, neither of whom are assholes. God I needed that.


Eh? What happened to him? Did I miss something there?