Last night I couldn’t get to sleep and I was thinking about a lot of cool ideas for animal crossing let’s see if any of these are still good in the morning

  • Give pathways different sounds when you walk on them (water, grass, pavement)
  • When you’re looking through letters, be able to scroll through with the non-sliding directional pad- letter shows on top screen so long as it’s already been opened. Makes it quicker and smoother to access letters
  • Stack 2-3 different flowers into a bouquet- when placed in a room it’s displayed in a glass vase. Fun and cute gift for friends! Villagers request certain flower bouquets to put in their homes, like they sometimes ask for fruits
  • Send letters via internet to friends in other towns (Pete can be seen flying overhead to deliver the letter/when the letter arrives)
  • Make it possible to rename towns (maybe have there be a petition process?)
  • Historical Town Ordinance
    • More villagers visit the museum
    • Redd visits the town more to sell paintings
    • 5 fossils appear a day (?)
    • Villagers are more likely to request monument pwps
    • Campers visit more often (up ‘tourism’)
  • Outdoors movie theater pwp (because a drive in theater sounds cute but there aren’t cars so just put up a big screen with a few seats in front- only is on at night and villagers occasionally go watch whatever movie is playing)
  • More part time jobs!
    • Work at Tommy’s and Timmy’s shop in a similar way that you had to in the original AC games!
    • Work at the museum as a tour guide-  works like a mini game where you have to match a fish/fossil/bug/painting to it’s name
    • Work at Leif’s and make flower arrangements! (can go with the bouquet idea from earlier!)
    • Work at the Able Sister’s Shop and help villagers coming in pick a new outfit for different occasions
    • Work at Gracie’s and try to talk villagers into buying overpriced clothes/furniture
  • Multiple characters having different positions within the game- ie first character is the mayor, second works for HHA, third and forth are normal villagers who can hold part time jobs as mentioned above. If a villager works at the Able Sister’s, they can’t work at Gracie’s shop (at least for a day or two)
  • If you and your friend both have digital copies of AC on your own 3DSes, be able to both live in the same town. Create a town with your friends, both together and separate!
  • Give KK Slider clothes

Well, my laptop decided to die suddenly so mobile bloggin’ for me for a while! I also can’t use the scanner without my laptop so here’s a phone photo of a watercolor illustration of the mushroom house in Happy Home Designer I reblogged yesterday. (I’ll link the post when I’ve got proper technology back…)

*that gif belongs to its rightful owner, who is apparently untraceable*

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