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It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been almost four and a half months since I began this blog, and how fast it took off. I started from a place I’d been lingering for years, and finally decided to make a leap of faith from Vlad’s previous incarnation to now. There are many people whom came with me, but I’ve also made friends with a lot new people, and that makes me incredibly happy, as well. It’s been a short journey so far on here, but I’m constantly amazed at what happens, and the awesome things that are to come!

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Life has got me pretty busy right now, things are looking up for the first time in a while and thus I’ve not had much time to dedicate to Atreus but I still remember two years ago to the day now what place I was in and the place I am in now and I look at how far I’ve come and it’s partly because of Atreus and the friends I have made here. I just wanted to do something pretty small and quick so just a shout out to some peeps that have made this time here on Atreus really special to me. 

I really do love you all and hold you fond in my heart. (also forgive me if I forget people as usual I’m tired and my memory isn’t all too good )

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                                       with lots of love and here is to many more years,
                                                                 Harley & Atreus

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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                     ↪ Alizarine King Thoughts Aesthetic for @abz-j-harding

The king was but a man once, a martyr with the weight of the world upon his shoulders. He would give and give and give until they bled him dry this world. He would give until he physically could no longer.

And then he would give even more.

(How much can you bleed, Sorcerer Supreme before your blood stains your hands and you choke in the wake of your own hubris?)


This took such a long time. my hands hurt. all i can see is Stephens

Anyway I drew a collection of all the Doctor Strange’s I was aware of, or could be bothered to look for. We have the current version, Defenders (?) version, Benedict version,Fear Itself version, The Oath version, Animated version, other animated version (???) and finally @abz-j-harding version cos I ran out of ideas and its cool but I butchered as i cant do scary.


Hey guys! Looks like it’s that time again, and I still can’t believe that it’s been only 9ish months since I’ve made this blog. I’ve met a lot of rad people, and have made a few friends that love a lot. I don’t regret making Stephen, because it really helped me know what I want to do as a career: what I love, and write Stephen in a solo run. Having this blog helps me, and I now can’t wait to get into college and pursue it.

P E O P L E   W E   L O V E

So these are the main baes, and people that I couldn’t not love. ❤

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These are the people that I follow, and really respect!

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