All TotA Recipe Variations

Rice Ball

Luke: Shrimp Rice Ball (+Shrimp)
Guy: Seafood Rice Ball (+any fish)
Jade: Salmon Rice Ball (+Salmon)
Anise: Beef Rice Ball (+Beef)
Natalia: Chicken Rice Ball (+Chicken)


Tear: Carbonara (+Milk)
Guy: Seafood Pasta (+any fish)
Jade: Engeve-style Pasta (+Miso)
Natalia: Cheese Pasta (+Cheese)


Luke: Chicken Sandwich (+Chicken)
Tear: Apple Bread (+Apple)
Guy: Fish Sandwich (+any fish)
Anise: Fruit Sandwich (+Strawberry)
Natalia: Cheese Sandwich (+Cheese)

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Artist: satan | Tumblr

Artist’s comments:

I’m the backup artist and y'all stuck with me I’m so sorry (face mcshooty dialogue.mp3)

This is for a fic that centers on Luke, Guy, and Tear (iirc it was called #13 under the summary list). I didn’t really find a scene that really gave me a literal image, so I went with more the feeling I got rather than a more literal illustration. I hope it’s ok

ikedawg43  asked:

What subclass of Hunter does Eris prefer?

Before the HellMouth Excursion I preferred the Solar Side of the Light. I was brimming with Light and Energy, and Soul. I was young.

It was in the HellMouth that I found the full usefulness of the arc. Invisibility, teleportation, escape. These were the tools to survive in that Hell.

Now I prefer the Void. Like Toland before me, I am walking the path of the Void. I hunt the hive and those left by Oryx, the taken. My bow raised high I now take their lives. I will hunt every last one of them and they will taste my arrows.

From the Darkness of the abyss opened a cavity in space and time. The void of the untouchable reached into me like finger tips on my mind and showed me the way. With that keen seventh sense I can see where to place my Arrow like never before. 

I am of the void.

  • eyeball, grumbling to herself as she floats endlessly through the infinite abyss:man one second everybody's like *finger quotes* "'Hash Tag' give eyeball a girlfriend" then I try and get one and it's "oh no not like that," "don't kill children," "slavery is bad" man fuck alla you that's not even my name

hooo boy, sudden lair purge time. prices are negotiable

Crimson - crimson/crimson/white, has lore as a nurse + a bio, 33 gems

Hazelnut, bronze/cream/cream, has a cute coded bio, 15 gems

Isendra, aqua/seafoam/jade, 15 gems

Zen, cyan/abyss/cyan, 15 gems

Sidney, rose/cream/indigo, 15 gems

SAL, white/ice/ice, was gonna have lore as an AI, 10 gems

Shaman, driftwood/marigold/saffron, has a small bio as a pyromancer, 15 gems

Metsa, jungle/obsidian/obsidian, has small bio as an assassin, 22 gems

A gen one fae male, unbred, latte skink/heather basic/grape basic, 200 gems

there are some dragons with art (not pictured) as well

Crete, pastel female PC, 65 gems

Shauna, triple rose female imp, 80 gems

Yavanna, pretty female coatl with coded bio, 77 gems


aesthetic moodboard series — tracy stewart (teen wolf)

a girl falls into an abyss and the devil grabs her feet to pull her down faster. teaches her to fight and says, this is for you. he hands her a knife still wet with blood from her back and says, still for you. sets her up for murder and says, i did it for you. (—elisabeth hewer)

@nerdkisser a lot of insufferable dumbass Lucha Underground marks on twitter. It’s unbelievable. I always thought they were abysmal personally but they reached new lows tonight, whatever is lower than the abyss…