I recently took the plunge into the Souls series and started playing Dark Souls III. I was amazed by the depth of gameplay and lore. The world is so rich and atmospheric. After beating the game, I ended up writing and animating an episode about the game for the YouTube channel, LORE in a minute. Here are some stills and concept designs of some of my favorite bosses from the game. 

Check out the Dark Souls III episode here!

Happy HOLLOWeen!

So I saw this tweet https://twitter.com/RedMakuzawa/status/923447934892457985 And was super excited to see that Prompto will be in the Multiplayer expansion; that means the other two bros probably are too!

But I took a closer look at it and Prom is pretty beat up, he has a bruise on his left arm and obvious blemishes on his face. So that got me thinking about chapter 13 and the injuries are exactly the same, right where they are supposed to be. 

That means this whole thing takes place directly after Noct goes into the crystal or a few days later; WHICH MEANS this is going to BE SAD, I mean it was already going to be sad. but ya know.