so remember the friend I told you about who did the Chell cosplay well once she mailed me a potato that she painted

just the potato

no box or anything

wrote the address and put the sticker straight on the potato

omFG i ’m laughing can you imagine being the mailman that had to deliver a potato tho

abyssal-leviathan replied to your post:

And from behind him he can hear the sound of an incredibly loud growl alongside ragged breathing and electricity crackling.

Such a noise made a shiver go up the poor boy’s back. Regret, oh so much regret. What is he to do?! Ah, without thinking, he decides to just roll with it and-

He doubles down.

He takes one of her hands in his reach and puts it around himself, shakingly. “I-it feels g-good, d-d-doesn’t it? R-relax with me!”

look at this.  do you see this.  this fucking.  this fucking gay ass official art.  look at how fucking gay this is.  i.  i’ve never seen anything so gay.  i spend most of my life looking at gay things but.  but this takes the cake.  the fucking rainbow cake covered in sparkles.  holy shit.  i cannot get over how homosexual this is.  you fucking.  you fucking lesbians.  stop ruining my life.

they are such fucking lesbians but they’re also

fucking lesbians u feel