abyssal armor

Hawkwood the Deserter cosplay, female edition, aka the Abyss Watcher minus the helmet and mask because I got tired of them. It’s not completely accurate, since I don’t have the chainmail coif or the sword and I don’t look dejected enough lol. I wore this on Sunday at PAX East, and it’s probably one of the most comfortable costumes I’ve made so far. I definitely want to wear this again (as well as the full Abyss Watcher, of course) :-D

Photos taken by my friend Jon.

Overwatch Vs Darksiders: Death

Class: DPS (Offense )

Weapons: Duel wielding scythes.

-Pressing the left mouse key uses his usual downward attacks which is him slicing and dicing everyone.
-Right mouse key is him using his upper cuts, this does more damage but takes 5 seconds to charge-
-E places a trap of ghoulish hands that an enemy player can step on and be trapped for 5 seconds, enough time for him or another team player to kill them-
-Left Shift is a quick dash-

Ult: Reaper Form
-Death goes into his Reaper Form and fucks everyone up-
-Easy to get POTG with-

75 creds: Recolors of his classic skin.
-Sickness (Green)
-Famine (dark yellow)
-Wrath (red)
Conquest (purple)
250 creds: Cloak and hood, Spell binder, Nomad.
1000 creds: Executioner/Juggernaut armor, Warlock/Necromancer armor, Abyssal Armor

Highlighted intro:
Fear (250): Death grabs the camera (a supposed person) by the face with one hand and lifts it up.

The Pale Rider (250): Death summons Despair and hops on him, riding forth.

Voice Lines:
When selected for a game:
“Their time is up.”

General Voice Lines.
“This is no place for a horse.”
“A fools errand? Wouldn’t be my first?”
“You want me to get you what?”
“To Hell with you.”
“Every blade dulls…eventually.”

To Reaper:
Death: You call yourself ‘Reaper’, yet you would not last long in my shoes.
Reaper: Try me.

Death: Everyone meets their fate eventually.
Reaper: Could have fooled me.

When killing Reaper:
“You are not but a mere mortal.”

To Hanzo:
Death: You should be grateful your brother forgives you.
Hanzo: Rather he does or not is not my concern.

From Genji:
Genji: Your relationship with War reminds me of me and my Brother.
Death: My siblings are all I have.

(Feel free to add anything. I’ll be working on others.)

This is a commission I did for OlcanBishop on deviantart. Normally I will not accept super detailed armor for commissions, but I just couldn’t pass up drawing something Monster Hunter related! Especially when it has my two favorite babies in it! THAT JAGGI DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S COMING TO IT, I’M SURE. Dhum’s wearing Stygian Zinogre armor and has an Abyssal Lagiacrus great-sword, while Siggers is wearing the Lagombi armor and using a Ceadeus lance!

Overwatch vs Darksiders: War

Class: Tank

Weapon: Chaos Eater.

-left mouse key is his usual swing attacks-
-Right mouse releases double slash. Takes 8 seconds to charge-
-E unleashes his upper attack-
-Left Shift gives him a dash-

Ult: Wrath Form:
-In this form war does heavy damage, easy POTG earner-

75 creds: Recolors of his classic skin.
-Wrath (Black)
-Soldier (Green)
Honor (blue)
250 creds: Young War (as seen in the first comic) Shirtless (as seen in Deaths Door).
1000 creds: Abyssal Armor, Archangel (Diablo), Lich King (Wow)

Highlighted intro:
The Horseman Cometh (250): While the Scenery is on fire, War approaches the camera in a menacing way.

The Red Rider (250): War Summons Ruin then hops on him, holding on the reins as Ruin reels upward.

Voice lines:
When chosen for a game:
“The Horseman Cometh.”

General Voice lines:
“Who is ‘Illidank’?”
“I choose what once a coward did not.”
“No. Not alone.”
“'You are not prepared.’ Happy now?”

To Death:
War: Are you with me, Brother?
Death: To the end.

From Death:
Death: You are never alone.
War: I know.

To Soldier 76:
War: I’ve always admired mortal soldiers.
76: We fight the hardest because we do die.

From D.Va:
D.Va: You sound like a character from an MMORPG I play.
War: Thanks…?

To D.Va: War: Be careful out there, child. D.Va: I am no child, War. War: I still owe you for aiding me. D.Va: You can start by helping us repair the world.

From McCree:
McCree: Nice arm.
War: Same to you.

When killed by Reaper: Reaper: Give my regards to your brother. Lore: War and D.Va become friends after D.Va aids a wounded War from Uriel. War is also pretty protective of her.