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In a multiplayer game, if I have abyssal prosecutor and an opponent plays a "win the game" effect, what happens? Do they win since the other players would lose?

Abyssal Persecutor says that you can’t win the game and your opponents can’t lose the game. In a four player game, if you’re player A and player B wins the game through some effect, let’s say Felidar Sovereign, then the win-the-game effect will try to make you (player A) and players C and D lose the game, but C and D can’t currently lose the game due to Abyssal Persecutor’s effect, so only you lose the game here. (A can then win on their next upkeep if they still have the Sovereign and enough life.)

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1) Spell your name with song titles!

A - Angantios, Eluveitie
N - Northward, Summoning
A - Asator, Amon Amarth
D - Dovahkiin, Skyrim soundtrack
W - Wanderer, Ensiferum
E - Endless Knot, Eluveitie
N - Noldor, Blind Guardian

2) Why did you choose your URL?

Fire is fucking rad, also elves and boats on fire. This is a 90% Silmarillion blog.

3) What is your middle name?

That’s sort of personal; in translation it means ‘life’ tho. I’m not complaining!

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

A faerie, Noldorin elf or Ainu probably

5) Favourite colour?

Black. Black as dark as the deepest void, as the starless abyss, as the frightening darkness you fear to thread.

6) Song you like right now?

Elder Scrolls Online JT Machinima - the Mollag Ballad
Bring Us Pints of Beer - Korpiklaani
Trust Issues - the Weeknd

7) Top 4 fandoms?

The Silmarillion/Tolkien’s legendarium

Norse Mythology (does that count?)

Marvel comics (I never post that tho)

The Elder Scrolls (I just discovered that recently tho)

8) Tag 9 people!

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If The Signs Were Words...

Aries: verb
To win first place; to achieve a smooth victory against all odds

Taurus: noun
The sedate, whirling rings within an exceptionally old tree’s trunk

Gemini: verb
To speak as quickly & fluidly as a hummingbird’s wings

Cancer: noun
The lingering traces of a thunderstorm – water droplets on flowers, cold breezes, mud, fog, and dark clouds drifting away over the horizon

Leo: verb
To acknowledge one’s own magnificence; to compare thyself to a summer’s day shamelessly and with Shakespearean dignity

Virgo: noun
Fragile trails of sunlight breaking through the clouds of an overcast sky

Libra: verb
To photograph every beautiful thing one sees; to attempt to capture one’s entire life within the camera lens for a fear of wasting it

Scorpio: noun
A painting of the dark oceanic abyss, so real that you could drown in it

Sagittarius: verb
To drive down a barren road with no acknowledgement of the speed limit

Capricorn: noun
The condition or quality of standing alone in one’s vast power

Aquarius: verb
To begin to understand naturally, without epiphany, guidance, or deliberate effort; to take a lifetime to learn a life lesson

Pisces: noun
The inherent dream & duty of a Messiah

Hello, my name is Andi.

I shouldn’t be here. 

 I do not have a problem.  

There is nothing wrong with me.

I am not obsessed with this dork.



Just look at him.

Aselia Con Yukata Festival!

Hello everyone! If our panel goes through, we will be hosting a yukata festival/photoshoot at Aselia Con! The gist of it would be that Tales cosplayers in yukata will meet up, share Tales of food and play games, and take photos together! if you’e feeling up to it feel free to buy or make a yukata! So far there’s just six or so of us confirmed but we’d love to have more yukata characters! See you there, we hope!

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Your line-art always looks really clean and sharp to me. When you do that really dynamic colouring thing that you do that just looks really damn good (*le me is not an artist and doesn't know a better way to describe it XD*). But most of all your expressions! I have never seen someone capture a look of disdain so perfectly as you do when you draw Misty or Aphrodite!


@teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship You’re so… Cute? Lovely? I don’t know! I didn’t notice this things really, but asdfghjkl *happy noises* Thank you!!

I sketched a silly Unicorn for you ;w;

Forgive the quick shitty silly sketch ;A; *Abyss hides under the bed and cries a river*

In Honor of Black History Month,

Death By Black Hole
A poem by Neil deGrasse Tyson 🌚☄✨💫

In a feet first dive
to this cosmic abyss
You will not survive
because you surely will not miss
The tidal forces of gravity will create quite a calamity when you’re stretched head to toe
Are you sure you wanna go?
Your body’s atoms - you’ll see them - will enter one by one
The singularity will eat ‘em, and of course, you won’t be having fun..

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On the subject of a RWBY/Pacific Rim crossover... "Years before, you wouldn't have picked my sister Ruby and I for heroes. No chance. We were never star athletes, never at the head of the class. but we could hold our own in a fight. And it turns out we had a unique skill: we were Drift-compatible."

anon, let me show you a thing from way back when~