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(ง •̀_•́)ง!!!!

(ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง (ง •̀_•́)ง

i’ll destroy you

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Ur Seth mcfarlane post got 666 notes. How will u celebrate this unnerving conclusion???¿¿¿???

by infiltrating fox and single-handedly dethroning seth macfarlane, the king of abysmal cartooning 

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idea: collage Timmy meet young nerdy Jack.

scenario time.. I LOVE SCENARIOS 
. I um.. can see Tassiter having Jack working two jobs at once if someone called in  sick or something, .. so info desk it was ; ‘P  and Tim gets to see this side of him, a hard working helpful nerdy side.. ok i’m done
for Tim;s pre-operation design i used abysmal-jacks awesome design hopethatwasokay to do i just loved it ALLOT ;;


Lyrics to the Cypher vid

Click Click, Click Click Boom

step into the room with that muthafckin doom                                     

on the beat like a treble , spittin fire like the devil

if you step up to my level, all that beef is gon be settled

its tha, sista sista,

tryna kick  it witcha

niggas cross the globe beggin me to paint they picture,

its tha O.G. the N.E.Z the funkified original muthafuckin MC

I be the  niggity nezi, no nigga can test me, dont even contest me

I got that thing, keep that wadda dadda ding, 

murder anyone you bring if they step into the ring 

I’m the illest, grab ya muthafckin medication,

when I breathe on the track its a hyperventilation

all you rappers is abysmal, rhymes schemes is dismal 

you mental like asylum, you can’t step into my phylum 

I be wildin and hot sidin’ while profiling on you

while I’m ridin I be shinin and be stylin on you

I be rollin, click be swollen, then be holdin, no controllin, cops patrolling ,  lives is stolen, bullet holes but no consoling 

all you niggas feces, you aint my species

you can’t reach me, even in your Mitsubishis

Holla Holla, BLOT, bringin all wahala

prayin like its Salat, while Im stealing all your gwala

 Im da wan wit da gun bout to murder some

when I Hop pon the track, they say murder cum

I got the kinda flow ya wanna bang ya head to

I’m killin everybody if they got an issue

Listen, flow keep switchin, servin out evictions

rappin everyday like its payin my tuition

I’m the one hitta spitta, quick to pull the trigga

the thrilla in manilla fading all you bitch niggas

Hardest rapper in the cypher and I own a purse

and If they flow sound cold its cause I wrote the verse. 


laylaanne it had to be virge and gord

virgil lost a bet or something, has to stand there and operate gordon’s dumb strings for the whole party. probably chokes him with the strings halfway thru the night

oh. virgil’s dressed as WILLIAM T. RIKER

on handsome jack in episode three

i’ve seen some people complain about how jack was really ooc in this episode and abysmal-jack and i are here to tell you why he wasn’t.

if you compare him to his bl 2 and bl tps self he is different, but do you know why?

- in bl 2 jack is the antagonist and you’re fighting against him
- in bl tps jack is your boss and you’re fighting under him (or alongside with him)
- but in tftbl jack is your friendly (manipulative) companion

it’s still the same handsome jack, but jack acts different to vault hunters, to his employees and also to you (rhys).

now onto a different topic. almost anything jack does, is strategic and serves a purpose: to benefit himself. jack taking over rhys’ body for example (this happens when you trust jack at the end of episode two). it serves two purposes:

- finally having a body/getting freedom
- and straining rhys’ relationship with the others

the first one is self-explanatory, but the second one i shall explain. jack said at least one thing to everyone to piss them off. it’s strategic. it’s smart. jack is being an ass towards everyone so that they like rhys (and possible distrust) less. jack wanted rhys’ companions to question rhys.

now let’s get back to the roof scene. two important things happened here:

- jack trying to make rhys question his companions
- jack talking about henderson

let’s talk about the first one. you see a pattern? jack first made rhys question his companions and later made his companions question rhys. jack is trying to separate rhys from his group. isolation is a key manipulation tactic.

not to mention that jack talked bad about rhys’ companions at every opportunity he got: “well, it’s hard to tell friend from foe out here, they all look like bandits” - jack is painting this image of rhys’ companions for him. this is how your friends are you shouldn’t like them because of it. jack is subtly implying that rhys’ companions are bandits and not friends.

now about the second one. based on how rhys talked about henderson, it’s safe to say rhys respected, maybe possibly admired henderson - just like respected and admired jack. by badmouthing henderson jack made rhys dislike him. that means that jack got rid of one of the people rhys respected/admired - jack is now the only boss rhys has respected, admired and idiolised.

now onto the last thing, the echo eye. of course, the “jack-apedia” is funny but, once again, it serves a purpose. rhys cannot scan his environment nor others anymore, which means he’s isolated from his surroundings. rhys is forced to believe jack on his word whenever he scans something. isolation is a key manipulation tactic.

to summarise: jack is trying to isolate rhys from his companions - making rhys his pawn. and, in my honest opinion, he’s doing a damn fine job with it, too.

the former queen, fallen from her toppled throne, isn’t supposed to be seen by those who she cannot share a potential pact with - the one whom she has been tied to in a moment of hope for a plan to work. that this one, this one poor being, can see her makes her flare (with hope, with anger, with fire) and peer down at them, fire whipping around her and curiosity almost as fierce as her wrath.

          ❛  what are you, then, that you can see me? only
              one is able to anymore, and yet— here you are.  ❜

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I guess if you wanted too you could compare Iron Bull to Christian Grey. Only thing is Iron Bull is a little....hornier.

That and Bull is actually a healthy and safe dom who respects and puts the comfort and safety of the inquisitor as his top priority, and is also all around an interesting and likeable character.

While Christian Grey is…well an abusive shit stain of a completely bland and creation from the abysmal mind of a terrible writer. 

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ohh my, i luvvvv your 'boyfriend' Andrej Pejic, how cool is he. i no a guy in sydney that does the exact same thing, hes a guy but models girls stuff. hah lovely blog.

yaaay! i also love my beautiful boyfriend, and now i love you because u know him.

oh really? whats his name? i also do that actually, with a bit of make up and heels im a girl:p

and thank you my love!