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Any tips on how to keep writing? I'm not planning on writing a book, or even fanfiction, but I love your short stories and wanted to do similar! I'm about to end a 3yr-6months RP relationship which was my main way of keeping active writing wise, and losing all my characters which i have spent years slaving over is proving to be a bigger blow than I thought haha

i’m not really sure how to keep writing tbh, i think i’ve mostly lasted this long by feeling terrible about myself if i don’t write at least one chapter of my longer work per week, which is? not a great strategy tbh. i know writing advice is always “write all the time! every day! always!” but that doesn’t usually work for me. idk here are Abi’s Certified Writing Tips i guess, pls no one take this too seriously

  • try to write a lot but don’t enforce it by being really intense about how much you’ve written? if you don’t feel like writing the solution is to find ideas that make you excited about it again, not to force yourself to write just for the sake of it
  • idk about other people but i always feel way more inspired by ideas and prompts i came up with myself than by prompts thought up by other people. i’m sure this is extremely subjective but that’s the Advice for this bullet point. a good Prompt Generator is often to think of a really common trope or character type and do it backwards or upside-down or sideways
  • don’t be afraid to write the same characters over again with different names attached if that’s what’s happening. tbh i’ve just accepted that i have a couple of Types and rolled with it and i think it’s ok, the characters can find what makes them different from the ones before them along the way. basically keep your prior characters in a drawer and use them again if you want, they’re yours!!
  • ok the above point is really just a version of “don’t put pressure on yourself, if you know there’s a problem don’t let it slow you down, we’re not published authors and we’re not promising to have no mistakes. just write what you’re excited about and things have a way of working out”
  • dump everything you love into it. bad advice maybe?? but do. even if it seems like too much for one story. squeeze as much of the things you love about settings or dialogue or whatever into it, there’s always editing later
  • lmao whats editing
  • sorry that these tips are all really aimed at myself and my biggest problem is often making Too Big Of A Deal about things and maybe these are all way off base for you but that’s it… i tried

SO I was asked to draw my favorite tumblr blog, but I have so many! so I decided to just draw a number of them. I may color it later.

(From the left: Absky, Bakky, Dicky Whoorves, Lightkong, Inconvenient Stalker, Confused giraffe, and totally-not-into-non-females.)