Was told to watch out about lack of variation in my characters, so I figured I’d try and work on that one.

The centre three are all related. They’re Shayle’s grandfather, Shayle herself, and her half sister Abuya. The three of them are tall, but Abuya takes more from her Mother’s side, so she’s fuller figured, brighter eyed and healthier. I also wanted her to look more ‘motherly’ than Shayle because she’s maternal/dying for a family of her own and very protective of Shayle.

Shayle’s meant to look a lot like her grandfather in build, but carry a lot of traits of her exiled Father. Not sure I managed to convey it, but I always see her as broad shouldered and slim legged, with an almost athletic build, which ends up getting thinner and more toned as she grows older. She purposefully makes her build more imposing through her clothes. They add a shitload of bulk on her shoulders. She often doesn’t get much of a say in how she dresses at the start, so she appears less practical and more feminine in public appearances. (Due to Abuya wanting her to look like a respectable, eligable woman, rather than a fearsome leader figure.)