To My Father
Fathers can be solitary mountains, All their love rock-like, steep, and strong. Though warm and caring, somehow they belong Halfway home to mothers’ bubbling fountains. Each of us needs love that knows no quarter, Reminding us of bonds that cross a border, Strengthening our sense of right and wrong. Thank you for being a good Father to me and my Brothers… I Love you ABUYA… Haizt i cannot tell this personally but i can show it to you…

“F” aithful. 
“A” lways there.
“T” rustworthy. 
“H” onoring. 
“E” ver-loving. 
“R” ighteous. 
“S” upportive.

El 14 de abril de 2014 se produce el secuestro de Chibok en Nigeria. Este fue un secuestro masivo perpetrado por el grupo terrorista Boko Haram en un colegio femenino de Chibok, Borno (nordeste de Nigeria). El secuestro del colegio tuvo lugar el mismo día en el que se produjo un atentado en Abuya, en el que fallecieron 88 personas. A Boko Haram se le responsabiliza de las muertes de aproximadamente 4000 personas solo durante 2014. #UnDíaComoHoy #HorroresHumanos #Terrorismo

Was told to watch out about lack of variation in my characters, so I figured I’d try and work on that one.

The centre three are all related. They’re Shayle’s grandfather, Shayle herself, and her half sister Abuya. The three of them are tall, but Abuya takes more from her Mother’s side, so she’s fuller figured, brighter eyed and healthier. I also wanted her to look more ‘motherly’ than Shayle because she’s maternal/dying for a family of her own and very protective of Shayle.

Shayle’s meant to look a lot like her grandfather in build, but carry a lot of traits of her exiled Father. Not sure I managed to convey it, but I always see her as broad shouldered and slim legged, with an almost athletic build, which ends up getting thinner and more toned as she grows older. She purposefully makes her build more imposing through her clothes. They add a shitload of bulk on her shoulders. She often doesn’t get much of a say in how she dresses at the start, so she appears less practical and more feminine in public appearances. (Due to Abuya wanting her to look like a respectable, eligable woman, rather than a fearsome leader figure.)

Cerita Abuya

‘Hikmah ada?’

‘Ada, buya.’


'Hm. Ada.’



'Apek??…….Oklah. Jah ada?’


'Nasib baik cerdik. Haha’


Des arnaquers s’emparent du service des impôts
“… Mme Hadja Amine Abuya, chef du centre départemental des impôts de Kousseri est accusé d’arnaque, d’escroquerie et d’intimidations par les commerçants de la région de l’Extreme Nord. Mme Hadja Amine Abuya. Voila une femme qui par la force d’une nomination s’est érigé en reine absolue dans le ch… …”
La suite ► http://bit.ly/1EgRYI5
cameroun, commerçants, Impots, kousseri

“Ternyata desain itu perlu… belajar a..” kata abuya. :)

00.42 abuya sudah tdur.

Yaz masih sibuk dengan slide disertasi beliau. Semoga apa yg telah beliau investasikan kepada yaz, yg menghasilkan sedikit ilmu, bisa bermanfaat untuk abuya.

Syukron bi. Im proud of you.

Some quick sketches of Shayle’s half sister.

In contrast to Shayle, she’s healthy, maternal/protective, and intuitive/sensitive, rather than intelligent and cunning.
Her duties involve dressing, feeding, and protecting Shayle. She often steps her boundary and nags her when she feels Shayle’s neglecting her own health.

Character ramblings continued

Shayle’s also A-OK with physical contact, considering she has a “guardians” who dress her, help her bathe, taught her how to maintain proper posture. It’s also a blessing for one to be able to touch their clan-leader in Ayrdune, so it’s almost a reflex to touch a clan member on the head/hand to bless them after talking with them. 

Her whole being is also consumed by her goals, so she has no room for romantic or sexual conquests. I don’t think she even has it in her to see a courtship as anything else than a horrible threat to her time reserves and power.

Her half sister Abuya is VERY touchy-feely. She’s incredibly protective and acts like a fussy mother to her (even though there’s barely any difference between their ages). She’s very broody and looks forward to having children of her own and being wed to her long courted lover. Unfortunately, Shayle has little care for her goals as she’s so involved with her own. Being guardian to Shayle is a very time consuming task. Fortunately, Abuya is not one to hold grudges, it would be VERY hard to make her dislike her sister, that said, she is the only one to even attempt to question Shayle’s methods in accomplishing her tasks. Something which is potentially dangerous even for someone so close to Shayle.

Even though Shayle was raised to think of Abuya as lower than her (along with her grandfather saying out-right that Abuya and her Mother were a thread away from being exiled and that Abuya’s existence is a sin in itself) she still has a bond with Abuya like she does with no other. Although she has great difficulty expressing affection, to lose Abuya would cause her great grief. More than anyone else.