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Dear followers

(Ooh, good one! /)//7//(\;

Hey! Dear followers! ~♥

First and foremost - thank you for following me and staying here with me all the time. You are incredible, how do you even put up with me and my wicked muse, I just never know ♥ But I’m so very grateful and I guess I will never be able to express it properly, using only words! ;u;

Second thing is a request for you, babies. Don’t you ever put yourself down, okay? Don’t lose self-confidence and never doubt in yourself! You all are wonderful people I enjoy talking with! ♥ IC or OOC-wise. I’m glad I can be a part of the community with such sweethearts as you are! /)u(\ ILU, guys. ♥ Also thanks for being patient, language barrier is hard to break at times.;;

Anyway, thank you once again for everything! Keep on being amazing!

With love,

Kasia /o/)