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                            “What is it you wanted to ask me?”
                                “Never mind, I figured it out.”

                                     a girl meets world au in which shawngela is endgame 

On December 8th, 2001, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) was brought into the New World, and, with her, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), as the new travel writer and photographer for the “Hit The Road” website. Leaving New York City that same day, Shawn closed the door to the Old World for good, while visiting his two friends and their family every now and then. 

A couple months later, Angela Moore (Trina McGee), now a freelance journalist, arrives to the city with a military husband across the sea and a newborn baby in tow. Living only a couple blocks down from the Matthew house in Greenwich Village, Angela reunites with her old friends and Riley and Angela’s daughter, Aria (Yara Shahidi), grow up together. 

Riley, with her goofy and caring nature balances out Aria’s more quiet, yet strong-willed one. The two form a bond that can withstand anything that tries to tear them apart, even the death of Aria’s father when they were 11, leaving Aria distant and somewhat cold to those who love her. She let out the anger she felt from the loss of her father through writing, which she only shared with Riley, and her and her mom slowly moved on. 

Shawn moved back to the city when the girls were 13, having been located there for “Hit The Road”. He fits right back in with his old friends, becoming a great uncle to Riley and Auggie, and reforming his relationship with Angela. Though not together, the two remain good friends and Shawn develops a close relationship with Aria. He even becomes a mentor to her when the girls are in high school and Aria expresses interest in writing for the school’s literary magazine. 

Though throughout the years, the lines between who they are now and who they were in high school start to blur as Shawn and Angela grow closer. They give dating another try and, like the ocean against a beach, the two collide right back into each other in the only way they know how. A year later, Shawn proposes, and Aria, though still holding onto her father, accepts Shawn into their life with open arms. 

Meanwhile, Riley and Aria are still trying to figure out where they fit in this New World. And in the bay window are their friends, Farkle Minkus, Lucas Friar, Zay Babineaux, and Isadora Smackle, helping each other pave the way to their futures.

20-30 year old “fandom mom” voice: to all my impressionable followers who are under 18, its totally ok to enjoy problematic content such as rape, incest, and abuse! indulge carelessly in unhealthy coping mechanisms! sink even deeper into hyperfixation on your trauma instead of trying to move on and recover! just keep on producing that sweet Problematic Content for me, an Adult, to consume! always remember fiction =/= reality! be yourself! :)

Words Fall Through Me

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Rating: G
Category: F/M
Pairing: Gajeel Redfox/Levy Mcgarden


In which off-screen, everyone knows Levy and Gajeel are dating except for, well, Levy and Gajeel. Or maybe Levy’s already in the know and she’s just biding her time.

Aka. The one where writer-chan, realizing her recent neglect of her hetero-ships, pays homage in the only way she knows how besides staring mournfully at raw scans of recent chapters- crying into her bowl of cereal.


Not much changed when Levy and Gajeel started dating.

Except, that wasn’t entirely the truth.

For one thing, they saw each other more, and for that matter not just at the guild. There were even times when Gajeel would let Levy drag him along to browse through one bookshop after another, though never without a small string of halfhearted complaints on his end.

(Because “Seriously, Shrimp. You already have well over two dozen books on Latin history.” “Yes, but I don’t have this one.”)

And so they’d go on until Levy had more bags than Gajeel had piercings, much less arms to carry them all. When that happened, Levy would take Gajeel back to the dorms for a meal well deserved. (Levy manned the grill, and Gajeel made a mean apple tart.)

Tonight happened to be one of those nights.

By this point Gajeel must have read over the same sentence half a dozen times (Levy had insisted he at least try to read some of the paper work they were supposed to fill out, but his eyes just couldn’t seem to focus on the words), and judging by the squirt’s dazed expression she wasn’t faring any better. Which was why he all but launched off of the couch when she jolted to her feet.

Gajeel looked up when Levy didn’t move. She stood there, head inclined to one side, considering him with her papers still clutched firmly in her grasp.

“Shrimp?” He asked after a beat, trying to figure out if he’d done something or if she was just existing in a space of her own.

“Do you know what Roman physicians recommended to treat fertility?”

He didn’t.

“I have no idea, no,” he says carefully, gently.

She hums, rocking back on the balls of her feet. He’s starting to think she’s going to fall when she catches herself. “Gladiator’s blood,” she said, voice dreamy though her eyes were clearly focused on him.

“Interesting?” He said, more a question then a declaration, her intentions lost on him. Her frown visibly deepened and she looked from the book to Gajeel quizzically. “Then, did you know that purple clothing was a symbol of wealth? It was a color associated with social status, and only emperors and senators could wear it. If anyone else did, it was considered treason.”

He stared at her for a good deal longer, before exhaling loudly in defeat. Clearly her sleepless nights had finally caught up to her, and it’s not as if they could’ve gotten anything done to begin with, least of all when she was this out of it. Even after all of these months and months spent in each other’s company, there was still the feeling that the vast complexities that made up the Mage would swallow him whole before he learned so much as half of her secrets. He shifted his weight over, patting the empty space on the couch, motioning for her to sit beside him. The frown on her face remained, head tilted to one side, even as she moved forward, leaving the book open on the tabletop.

However she did not make herself comfortable at his side like he’d expected, instead choosing to drop straight into his lap with a huff. As it was she had her face buried in the crook of his neck, and he went rigid in spite of himself as her breath warmed his skin, suddenly feeling hot all over. Still, he couldn’t deny this was far better than what he had been expecting. With an abundance of nervous tension, he gradually, cautiously wrapped her up in his arms, resting his chin on her shoulder. The documents were to be left on the arm of the couch, (he refused to call it a love-seat) temporarily abandoned.

He held her for what must have been several minutes, before she started to draw away from him, much to his dismay. “We really should get back to what we were doing,” she said, then snorting indelicately when he drew her back into his embrace, nuzzling into her hair. “What was it that we were doing anyway?” He hid a grin into the crook of her neck when she started to laugh.

“Nothing important, I’m sure.” She mused, reaching up to cradle his head in her arms, only to find that even from this angle she still had to stretch up to so much as rest her hands on his shoulders. “All the more reason for it to wait, then.” She murmured her agreement into his chest, and he took the opportunity to pull her flush against him, enjoying the sensation of her in his arms.

Yes, it could definitely wait.

~ Brownie (^∇^)

A Prekitament - Vauxiliatrix - All For the Game - Nora Sakavic [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Neil Josten/Andrew Minyard
Characters: Neil Josten, Andrew Minyard, Aaron Minyard, Nicky Hemmick, Matt Boyd, Kevin Day, Betsy Dobson, Abby Winfield, Allison Reynolds (All For The Game), Renee Walker (All For The Game), Danielle “Dan” Wilds, Katelyne (All For The Game)
Additional Tags: Age Regression/De-Aging, Angst, Fluff, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Kid Fic, Andreil, this is sortve self indulgent, Past Abuse, i just want these kids to be cute and happy and somewhat innocent together, kids are interesting, and basically it’s like they’re meeting again and gotta start from the ground up, they’re friends soon i promise, andrew is 7 and neil is 6, andrew has no experience in implied sexual acts but he still suffers from abuse, they both get a lil crazy at some point, also kevin and aaron are heckin weirded out, a couple headcanons will slip into this, THEY ALSO HAVE FUCKING FOUL MOUTHS, but its the foxes what do u expect, Also? if you dont get the pun in my title i s2g, theres knives at some point

Andrew and Neil have turned into kids and no one knows what the fuck is going on. They’re building their relationship from the ground up after a rough start and the turnout is cute and fluffy somewhat innocent kids with a teeny bit of angst in between. This is self indulgent as hell work with me. The foxes don’t know much about full time childcare help them.

Personal planets transit the 12th house

Sun: secrets and deceptions come to light. you claim ownership of the hidden aspects of yourself, expressing buried or inhibited facets of your identity, embracing your shadow self. inspiring time but there is the possibiliy of delusion, of finding false meaning and losing yourself in fantasies and dreams. this is time to work on accepting your limitations and discovering the contradictions and deceptions in your personality. you may choose to avoid this by fleeing yourself through substance abuse, creating a new persona, refusing to engage with reality. good time for introspection, to come to know and embody the parts of your personality that have been repressed. opportunity to clear perceive psychological blocks and deep-rooted beliefs that form the outline of the ego. the subconscious is brought to the surface in the counscious light of the sun. you can turn from it in self-deception, thereby limiting and denying yourself, or you can allow what has been hidden to be warmed and evaporated in the light. self-undoing can be destructive or transcendent.

Moon: past trauma and unresolved emotional issues are likely to arise. your dreams may be vivid and contain important messages from your subconscious mind. attempting dream interpretation can be beneficial and offer new insights into your inner world. you are very intuitive and empathic at this time. you may become overwhelmed by intense feelings. the best way to cope with this is through private introspection, journalling and meditation. unconstructive use of this energy may sek to avoid confrontation with difficult emotions through repressing or escaping and subduing the disturbing feelings. remember that what stays hidden now doesn’t go away but intensifies as it is lefy to brood. you may experience attachment and feelings of dependency on particular habits that no longer serve you. at this time you are likely to fall into the same psychological traps that always catch you, provoking unexpected emotional responses. if you find yourself feeling anxious and trapped, ask yourself what it is that inhibits your sense of emotional security. what beliefs or behaviours undermine your ability to feel secure? this can potentially be a vey healing time for sensitive and nurturing reflection on the most tender and vulnerable aspects of yourself.

Mercury: intellectual analysis of your fear and repressed feelings can give you new insight into your subconscious mind. your intuitive imagination is stimulated, making artistic and expressive endeavours rewarding. you can learn a lot about yourself by engaging in creative activities now. interactions with others will likely result in your subconscious beliefs being challenged in some way. you can approach this with a mind to rationalise your deceptions and destructive behaviours, or you can attempt to learn and adapt from these experiences, gaining a new perspective and more objective judgment on the ignored, isolated or repressed parts of your psyche. you are likely to engage in discussion of your dreams and fantasies. you may develop an interest in mysticism, psychology, and/or esoteric practices. this is a beneficial time for counselling and open discussion. on the other hand, secrets may be let slip, interfered with or complicated during this period. there is also the risk of communications being distorted through misinformation, rumour, lies, exaggeration and embellishment.

Venus: you find yourself attracted to the dreamy, mystical, mysterious. past inhibitions related to intimacy, love and sexuality may resurface. you may be preoccupied with romantic and/or sexual fantasies. you express energy submissively and must be careful to avoid masochism and martyrdom. you may seek escape from the restrictions and demands of mundane life through substance abuse, sensual indulgences, sexual fantasies and guilty pleasures. relationships startes now may turn out to be abusive or based on deceptions. similarly, you may become attracted to someone based on a false perception. you could be projecting deep feelings of lack and isolation onto others, so that you view them as the key to bringing harmony into your life, literally seeing them as what you are supposedly missing. there is potential for romanticising self-destruction, as well as potential for compassionate respect and understanding of your personal growth. relationships can be treated as an escape from the self or as a mirror through which to view your subconscious and a sanctuary for the loving construction of shared dreams and ideals.

Mars: confrontation with subconscious mind. you have the willpower to overcome fears and inhibitions now, but there is a danger of rushing in too fast without preparation and thereby causing greater injury. the desire to overcome psychological restrictions may manifest as escapism from or deliberate ignorance of the problem, through deception about the significance of this blockage in your life. confrontation with your fears may result in spiritual progress and augmentation of psychic power, or it may cause aggressive overreactions if approached with haste or ignorance. you are able to be assertive with yourself. determination and willpower aid you in combatting bad habits and dismantling personal energy blocks. you may seek to avoid conflict and challenge at this time, which may be wise or foolish depending on your reasons for doing so. you may find yourself to be expending energy on a illusion, or find that your power meets its limits or is unveiled as fraudulent. this transit stimulates your subconscious desires and you have a strong drive to act out your fantasies. you may be involved in some kind of cheating or secretive relationship. confrontations with partners and friends regarding deceptions and freedoms are likely. relationships started now may be experienced as restricting, delusional, and/or draining of energy.

S-Sorry! [-Starter-]


 Wren wasn’t expecting the sudden contact. It wasn’t that they weren’t okay with others touching them- just not so… roughly.

 And not so suddenly. 

 It was more so their fault, but that didn’t change how surprised they were.

 Wren was walking sometime around four p.m, the gentle breeze blowing their hair. They were so happy at the moment that when they ran into someone, they hadn’t realized it. 

 Well, until they stumbled back and hit the ground.

 Wren kept their eyes fixated on the ground next to them and stuttered out


I think it’s important to note that even thought this week’s episode talked about homophobia and how it impacts lgbt youth especially from marginalized communities they didn’t choose to adopt the pov of the abusive side, they didn’t indulge in awful scenes in which we would be forced as an audience to assist to that violence, which was frankly such a relief

truly, it is matteusz’s story and if you commit to that then there is no attempt to ~empathize~ with his family, there is no excusing what they did or showing it to create some voyeuristic angst because ultimately, it isn’t about him leaving, it’s about his new life, his new family and the writers understood that perfectly.

honestly, what they choose to tell and not to tell onscreen is so important and respectful like we didn’t have to witness him being thrown out we didn’t see the hateful words and the anger.

instead what we saw was the shelter charlie offered and the love they share that’s what mattered that’s the heart of it all & that’s how you can tell there are lgbt writers on the team its just. so well done and it feels so good as a non-straight viewer to feel listened to and cared for like that

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Ok but can you imagine, any of the setters just taming the fuck outta kyoutani. Like to the point of no return. At his class reunion no one even recognizes him if it wasn't for the fact that he never changed his hair. Kyou being at (setter of your choosing)'s beck and call (of course this is all bc he loves them so much!! not because whoever it is is abusive!!) just indulge me please (raccoon)

Buddy…. my man…. duuddee this is so my jam
Okay. Imma do three options here.


I think we all agree Oiks is a high maintenance dude. He asks for A Lot, but gives a lot in return too. And Kyou always does whatever he asks. He grumbles to himself and complains that Oiks is just using him for favors, but they both know it isn’t true. And he does it anyway, because he loves him. Plus he knows it’ll pay off in bed later


I’m going with this au thing I did a while ago, you don’t have to read it, the important thing is that they’re established.
Kentarou is seriously, hardcore protective of his tiny boyfriend. Not in a creepy “don’t talk to other dudes”, more like, won’t let anyone be mean to him, makes sure he eats well, that he isn’t cold, that he sleeps enough.

And naturally, he will do whatever Kenma asks of him. A warm bath? You got it. Massage? For sure. Order your favorite food? Okay, but you gotta eat the veggies too. Kyou will do anything he asks, just because Kenma is so precious to him and he loves him so much.


He has the ability to make Kyou do something for him without him ever realizing he did it for Suga. If Suga wants a hot bath, he’ll ask Kyou to prepare it “for the both of them”. If he wants food, he’ll offhandedly comment how hungry he is, and know that in half an hour or less, he will have something to eat.

He never even realizes how much Suga bosses him around until one day Yahaba comments on it and Kyou is like, “?? What? I almost never do anything for him, Suga is my life, I’m so lucky to have him, I really should do more for him.” He is so whipped he doesn’t even see the whip anymore.

Okay but now, after all of that… Is anyone on board with me for some OiSugaKenKyou where they all make him do little things for him then fight for his attention later when they want to make it up to him for bossing him around?

Les personnages de Les Misérables ·―·Cosette

Cosette is the main deuteragonist.·She is the illegitimate daughter of Fantine and·Félix Tholomyès. Her birth name is Euphrasie,·but she is referred to throughout her life as “Cosette.” As a small child, she is left with the Thénardiers and their children, who horribly abuse her while indulging their own young daughters, Éponine·and Azelma. Cosette is later adopted (and saved) by Jean Valjean. She grows into a beautiful teenager and marries Marius Pontmercy near the end of the story. She is also one of the few characters to have survived the entire course of the novel and musical.

Look...here's the thing about appropriation and creativity

If you are so deeply inspired by the artistic practices (not just visual art, but all channels of creative expression) of PoC cultures, then you need to understand several things. 

1) Chances are, these artistic practices, have never been recognized as legitimate due to our Eurocentric fixation on what qualifies as art. Meaning that they’ve rarely been giving the proper respects they deserved when handled by outsider hands. 

2) And not only that, but the people that created and nurtured these practices have probably been abused and marginalized for indulging and preserving these traditions. So most likely, the people who practice these traditions are highly protective of it. It’s tied to who they are as people and as a part of their culture. You do not fuck around with things like this. No matter how frivolous it might seem to you. 

3) Regardless of how much you appreciate these artistic practices, remember that it is not your cultural practice and you’ll never be more of an expert at these practices, than someone’s who been surrounded by it their entire lives. 

4) If you are going to indulge in these practices then before you even attempt at recreating these practices, properly educate yourself on them from someone from the culture invovled and is actually involved in it. 

5) Recognize that you are a guest and conduct yourself accordingly. 

6) Regularly recognize that the practice is not your own, actively an accurately acknowledge the culture that you’ve learned from

7) Recognize that part of respecting another culture is understanding that you are not owed access to other cultures simply because of your “appreciation”. 

8) No is a complete sentence. You were never entitled to these cultures in the first place. Respect the boundaries that may be put in place at all times. 

If you cannot understand any and all of these points, you do not posses the sufficient amount of respect or maturity required of an artist. Period. 

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Honestly actual abused people (like me) have to deal with their shit in every fandom, people thinking that awful damaging relationships are cute and romantic, there is honestly no reason to condone this stuff no near all, you can't ship whatever you want, the way jasper spoke to and handled lapis is a pretty clear indication that jasper had been awful and abusive to her, it's not hate at all you shouldn't ship it! The way that everyone is treating them is disgusting and disrespectful no excuses

(Cont)Not wanting people to romanticize violent abusive relationships is not “judgemental” or “hate” ok it’s so disgusting and awful and you all need to stop

I’m going to try to explain this as calmly as I can because I’m a little upset with how you chose to phrase this. Your argument is “actual abused people” within the definition that applies to you, which is certainly valid, but you are not the sole representative of all abused peoples to the point you can speak on behalf. It’s just plain incorrect that no one who has been abused would ship problematic ships, this sort of thing is a pretty common coping strategy.

Like, your experiences are valid and what bothers you is valid, it is, but you really do not get to devalue and erase other abused people because they do not deal with their experiences the same way you do. This is why things need to be compartmentalized, the problematic ships need to be ‘over there’ so people can block them but also so they’re available for the people who need them. Because abused people for which it is triggering should be able to easily avoid it, absolutely. But you can’t really just say “I’m not OK with that” and speak over other people with the same/similar experiences and ban them from talking about it.

Mind you, its bad when people actually romanticize it, to the levels of something like 50 Shades of Grey. But that’s not what I’m seeing, if people acknowledge its bad and don’t try to pass off the abuse as OK or normal, I think it should be OK. There’s a lot of reasons why someone might indulge in a ‘problematic’ ship, for example as part of a coping strategy to deal with their experiences in the closed, controlled environment of fiction. I also don’t have a problem with people who have not been abused shipping it as long as they acknowledge its bad and don’t try to pass it off as good, because it creates a ‘shield’ around the subject so that abused peoples can indulge in it without essentially announcing to everyone that they’ve been abused and that’s why they’re looking at this. I feel people need a space where they can deal with stuff without feeling vulnerable for doing so.

I just get a little tired of being told my or anyone else’s experiences aren’t ‘real’ because I’m dealing with it in the ‘wrong’ way, when that way is as harmless as possible (because there are so many bad and extremely harmful outlets of stress and coping) and deliberately avoids using real live actual people. Everyone is so supportive of people going through stuff until it gets weird and uncomfortable and then suddenly you don’t get to fit the definition of someone who had that experience because you’re doing it wrong.

But hey you know what, you’re welcome to hate people who ship it if you want. But I’m welcome to think its judgmental to do so.

Dreams by Alice : Chapter 1

So here’s a new story for you lovely people. I really worked hard on this lol Like different level of “working hard” so I hope you enjoy it. :) Feel free to let me know what you think about it.

Also, if it’s not too much to ask, I just wanted to see how many people this post reached. So I was wondering if you could do me a favor, if you see this post like it just so I know. Just feeling curious. Thank you. :)

Hope everyone’s having a jolly good day or night!




Your POV

“I swear by Apollo the Healer, by Aesculapius, by Health and all the powers of healing and to call witness all the Gods and Goddesses that I may keep this oath and promise to the best of my ability and judgment. I will pay the same respect to my master in the science as to my parents and share my life with him and pay all my debts to him. I will regard his sons as my brothers and teach them the science, if they desire to learn it, without fee or contract. I will hand on precepts, lectures and all other learning to my sons, to those of my master and to those pupils duly appointed and sworn and to none other. I will use my power to help the sick to the best of my ability and judgment. I will abstain from harming or wrong doing any man by it. I will not give a fatal draught to anyone if I am asked, nor will I suggest any such thing. Neither will I give a woman means to procure an abortion. I will be chaste and religious in my life and in my practice. I will not cut, even for the stone, but I will leave such procedures to the practitioners of that craft. Whenever I go into a house I will go to help the sick and never with the intention of doing harm or injury. I will not abuse my position to indulge in sexual contacts with the bodies of women or of men whether they be freemen or slaves. Whatever I see or hear, whether professionally or privately which ought not to be divulged I will keep secret and tell no one. If therefore, I observe this oath and do not violate it, may I prosper both in my life and in my profession, earning good repute among all men for all time. If I transgress and foreswear this oath, may my lot be otherwise.”

The Hippocratic Oath that I have been reciting probably before I could even start reciting the alphabet.

“Princess, where are you?” I heard my dad calling out to me.

I quickly run out of my room down the stairs and saw my parents standing by the door smiling back at me.

“We’re going to be late, darling.” My mom says as I ran towards them and my dad carried me up and swung me around before putting me down.

“Where are we going?” I ask excitedly.

“Anywhere you want, princess.” My dad says as he pats my head.

“Wake up, Y/N.” my dad suddenly says but with a girl’s voice.

“Dad, what’s wrong with your voice?” I ask him curiously.

“Wake up, Y/N!” he shouts at me with the same girl’s voice, which startled me.

“For a minute there I thought you were dead.” Pam the E.R. nurse says to me as I yawned and lifted my head from the counter.

“Hey you. I got you your drink.” I say to her as I yawned again and handed her a cup of coffee.

“Thanks and you look horrible. How many hours have you been up?” she asks me as I took another sip from my coffee.

“Not sure. What day is it?” I joke and we both laugh.

“You’ve been reciting that weird oath again in your sleep. You need to take care of yourself, doctor.” She says and continued reading the charts.

“I did?” I say and laughed. “ Also, being a resident doesn’t really permit me doing that does it?” I tease and we both laugh again.

“Oh gosh!” she squealed, “I just remembered! Can I set you up with someone?”

I roll my eyes and laugh, “Pam, you know I can’t. Why do you always ask?”

“No! You don’t understand. He works here too! Another nurse said she heard him say that you’re cute. Also, I’ll only stop asking when you finally agree.” She says threateningly.

“Cute like a dog?” I say and laugh.

“I really don’t get your humor.” She says to me seriously as she rolled her eyes at me and I laugh again “And don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. You’re trying to change the topic, little missy.”

“What’s so funny?” a familiar voice interrupts us.

I turned around and smiled really big “Hey Calvin.” I say to him and handed him a cup of coffee too.

“Hey kid. Thanks for this. So what got you two gorgeous ladies giggling?” he asks again with that sly sweet smile on his face that I liked so much.

Doctor Calvin Wood is my mentor and he is the most sought after bachelor here in the hospital that his family owns and not only is he smart, kind, super hot, he’s also my childhood friend whom I’m so in love with.

“So?” he says again and Pam just giggled and pretended to work.

“I need to make my rounds, doctor.” I say to him and smiled shyly before excusing myself as I played with my necklace.

I couldn’t remove my smile on my face. When Calvin called us gorgeous it really made my insides do backflips, it definitely made my night. I shake my head and wiped the smile off of my face before entering the room.

“Hello Mr. Styles, my name’s doctor Y/L/N. I’ll be your doctor today.” I say as I checked his chart.

“Good evening, doctor” he says and when I looked up from my chart, I saw that it was none other than Harry Styles himself, a famous singer from a well-known band.

I didn’t really know him, I mean, I didn’t really have time to keep up with what was happening in the world but I wasn’t completely clueless, they are very famous after all and I couldn’t deny that he looked really good.

“So according to your chart you have a fractured ankle.” I say as I take out his X-ray and showed it to him.

“Yeah? Give it to me straight doc. Will I ever walk again?” He asks me and I knew he was teasing but I was just too tired to ride with his flirting.

“You will, Mr. Styles. We just need to put on a cast on you and you need to stay off your foot for a couple of weeks.” I say and typed in my iPad what he needed to have done.

“Well doc you just broke my heart. Are you saying it has to be a couple of weeks before I get to see your lovely face again?” he says to me and I knew he was flirting again but I just smiled and nod my head.

“Yes, Mr. Styles. We can remove your cast after a couple of weeks. I already set up the appointment for you. Our staff will call you when you can come back again.” I say and smiled back at him.

“Harry.” He says and flashed me a smile and he looked even better.

“Sorry?” I say and tilt my head to the side.

“You can call me Harry.”