abusive drivers

[Re-edited] Ⓢⓒⓔⓝⓐⓡⓘⓞ:Doctor!MC works for a Non-Profit Organization

ⓢⓤⓜⓜⓐⓡⓨ: Persistence, Passion and Professionalism were the main values for any individual who wished to succeed in their field of work. That is what Han Jumin believed and followed until a week ago when his wife broke the dreaded news concerning her work.

  • “What if I get sick?”
  • “The private doctor and I am on speed dial, love.”
  •  "What if Elizabeth the Third gets sick?“
  • “Highly unlikely. She’s quite a healthy kitty. Right Elizabeth?”
  • “Meow~”
  • Elizabeth the Third looked up at MC as she sat beside her on the floor, repeatedly jumping in the luggage
  • “What? You don’t want me to go?”
  • “Meow~”
  • “Silly cat. I can’t bring you along.”
  • MC carries the cat from her luggage, nuzzling her fluffy white head affectionately until her husband tries again
  • Can’t you call in sick, MC?”
  • MC fights the urge to roll her eyes at the question
  • “I’m a doctor darling. If anyone’s getting sick, it certainly is not me.”

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Uber Sexual Assault? Woman Threatens To Falsely Accuse Driver Of Rape In New York
In the video, the female passenger is heard blaming the driver for hitting her face and being disrespectful to her when she asked him for a phone charger.

“A female passenger in New York City threatened an Uber driver saying she would call the police and falsely accuse him of raping her after the two got into an argument, according to a video published online Wednesday. This comes at a time when the ride-hailing service is marred by sexual assault cases involving its employees.

The latest incident occurred Monday according to Live Leak that first posted the video on its website. The video appears to be a dashcam footage and shows the driver and the woman — both unidentified — having an argument.

The passenger is heard blaming the man for hitting her face and being disrespectful to her when she asked him for a phone charger. To this, the driver claimed he responded that he did not have a charger and said the woman became disrespectful to him following his response.

Amid the argument, the woman hurled abuses at the driver and threatened him saying she would call the police and falsely accuse him of raping her. The driver laughed off the threat and said: “I am married. I don’t do that s—. I am married and I am a loyal husband. I don’t do that.”

The woman also told the man, who is black, to “go back to your country” and quoted President Donald Trump’s rhetoric that he would deport undocumented immigrants.

Several times during the nearly nine-minute video, the driver appeared to be stopping his cab and telling the passenger he would not drop her because she was being “disrespectful.” The woman, in response, threatened him saying she would “call the cops.” The driver then claimed he had been working with Uber for over three years and he “never had a problem.”

In the end, the woman left the cab, following which the driver said: “This is how Uber drivers goes [sic] through every f—— day, man. People would disrespect us, talk s— to us like it’s nothing man.””

there was a different
version of ‘me' 
every two seasons:
a me who hated and fighted,
a me who destroyed herself,
a me who screams and bites,
a me that was happy and cried,
a me that wanted him and her,
a me that got everyone away
and me, I couldn’t keep any.
there was you.
knocking at my door,
stealing my fries and walking me home,
defending me in the streets
and calling me colors, all sky, yours, loved.
in the end, 
you saved a 'me’ i missed having my whole life.
—  you chose me, over the princess of your tale, you chose the dragon. nc.
Invader ZIM Episodes in a Nutshell:

The Nightmare Begins: Alien goes to Earth and discovers a seething hatred for big-head-boy. Naturally, shipping ensues.

Bestest Friend: Zim discovers his first fanboy. The call was coming from inside the house.

NanoZIM: Zim puts himself inside Dib. Vore happens.

Parent Teacher Night: Zim’s robo father gets horrid flashbacks from his time in the war and no one does anything to help him.

Walk of Doom: Cameos. Cameos everywhere.

Germs: Zim apparently suffers from mania and goes into an obsessive cleaning episode. No one helps him or calls an ambulance when he terrorizes patrons of a MacMeaties.

Dark Harvest: This episode will fuck you up. Some strange level of vore happens I don’t even know.

Attack of the Saucer Morons: Zim discovers his fanbase and promptly does nothing to take advantage of it.

The Wettening: Dib jumps in a puddle and it all goes to shit.

Career Day: Molt; /mōlt/ (of an animal) shed old feathers, hair, or skin, or an old shell, to make way for a new growth.

Battle Dib: Dib steals Gaz’s pizza like a dick and gets what he deserves.

Planet Jackers: The entire planet gets kidnapped and Dib is too stupid to notice even after being told.

Rise of the Zitboy: All glory to the hypno-pimple.

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain: Gir goes to great lengths to acquire tacos, causing the great adolescent taco desire of 2007.

Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy: Grandfather paradox. Gir explodes.

A Room With A Moose: Zim literally could have hurled the bus into a black hole or just opened the windows to suck all oxygen and life from his enemies, but no, he chooses a moose room. He fails.

Hamstergeddon: Zim creates his own hamster son. He kills it like a good father.

Plauge of Babies: Earth babies come from space. Confirmed space is a big vagina.

Bloaty’s Pizza Hog: Gaz has daddy issues.

Door to Door: Zim hallucinates a childhood mascot and is tortured by him for the rest of his life. On the plus side, he gets tuna.

FBI Warning of Doom: Mall Cop; Origins.

Bolognius Maximus: The sad truth is that right now, someone somewhere is writing a vore slashfic about Bologna!Zim and Bologna!Dib eating each other.

Game Slave 2: You know E3 it’s pretty much that with the same amount of manslaughter.

Battle of the Planets: Everything aside, Zim’s plan would’ve worked when you consider gravity and shit. Also, Dib gets himself into a rock hard ass.

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom: Dib really has some fucking issues he needs to work out.

Mysterious Mysteries: Nothing matters anymore. Everyone is crazy.

Future Dib: Gaz was going to kill her own brother like she was really going to fucking do it. She was not afraid to taste blood.

Hobo 13: R. Lee Ermey/Richard Horvitz cage match.

Walk For Your Lives: (Slo Mo Guys background music intensifies)

Megadoomer: They see him rollin’. They hatin’.

Lice: Dib makes an asshole of himself. It’s hard to watch.

Abducted: You’ll wait for probes to happen. Probes do not happen.

The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot: Dib goes on an adventure to learn about otherkin and does not like what he finds.

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff: No one suffered more than Squid Man.

Dib’s Wonderful Life of Doom: Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Tak the Hideous New Girl: Alien who happens to be female comes to earth to fuck up Zim’s shit. Naturally, everyone supports what would be a hate-fueled abusive relationship.

Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars: This is, in fact, the last you will ever see of the Resisty. Yes, that is their name.

Mortos Der Soulstealer: You’re pretty sure this is a documentary on the life of your roommate.

Zim Eats Waffles: This could have been a set up for hidden camera porn but thankfully Gir had more taste than that.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome: Zim leaps behind a girl, grabs her by the waist, and yanks her out of a hole. You may or may not get a boner, but either way you’ll feel like a sick person for watching it.

Dibship Rising: Tak’s ship discovers it is Dibkin. It realizes how stupid that actually sounds and kills itself.

Vindicated!: Mr. Dwicky didn’t mean anything to you until you got old and realized you’re just like him. Only in your version you won’t get abducted by Plookesians.

The Voting of the Doomed: Illuminati confirmed.

Gaz, Taster of Pork: Dib lays a nastyass curse on his sister’s mouth.

The Frycook What Came from All That Space: This is the umpteenth time Zim uses vore to favor him. It even works this time. You’ll be left wondering just how many times Zim plans on being swallowed.

The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever: Everyone dies alone and jolly under the Santa Dome before the Simpsons did it.

cab driver

the other night this cab driver asked me to pay him extra ten bucks then i said why? he explained that there was a price hike for LPG. i said there is no communication yet from the authorities to increase the fare so i told him to wait if there would be any. then i said this is just ten bucks but payday is just a day away and i am trying really to make ends meet for now…he then just said ok

duh i hate this people they rob you gently fuck that mindset