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S/o has a thick accent and/or is bilingual. How do UT, UF, and US bros feel about their S/o sweet talking them in mother tongue?


UT Sans loves being sweet talked. Just the tone makes him happy, nevermind what they’re saying. He might try to learn some of their mother tongue, but he is really bad at learning new languages, He’s trying though.

UT Papyrus has no idea what S/O is saying, but he is flattered anyway! He’ll probably just assume whatever they’re saying is a compliment try to repeat it back. They could abuse this power. It would be funny. Horrible, yet funny.

UF Sans stares at his S/O “Whatsa-what-what?” He’s heard Papyrus being all mushy gushy with his S/O in french, and he’s picked up a few words. If that’s what his S/O speaks he’ll be a bit grumbly. But he appreciates it. Still, he makes over-exaggerated  gagging noises whenever he hears Papyrus being all soft. But he never does it when his S/O speaks.

UF Papyrus would be delighted if his S/O spoke french. And a lot of the time they have together would be spent, staring into each others eyes and making increasing declarations of their love to each other. Because, even though his tone is so soft, he can preserve his reputation a bit by speaking in another language. Of course, he never does this mushy stuff in public. But he still has his reputation with Sans.

Who, whenever he catches the two doing their fluffy talk, pretends to gag.

US Sans is amazed that his S/O can speak another language! Wow! It’s so coooooool! They gotta teach him so he can be cool like them and show off to Papyrus! And like UT Papyrus, this little Blueberry can easily be tricked into repeating awful, horrible things. Don’t do this to him. His is too precious.

US Papyrus finds it pretty cool. Expect puns. Lots of them. He might even learn a little bit of his S/O’s mother tongue in order to discreetly tell puns. His favorite thing to fall asleep to is his S/O sweet talking in their mother tongue. It’s so soothing, Even if he doesn’t understand, their voice, just quietly going on in that soft tone.

Tonight, honor Hestia by being a home for those who will lose all protection. Many are devastated. Protect them. Be a sanctuary, a retreat.

Honor King Zeus and Queen Hera by voting 2018, and engage in political activities. Vote, protest, be heard. Let them know what the people think. A leader’s job is to take responsibility. Let them know they are being held responsible. Let them know they are being judged.

Honor Demeter, the teacher of heavenly laws of ethics, by doing the right things. Keep your loved ones safe. Provide shelter, love, acceptance. May all hatred be silenced.

May Ares and Athena give you the will and strength to protect those in need, and may he protect you in turn. May you know rest and safety under his mighty shield.

They may rule a country, but they may not rule our hearts. May Aphrodite give it be filled with benevolence and love only. Love cannot be wrong, no matter what they say, and the heart cannot be defeated.

This is not over. It has only begun. May Hermes make sure you will not tire on this road. May Thanatos and the Fates decide it is not your time yet, nor your loved one’s.

And may Nemesis judge them and intervene, should their hubris become too much.

It literally doesn’t matter what the intention of abuser was, it isn’t relevant, what should be looked at is consequences the victim has to carry, the psychological damage they have to live with, the emotional pain, the fear, the self consciousness, the disorders, the trauma, look at how much they lost, how much they missed out on, how much they suffered because of what happened to them, how ashamed and anxious and isolated they’ve been, everything they didn’t get to experience and enjoy because of the trauma, everything that’s missing from their life because of what was done to them, and then let’s look at the benefits the abuser had from destroying the victim, the control and authority they established, how they used the fear and the pain to control the victim, how much satisfaction they got from feeling superior and powerful and self-righteous, and that’s all you have to know, a person destroyed another for gain, what other intentions do you fucking need, nobody does this without meaning to.

The leading notion is that you do, that forgiveness is some kind of magical salvation. It isn’t. Maybe you’ll forgive them one day, but it’s not the place to start. Thinking about forgiving your abusive parents is just doing more of what has already damaged you, focusing on them. They conditioned you to focus on them and their needs your entire life and to ignore yourself and what you need. So the starting point friends, is not to focus more on them, but to focus on yourself. They were bad parents and they left you with a lot of work to do. You have to teach yourself everything they failed to teach you, like how to take care of yourself inside, how to know what you need, how to stand up for yourself, how to have healthy boundaries and how to have healthy relationships. If you get to a point where you feel like you can forgive them, awesome, but it is by no means the most important part of healing from abuse. Quite honestly, I’m not sure it needs to be a part of healing from the abuse at all. What I am sure of however, is that it is not the place to start. Don’t start with them. Start with you. For the first time in your life, make yourself the most important thing.

Narcissistic personalities have a deep need for admiration, yet a lack of empathy for others. They use verbal abuse for power and control.
—  BlackJaguar
  • Use of transphobic slurs (the t slur)
  • Kissed an underage fan without asking

She didn’t apologize and tried to defend herself by saying:

“I called her to the front, asked her if she was single, leaned down for a kiss, and she reciprocated!”

She never asked for a kiss, only asked if she was single.

Then she tweeted:

Then deleted the tweet.

  • Made fun of someone for their job
  • I don’t need to explain this one


Dad Reigen and his son Shou (2/2?)

Part 2 here ya go

  • Shou once had Reigen babysit his hamster for a night on short notice while he was off to take care of something
    • he didn’t want to bother ritsu so reigen was his first choice
      • the squeaky wheel drives reigen insane 
        • especially in the middle of the night and he has work tomorrow 
        • shou insists that ham-chan likes it that way
      • shou also insists that they (shou and ham-chan) facetime at least once before bed
        • before bed for shou’s current timezone, not reigen’s 
        • reigen’s flip phone does not support video calling so shou has to settle for low res pics with reigen’s finger in the foreground
  • Shou’s still unsure if Reigen is actually a psychic or not
    • Teru and the 7th division claw speak highly of him and call him “master” and the greatest psychic ever
    • Mob just says that reigen is “a good person” which still doesn’t answer his question
    • Serizawa just smiles and says yes
    • Dimple just snickers and says that they both know what reigen is 
      • ???? 
    • Ritsu is the only one who says otherwise 
      • but he’s biased
    • but all shou sees is almost no freaky esper aura 
      • just a normal one like that of a non esper
        • but maybe he’s hiding it??? 
          • but his guts say otherwise 
    • but then reigen can clearly see dimple and other spirits 
      • and a lot of people he knows respect him
        • mob, the one who took down his father and saved the city, obviously learned from the best
      • but shou has never seen him do anything with his powers
        • but this only further supports how amazing reigen is for not relying on his powers 
          • or that he’s a fr- naaaahh 
  • Shou likes to break into the office every other blue moon to fuck shit up 
    • just turn the desk around ever so slightly 
      • make the bookshelf face the wall
        • nail the rug to the ceiling 
    • y’know stuff like that 
    • reigen plans on giving shou “the talk” until serizawa informs him that there is no psychic residue from shou on the office 
      • shou just did it manually so it’d take longer 
        • to prolong the fun and stall the boredom 

Don’t spank you’re child. It creates likely creates emotional or psychological problems down the road. It does not even do what you want. It just creates a sneaky child who does not trust the person who does this to them.

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You really want people to file complains to BBC? You want Mark and Steven have problems in their careers? You understand that if there is giant backlash it can destroy their lives? Drag them down? Hummiliate them on their actual job? In front of their colleagues? I never expected Sherlock fandom to make such disgraceful moves towards the creators(no matter what they did, they are still human beings). This is real life.

Yes, this is real life. And as creator of media content Moffat and Gatiss have a lot of power to influence the societal discourse. And if people have the impression that they are abusing this power to do harm to minorities/oppressed groups (LGBT+ people and women) than of course I want people to raise their voice against them.

I am honestly shocked by your demand to stay silent. Following you logic, people should stay silent, if a politician had awful politics that would harm people, if a newspaper ran a misleading campaign about minorities, if a company tried to sell you harmfull product, just because calling them out and speaking up for the values you believe in, might cause someone a job. 

We have every right to articulate our concerns, our feelings. This is not about Moffat and Gatiss. This is about us. Because this is real life for us!

38. We should not take advantage of Remus being a prefect and give people detentions or take away house point for no or stupid reasons.

As a prefect, I don’t even have the ability to pass out detentions. Or take away house points. - RL

You don’t? - PP

Sure he does. Right Moony? Wink. WInk. - SB

Don’t do that. - RL

We know that, but most people don’t. We’re simply using their ignorance to our advantage. - JP

As Head Boy, you actually do have the power to do both of those things. - RL

I wouldn’t abuse my power like that. That would be irresponsible of me. - JP