i was born in the wrong generation. i wish i was alive in 2012-2013 where we had good and real fandoms like superwholock, homestuck and dangan ronpa instead of trash shit fandoms like five nights in freddies, sonic boom and cars 3.

i wish i could deflect all accusations of homophobia by simply by reposting a “reblog if you support gay rights!!!!” post with ten rainbow gifs tacked on instead of tumbler deeming you “”””””problematic””” if you liberally use homophobic slurs and fetishize gay relationships.

i long for the days where everyone was “cringey” and “just had fun” (e.g people could be racist without any consequences). i wish when popular bloggers could sell us diet pills without keyboard activists getting them banned for peddling potentially dangerous products on the sly. 

i miss when social justice meant proudly mentioning masturbating to johnlock on your social media accounts instead of actively dismantling oppressive power structures! 

sJws have ruined tumbler.com… who wants to move back to livejourna????

lol remember when u were little (and honestly now it still happens) and u went to ur friends house for dinner and u got to take a look at what a healthy functional family looked like… no shouting, no fights, clean home, no beating and throwing things, parents being nice, and their dad being nice and caring as well??? helping their mom even??, talking to you like a normal person, NO SHOUTING… and it left you so…. i dont know.. every single time this happened i was so happy to be there and then i became so angry and sad in a “why cant this be me why are my parents like that why does that happen to me” way

Denying that discrimination exists perpetuates the abuse by making people believe that what they are feeling isn’t real and that they should accept the abuse as a normal thing. Don’t let them have you believe this is normal.

I think one of the things I like about KS as someone who has been in an abusive relationship is that readers do get caught up in the “romantic” aspects of Sangwoo and Bum’s dynamic in spite of the fact that they recognize that the relationship is highly fucked up and unhealthy (at least I’ve never seen a single KS fan who was unwilling to acknowledge this truth). I think it highlights the complications of being abused by someone you still have feelings for and how abusers will manipulate those feelings. Like, I think the hardest part for people to understand about why people stay in abusive situations is the emotional aspects of it - like if someone can’t leave their abuser because of money or physical impediment or something I find that people more easily understand that - but like my ex and I were in a long distance relationship and I could have very easily walked away at any time, all I had to do was block him and refuse to contact him, but he had an emotional hold on me that made that impossible. Granted, at first Bum had pretty limited opportunities to escape but Sangwoo has become pretty nonchalant about giving Bum chances to Get Out now. And yeah idk I feel like the comic kinda gets the reader emotionally invested in wanting Sangwoo and Bum to be together but also makes is pretty obviously how Not Good their relationship is. And yeah idk I feel like I’ve never read anything that depicted an unhealthy relationship but also engendered the same kind of feelings I experienced in the audience. I don’t think I really got my point across here but ehhhhhh 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

hi, everyone. 

i’m not currently in a bad situation, but i currently have around 3 dollars in my bank account, and with school coming up in a few months, i need to start saving up for some emergency funds as a way to become more financially independent from my parents (my mom is controlling and emotionally abusive, and the more money i have saved up so i can get away from her, the better)

with that being said, i make music (i’m gqandrogynoid over at bandcamp). do you like electronic music? well you can commission me to make a piece for yourself! 

for example, for $8, i will make a 2 minute song. the pricing is $1/15 seconds

don’t like electronic music? that’s fine! i can translate for you! do you need something in Japanese translated to English? my pricing for translation is $1/sentence

please contact me at chargefire@gmail.com if interested. if you’re not interested in a music commission, or translation, but would still like to help me out, i have a ko-fi (chargefire) & my paypal is also chargefire@gmail.com

thank you.

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Did Jasper deserved to be forced in Malachite after the arm jerking manipulation she did with Lapis?

Still working on my long Bismuth post, so I’ll answer this quickly.

Here’s a full list of people who deserve to be abused: NOBODY

Not me. Not you. Not children. Not girlfriends. Not husbands. Not the elderly. Not people like you. Not people different from you. Not criminals. No one. No matter what.

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R: 👏  THEY 👏   DON’T 👏   .

// from the mun, if you’re in an abusive home, please try to get help!! it’s not healthy and it’s a serious danger to you!! tell someone you trust, or call someone that can help you! apologies and excuses are just something people use so that they can hit you again and always have something to back them up. sorry for ranting, i just don’t like seeing or hearing about others being hurt,, //

i think the reason the pell thing has shaken so many people is 

well the obvious one is he’s one of the most powerful people in vatican city

but also in australia, the catholic church is everywhere, it’s in the government, they’re the historical supporters of the labor party (i know) and one of the main supporters of the liberals today, they run half the private schools, they helped take children away from single mothers; they are half our charities and a massive voice (even if it’s becoming a minority religion) in the public sphere. half the priests who went overseas with the first AIF were catholic.

but it’s also - i can’t think of a white australian i know who doesn’t have at least one irish/catholic ancestor or relative. my family got kicked out* of the catholic church (i know), one friend is second cousins with a confirmed pedophile priest (he’s been disowned by the family), another friend’s uncle was discarded by the church because he tried to bring attention to a pedophile priest.

they’ve spent over a hundred years (in Australia - centuries elsewhere, obviously) lording it over everyone who wasn’t catholic, setting themselves as the high bar of morality in the nation - and here they finally are, revealed. scum. kiddy-fiddlers, baby-snatching, women-hating, abuse-hiding scum. the worst hypocrites we could ever imagine. they were corrupted by the power and faith innocent people placed in their hands. 

they knew, and they let it happen anyway. 

*also kicked themselves out. it’s a long story that involves a dray, drinking on a sunday, a feisty widow and an inflexible priest.