Iowa state board explains vote against banning conversion therapy
The board says it already has sufficient authority to impose discipline on a licensed psychologist engaged in practices it deems harmful or unethical.

The Iowa Board of Psychology is explaining why it declined earlier this month to adopt a rule that would have prohibited Iowa-licensed psychologists from trying to reverse a patient’s sexual orientation with a practice known as conversion therapy.

The board was petitioned in February by gay rights advocates to consider the rule. The board says in an order released Monday that it knows of no licensed psychologist in Iowa engaging in conversion therapy. It says any person may file a complaint if there are concerns about a psychologist’s practice and any complaint regarding conversion therapy employed by a licensed psychologist will be investigated.

The board says it already has sufficient authority to impose discipline on a licensed psychologist engaged in practices it deems harmful or unethical.

So someone close to you just got out of an abusive situation/relationship. The best advice I can give you?

Treat them like they’re going through a constant flashback. Their brain is constantly and continuously going through every single part of the situation or relationship they were in, analyzing everything, pushing them back into the emotions they were feeling at the time. The abuse they suffered is going through their mind 24/7.

Because of this they are going to be anxious. They are going to be agitated. They are going to feel guilty. They are going to feel sad. They might act out for what seems like no reason at all, but the reason is that they are stuck in their head reliving every aspect of their abuse again and again and again. 

If they seem to lash out at you for no reason, please take a step back, take a breath, then ask them how they feel. Do they feel anxious? Do they feel upset? Do they just feel bad in general? But don’t say demeaning or invalidating things like “Are you in a mood?” 

Be gentle to people getting out of abuse. During that time they had to hold themselves together to protect themselves. Now that they’re out, they can fall apart. And usually, they need to be able to fall apart before they get better.

just my onion but like wrt all the bi discourse this last couple of days every1 is talking about how bi women with men as partners experience some material benefits from being in that relationship which like. yes but nothing i’ve seen is talking about how bi women are the most likely to face intimate partner violence / abuse from their male partners and it. feels bad scoob like we as lesbians need to support bi women in m / w relationships not just bi women who prioritize / only date / are currently dating women. ANYWAY i’m not going to @ them because idk if they’re comfy with me doing that but there are a couple of bi / mga girls on here who are getting a lot of hate and drama and i just wanted to say that you don’t deserve that, i hope you had a good day today, and our blog is always open to criticism / you all letting us know what we need to change

Someone on Facebook went on a rant why joker only has abused Harley and never loved her and how it’s disgusting that people romanticize abuse and call it goals. Then went on saying how Harley And ivy is perfect and healthy and you should ship that and I kinda wanna say something


Even though Joshua Marbury’s 1-year-old son was covered in bruises and scars from the babysitter’s alleged beating, the accused abuser is protected by a 2012 Oregon Court of Appeals ruling that discourages prosecutors from filing charges since the tyke can’t talk.

Marbury was furious as the charges were dropped, after baby Jacob had suffered a severe smack that left a black eye, bruises and a stinging palm print on the child’s face.

“It doesn’t make sense that someone can go strike a dog and witnesses see it, that’s enough proof, but if you strike a baby…” Marbury told the News. “I don’t understand why this law is in effect.”

So if a dog was abused, the suspect can be prosecuted…but the abuser of an innocent baby continues to prance around free??? What kind of world do we live in… #Hate it!    

Earlier Sunday Night

Calvin was so angry at the Keem drama that he pulled me out and violently started jacking me off and hitting me. I was so fucking scared. It felt like I was going to rip and bleed. Thankfully I survived the whole thing, but now I’m scared of Calvin touching me.