@ the tauradonna shippers who keep trying to justify adam beating, stabbing, and emotionally abusing blake by saying Blake is at fault for running away from him and not standing up for herself more
just???? accept that the ship is abusive in canon and move on with your life???? I’m not even saying to stop shipping it because I know it won’t make a difference but honestly you’re just kidding yourself if you don’t think tauradonna is ridiculously abusive and harmful towards blake. that or you have an extremely warped idea of what love is.
and stop being abuse apologists??? victims are never asking for abuse when they try to distance themselves from their abusers.

A year from today, Merlin will barely remember the lashing. He will only know that the pain sang through him. The sting of the long, bloody welts on his back resonated in time to the irregular crack of the whip, each sharp snap of pain echoing through the rest of his body until all his nerves screamed in crescendo.
Afterwards, he hung limply from the manacles, sick and shaken. Small details will stand out, oddly vivid in his memory. The guards’ hands ,surprisingly gentle as they lowered him to the dungeon floor. The press of dirty straw against his cheek.
And Arthur. His strong, square hand felt cool on Merlin’s jaw, a soothing caress as he lifted Merlin’s head to cradle him carefully in his arms. He will never forget the look in Arthur’s eyes, a well of guilt, sorrow, and concern so deep that Merlin almost thought he could slip inside them, away from the burning cacophony of pain.
Fire and Ice Chapter 16: Just In Case, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction

“Thanks! And how are you this evening, Dimitri?”

“Swell!” he said again, and Elsa chuckled to herself. “So swell, in fact, that I think it’s time for a dance. Shall we?”

Instead of gesturing to his wife, Dimitri offered a hand to Anna to the surprise of both sisters. Anna furrowed her brow, glancing at Tatyana to gauge her reaction to her tipsy husband’s innocent advance. Elsa, too, eyed the latter’s face. Tatyana, however, was grinning from ear to ear and slightly waving her hand.

“Go for it!” she laughed. “I’m not one for dancing, especially not now!”

Anna giggled. “Alright, then!”

As Dimitri took Anna by the hand and led her to the dance floor, Elsa turned to Tatyana with an inquisitive look on her face.

“You don’t mind Dimitri dancing with Anna?” she inquired. “I thought you liked to dance?”

“Oh, I do,” Tatyana declared, “just not with a big belly! Besides, he’d been planning to dance with Anna this evening.”


Tatyana smirked. “Because if she dances with Dimitri, it won’t seem so suspicious to everyone else if she dances with Kristoff tonight, too.”

It’s an Elsa chapter. Sorry. You all know I’m not good with Elsa lol. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Warning: this chapter addresses Anna’s emotional abuse.

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Have you read Growing Pains?! Oh my lord I can't stop gushing it's way too cute

Hi! I haven’t read Growing Pains (SensiblyTainted, 190k).

It’s so nice of you to rec it to me, but it sounds like it might be a bit too… rough for me, depending on how Harry’s abuse is depicted. And while de-aged fics aren’t really my thing, I do like that they’re both de-aged in this one.

So for anyone looking for a de-aged fic or one that deals with Harry’s abuse, this sounds like a good fit!


Drinks + Dresses + Dissapointment

Today involved having to fight against my introverted instinct to hide away from an uncertain social situation that would put me without alone time for about 7 hours.  I had a mostly enjoyable time but I did run into some tough spots and triggers which I had to manage.  I am very frustrated with B for drinking too much while we were out, not listening when I told him that he was getting out of control, saying some unfortunate things, and passing out as soon as we walked in the door when we had planned to spend time together.  Sometimes I worry about the maturity gap.  I’m not exactly in college anymore and I don’t feel like putting up with this very much.

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I feel like a dork rn bc I was on a generator for RPing (( not that I'm rping)) and i started playing around w it and i typed in karkat and dave as person a and person b and it came up "Karkat and Dave are pokemon trainers that cross paths and end up travelling together" and i thought of you bc you like both davekat,,,and pokemon. sorry if this is the weirdest message you get all day and that I'm a fucking loser to sees both Davekat and Pokemon at once and think "oh jo might like this" Im sorry

omg ive done pokemon davekat aus dw!! dont berate urself so much omg i love it when ppl see shit and go !!! this is jo!!!! like yes it is me!!!! ur right!!!!! 

tbh okay so like,,, tbh,,, karkat being a breeder an dhe has,, so many grids,, of how he breeds his pokes,,, and why,,,, and dave who basically befriends pokes instead of catching and battling bc,, , he knows,,, what it feels like,,,, 2 be forced 2 fight,,, and train,,,,,,,,,,, 

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anon - abuse definitely doesn't have to be intentional. Abusive people don't have to be aware of being abusive - and though people with mental illness are more likely to be abused than abusive, a whole lot of abusers have mental illness. Abuse is no less abusive if done by someone with mi. The difference between abuse and other violent behaviors is it being systemic, it being done as part of hierarchy in a relationship. For instance, from a parent who has power over a child, it's abuse

To the anon

Thank you so much for sending this in, lovely! Everything you said is completely true, and it is important to be aware of things like this!

I hope you’re doing okay, and thank you so much again!

Keep fighting!

Take care and lots of love, 

Dani <3

Megara's Story Always Goes Untold

Nobody speaks of her fear when they tell his story
Of course temptation was on Hades’ agenda
Nobody leaves hell’s clutches scot free

He said he forgave her for the nights spent in the arms of other men
Forgave her for the fear that crept into the throes of passion
Forgave her for forgetting that he was a good man for a minute

He didn’t know how dark it really was
She couldn’t tell him how when she closed her eyes she could still hear
“Come closer, Megara”
“Stop crying, Megara”
“I’ll let you breathe soon, Megara”
She was contracted to pull them into darkness
And he was such a bright light

Nobody had ever been good until Wonder Boy had

When she sang about love
About how she should have learned her lesson
Nobody talks about
How her lover running away wasn’t the darkest thing in her past

She’s loved darker
She’s done darker
And she’s not sure she needs to be forgiven for it

When he holds her
She’s biting back tears

His light hurts and
She’s never been loved like she’s worth something

She was beginning to forget that she was

I hate when people say “wow just go get mental help!!” 

-I’ve had economic barriers in the way for years

-I have anxiety about medical places to the point that I have panic attacks over the past few years about going somewhere to “just go get mental help” 

-My family has been preventing me for years telling me I cannot go and stopping me and telling me i’m perfectly fine. 

-I’ve been scared for a long time I’ll end up with an abusive therapist. I also have severe emotional issues. Maybe it isn’t obvious online, but irl i have 0 control of my emotions. Someone asks how my day was? I just start crying the second I say anything personal. Someone says something funny enough? I’m laughing uncontrollably and won’t shut up or stop repeating myself. Someone annoys me? I have a hard time hiding my anger towards them. Due to abuse I also panic whenever I express emotion around people irl so from this you can see why sitting in a therapist’s office just talking about myself and my feelings is a nightmare

-You don’t just walk into a therapist’s office and get better on the first session. I’ve been through a bunch of sessions with different therapists, mostly through the campus program at my college. It’s hard to build trust and explain your symptoms to a new therapist every time you switch and its hard to get better. Stop making it sound easy, it isn’t, you have  no idea what you’re talking about.