abuser myths

i. aphrodite spends her nights on street corners, red lips wrapped around the neck
of a vodka bottle,
lipstick stains on empty glass because this is the only way she’ll survive when unfamiliar
hands feel too much like bullet wounds.

ii. hera stores binoculars in the glove department of her bmw, hours spent
in the car watching helplessly
as her husband holds three other women,
only to come home and say, “i love you, baby.”
her eyes sting, from holding back the tears.

iii. persephone has therapy three times a week,
he broke her, but she is learning
to put the pieces back together.
sometimes her mouth still tastes like him
like pomegranates
it doesn’t bother her as much, anymore.

—  when mt. olympus falls, or a modern goddess // m.m.c.

abusive parents get jealous of their children

abusive parents compete with their children

abusive parents like to rub in children’s face how much they’re better than the children

abusive parents do not have in their interests to teach, encourage, help or raise a child, they want to break it and defeat it

abusive parents thrive on feeling more powerful than their children

abusive parents are like school bullies who’ve been given unlimited power to do whatever they want to their victims

abusive parents think it’s their time to take it all out on someone who can’t fight back

abusive parents do not have their child’s best interests in mind, not even good interests

abusive parents couldn’t care less if their child is suffering, if there will be long term consequences of pain they’re causing to it

abusive parents only care about never being called out or blamed for anything they did, they never want to feel guilty for even a second

abusive parents will attack anyone who dares to call them out

abusive parents will blame anyone but themselves.


Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small

Keeping fish and reptiles in small tanks will not keep them small!!!!!!

Look at white feminist logic. It takes a special kind of ahistorical delusion to consider your years of deliberate and calculated willful oppression as benevolence. Also peep how they view colorblind erasure as a SOLUTION. These types are so incredibly dangerous.

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The issue is not that there are no narcissistic abusers, it’s that the “narcisstic abuse” folks have perpetuate the idea that npd= inherently abusive.
This myth has gotten so bad that people have been denied npd diagnoses because their therapist thinks they’re “not abusive enough”
This myth needs to be addressed and narcissists be treated like the mentally ill people that they are who need help and support and not abusive monsters and “love thieves” (something I’ve actually seen written by narc abuse people)


‘Dear lady, I never escape you, you are always full of suspicion. Yet thus you can accomplish nothing surely, but be more distant from my heart than ever, and it will be the worse for you. If what you say is true, then that is the way I wish it. But go then, sit down in silence, and do as I tell you, for fear all the gods, as many as are on Olympos, can do nothing if I come close and lay my unconquerable hands upon you.’
He {Zeus} spoke, and the goddess the ox-eyed lady Hera was frightened and went and sat down in silence wrenching her heart to obedience and all the Ouranion gods in the house of Zeus were troubled. 

~Homer, Iliad 1. 536 - 570 ff (trans. Lattimore) (Greek epic C8th B.C.)

HERA was the Olympian queen of the gods and the Greek goddess of women and marriage. She was married to Zeus, the king of the gods, the god of sky and weather, law, order and fate.

Although she was the goddess of marriage, her own was not ideal.  Zeus frequently cheated on her with mortals and fellow deities alike.  She became embittered and frequently sought revenge on Zeus’s lovers and illegitimate offspring.  Although she was frequently angry at him, as the goddess of marriage she kept sacred her vow and never strayed into another’s arms.  

Gay "Cures" Are Harmful And Don't Work, Says World's Largest Body Of Psychiatrists
Exclusive: The World Psychiatric Association has condemned so-called conversion therapy and called on governments around the world to decriminalise homosexuality.
By Patrick Strudwick

AOS’ message is, in short: “abuse victims have only themselves to blame if they let their abuse change them for the worse and don’t magically get better like a good victim would.”

And here it is in print. The above is a quote from the season 2 Declassified book. It is also the same thing Jeff Bell said in a post-finale interview. And it’s reinforced by things the writers had May and Bobbi say near the end of the season.

(Maybe by repeating it a lot, they hope we forget that “he has a habit of blaming other people” has no actual basis in canon.)

I keep being shocked how low these writers will sink.

Stop Conversion Therapy -- It's Based on Pseudoscience
A report released on October 15 is a major step in President Obama's commitment to expand the number of states enacting "Leelah's Law," which would ban the use of conversion therapy to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of lesbian, gay and transgender children and youth.

Babes did you know that the most common myth an abusive man tells you is that he was hurt by past relationships and that’s why he mistreats you. Correlation studies show that being hurt in the past leads to less abusive behaviour because he knows what it feels like. Recognize emotional abuse, stay safe bbs.