abusement parks

((The holiday season is upon us! Every character will be wearing a sweater for the entire month of December from this point forward. Oh, and Eddie’s back, or whatever.)) 

This is getting ridiculous.

Every time a book is described as “dark” and “gritty” it ends up involving BDSM. The New Adult genre has practically turned into the abusive BDSM genre.

This isn’t edgy, it’s incredibly easy. I would love to read a book in the chicklit genre that included BDSM. That would be edgy. Showing a cute healthy relationship that included BDSM, but then the author would have to at least Google what BDSM is.

I’m so done with this idea that edgy means abusive. Parks and Recreation was edgy even if only because it showed women having supportive and solid friendships with each other. 


TOKEN: Look, we’re going to calm down and talk this through.
TOKEN: Okay? Nobody’s beating the shit out of anybody.
TOKEN: Craig, why don’t you go first.
CRAIG: Fine.
CRAIG: I was going to say I was sorry.
CRAIG: I was a shitty person. I said some stupid things, and I did stupid things.
CRAIG: But I was a stupid kid.
CRAIG: I don’t know what else to say.

TWEEK: You r-really expect me to believe that?
TWEEK: You’ve been an asshole to us our whole lives!
TWEEK: What makes you think you can just. Change that?!
CRAIG: I can’t.
CRAIG: I never said I was going to change.
CRAIG: I’m just sorry.
CRAIG: Accept it or don’t. 

TOKEN: We were all dumb kids. I think we all did stuff we regret, right?
TOKEN: I don’t blame you, Craig. You had a lot going on at home.
TOKEN: But, at least it’s over now? So we can move past this?
CRAIG: Wait. How do you know it’s over.
CRAIG: How do you know it happened in the first place.
TOKEN: We read Stan and Kyle’s blog.
TWEEK: H-hold on. That was real?
TWEEK: I thought they were making it up!
CRAIG: Why would they make that shit up.
TWEEK: Because they’re assholes?! I don’t know!
TWEEK: Jesus, you really went through all that?
TWEEK: With your parents and everything??
CRAIG: Yeah.
TOKEN: Didn’t Clyde ask if you knew where he was, when he ran away?
TWEEK: Yeah, but! I didn’t know it was because of that!!
TWEEK: God, that’s awful! That’s really shitty, Craig.
TWEEK: I feel like, ngh. A fucking jerk for being mad at you.
CRAIG: I deserved it. Whatever.
TWEEK: You didn’t, though!



STAN: Hey, dude.
STAN: You alright?
CRAIG: The fuck do you think.
STAN: Rough morning, huh?
CRAIG: Go away.

STAN: Dude, I thought you were trying to quit?
CRAIG: That was Clyde’s hangup.
CRAIG: And Clyde can go fuck himself.
STAN: I see.
STAN: How’ve you guys been?
CRAIG: Why do you care.
STAN: Because, you’re my friends?
CRAIG: Whatever.
CRAIG: He dumped me, anyway.

STAN: Oh, dude.
STAN: I’m so sorry.
CRAIG: I don’t care.
STAN: When did he dump you?
CRAIG: None of your business.

CRAIG: Stop.
STAN: Just take it.
STAN: You need it more than I do.