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What's the most degrading thing you've ever done? Be specific.

Been used and abused in a park bathroom then used as a toilet and licked floors and urinals

(Trigger warning for child abuse) Can I have a prayer request for a child I saw being physically and emotionally abused at a park today? I tried to get the license plate of the car as it pulled away, but I couldn’t see it. I’m having difficulty falling asleep and I’m feeling helpless as full of regret and even responsibility. I know that seems really irrational, to feel responsible, but I can’t help how I feel. I can’t stop hearing the child crying out in my head, it keeps replaying in my mind.

Got7 Reaction to You Flinching Because of Your Bad Past (Hyung Line)

A/N: This could possibly be triggering to some. So I’m going to put a read more. I won’t be going into depth about the bad past, but I’d still like to be careful, and make sure this blog is a safe place for everyone.

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Now i think of it... What about Kenny? I've heard he's working much, i wanna see how he's keeping up with life? Any new curses? Luck in romance? Finally got some money?

Tweek: Kenny’s okay, I guess. He’s an electrition now. He makes pretty good money. Um… I don’t think he’s dated anyone in a long time. 
Tweek: The only thing I really remember about romance is when he dated you, Craig. 
Craig: He’s dated since then. That’s been a couple years ago now.
Tweek: Actually, no. I don’t think he has. He’s like my brother, he would have told me.
Tweek: So, like… if it’s not too awkward, what even happened between you guys?

Craig: That’s a whole big can of worms, Tweek. You sure you wanna open it?
Tweek: What’s a sleepover without gossip, man. 
Craig: Alright. I mean, before I start talking shit I just have to say despite everything that happened I really did care about him. 
Tweek: Explain the shit to me. Give me the scoop. 
Craig: While I was in college I lived with him for a while, to get away from my mom. I mean, okay, I’m not gonna say that Kenny is a bad guy, but he’s got the same crazy temper his dad had. And he was kind of… I don’t know? Abusive or whatever, I guess. 

Tweek: Abusive? Like how? 
Craig: Mentally? I don’t know. Among other things.
Tweek: Holy shit, what do you mean among other things? Did he like… hit you or…
Craig: Well no, I mean… things were really stressful back then. I hear he’s really straightened out now, but yeah. I guess he did. 
Tweek: Is that why you’re so, like… jumpy now? 
Craig: Let’s change the subject for a little while.
Tweek: Oh, yeah sure. 
[Change the subject]

((The holiday season is upon us! Every character will be wearing a sweater for the entire month of December from this point forward. Oh, and Eddie’s back, or whatever.)) 

• The people of Amity would often abuse the fact that I couldn’t go against my obsession to protect, taking advantage of my services (whether it be heroism, small favors, injuries, venting or using him as an outlet). My core was damaged because of this.

It wasn’t all of Amity, probably less than a fraction, so it was tolerable.

     • On more than one occasion have these been twisted into sexual favors I could not get out of without immense pain.


TOKEN: Look, we’re going to calm down and talk this through.
TOKEN: Okay? Nobody’s beating the shit out of anybody.
TOKEN: Craig, why don’t you go first.
CRAIG: Fine.
CRAIG: I was going to say I was sorry.
CRAIG: I was a shitty person. I said some stupid things, and I did stupid things.
CRAIG: But I was a stupid kid.
CRAIG: I don’t know what else to say.

TWEEK: You r-really expect me to believe that?
TWEEK: You’ve been an asshole to us our whole lives!
TWEEK: What makes you think you can just. Change that?!
CRAIG: I can’t.
CRAIG: I never said I was going to change.
CRAIG: I’m just sorry.
CRAIG: Accept it or don’t. 

TOKEN: We were all dumb kids. I think we all did stuff we regret, right?
TOKEN: I don’t blame you, Craig. You had a lot going on at home.
TOKEN: But, at least it’s over now? So we can move past this?
CRAIG: Wait. How do you know it’s over.
CRAIG: How do you know it happened in the first place.
TOKEN: We read Stan and Kyle’s blog.
TWEEK: H-hold on. That was real?
TWEEK: I thought they were making it up!
CRAIG: Why would they make that shit up.
TWEEK: Because they’re assholes?! I don’t know!
TWEEK: Jesus, you really went through all that?
TWEEK: With your parents and everything??
CRAIG: Yeah.
TOKEN: Didn’t Clyde ask if you knew where he was, when he ran away?
TWEEK: Yeah, but! I didn’t know it was because of that!!
TWEEK: God, that’s awful! That’s really shitty, Craig.
TWEEK: I feel like, ngh. A fucking jerk for being mad at you.
CRAIG: I deserved it. Whatever.
TWEEK: You didn’t, though!