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I love how baby boomers will talk about child-rearing like “I was beaten and repressed as a kid and turned out fine” and then like fifteen minutes later they’ll be like “A cashier at a clothing store wouldn’t take my expired coupon, this is a PERSONAL AFFRONT and you have to help me get them FIRED.”

Like. Are you sure you turned out fine, though? Cuz like. It seems like maybe you didn’t.

“triggers are always super serious and not just little things” two of my Big Triggers r the lullaby ‘go to sleep little baby’ and the goddamn veggietales jonah movie. sounds p dumb and made up right? they’re both heavily related to specific memories of abuse. general discussion of abuse doesn’t always trigger me, but the mind’s a funny thing, and chooses to latch onto seemingly inane things to keep memories. you ever smell perfume and suddenly remember being 9 and sitting in a car having a certain conversation? or hear a song and remember being in middle school doing homework? it works the same way w traumatic memories. when ppl have “ridiculous” triggers, they’re not saying “oh this thing offends me tag it” they’re saying “this thing brings back a specific memory of my trauma so I try and avoid it”


Just a theory Ive seen going around, bc her outfit and gem placement makes me wonder…

Im predicting WD is straight up evil, and has something to do with her Pearl’s scarring.

Please, god forbid, dont tag as any kinda ship name between them! The imagery itself is implied abuse – this is a dark theory, not something that should romanticized. Just a disclaimer…


((OMG I was cleaning out some drafts and realized that I never published this here – so, here you go haha no reposts on other website plz thank ;; dont start any discourse about this it’s just a simple ‘what if’ AU pls im begging i still don’t like canon rika esp after saeran route haha))

MM Flipped!AU

Reverse Role AU where V && the RFA are the members of Mint Eye! ((+they’re [mostly] edgelords 😂 nothing much changed in appearance for zen/jumin cause they’re like, public figures so)) ✨✨✨ The good guys are MC, Saeran and Rika (+etc; Jaehee being a wildcard - maybe you compete with Zen on who recruits her to where first kjsdfhkjsd hahehehe)

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god, listening to white diamond talk hurts because i KNOW that language

—“you certainly gave everyone a scare! they’re just thrilled to see you safe and sound”

aka: you wasted our time. we’re just worried for your safety and you’re being difficult

—“this latest little game of yours”

aka: your anger is childish and you always waste our time being difficult

—“did you get everything out of your system?”

aka: are you done being a brat? are you done being difficult?

and that welcome home: this is where you belong. this is what you deserve. you strayed. you were ungrateful. that won’t happen again.

a cornerstone of emotional abuse is making the victim feel like their emotions are childish, like they’re being difficult— they’re selfish, they’re a burden on their abuser and they deserve their punishment.

hey i’ve seen a bunch of j*hanna//the/mad on my dash lately and here’s a reminder she ships sh//eith (a ~25yo and a 16yo) and draws g/nderbends (i’m sure there’s more but that’s all i can remember off the top of my head)

just a quick reminder, whenever I make a positivity post that says “all boys,” or something similar, it is not unconditional - this never ever ever includes abusers, assailants or harrassers. My positivity never extents to them. Ever.

if you also post generalized positivity posts, consider reblogging this to give victims a little peace of mind. I know the message seems obvious to a lot of people, but if this makes a victim or survivor even a little bit more comfortable on my blog, it’s worth it.

Lotor: grew up without knowing his mother, was/still is treated like being less than others for his mixed race, called a mistake by his own father, studied his Altean ancestry on his own and in secret because he wanted to have a connection to his mother, lost everything he’s ever enjoyed or showed interest in because his father would never let him be happy, felt constantly spied on/never had any privacy even after being exiled, killed his own abusive father and was still shown to be mildly upset because survivors of abuse are normally guilt ridden, has literally lived his entire life in a fight or flight response due to the actual CENTURIES of abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and a majority of his own race, still struggles with his identity because he was so groomed to be one thing and never another

Some of y’all demons on this site: OMg what a snake???? No one can trust him! Lol I hope Lotor DIES he’s so fucking shady!!

with father’s day coming up here’s a shoutout to everyone who isn’t looking forward to it — those of you with abusive fathers, absent fathers, or fathers you just don’t get along with as well as those of you who had good dads who have passed on and struggle with spending father’s day without them.

i hope it will be a good day for you regardless of what your situation or relationship with your father is.  

nerds. jocks. goths. stoners. long ago, the four hogwarts houses lived together in harmony. then, everything changed when the death eaters attacked. only the chosen one, the boy who lived, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. about ten years passed and some hairy guy discovered the kid living in an abusive household. and although his magic skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. but i believe harry can save the world.

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What if… The oldest Todoroki sibling planned and waited and when he saw his father find a ‘successor’ he finally took things to court. The signs of abuse/training were fresh on Shoto and obvious on his own body. If this went public, even if most of the public didn’t believe it, it’d be bad for the number 2 hero’s reputation, bad for the hero industry. The settlement allowed emancipation and allowed the oldest son to take the youngest with him. As long as they didn’t ever mention any of it nor used the family name, Todoroki.


So, another AU. I’m not sure how long it’ll be. But I’ll try to make the main part short.


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some concept playlists;

edit: pt. II (these were all requests);

bnha fans are weird because imo, tomura shigaraki is very overtly abused in the storyline but because it isn’t spelled out and shown graphically on camera or in the manga, people choose to ignore it. a lot of his traits stand out to me as an abuse victim, the fact that the flashback we see of him as a child is of him in tears and bleeding after (presumably) he lost his father, and all for one taking advantage of this trauma to kidnap (yes, kidnap) a child all points to a less than savory childhood. he has a lot of resentment and anger and pent up hatred towards the world because of how it’s wronged him and especially all might but i don’t think he would’ve targeted all might like that without all for one’s malignant influences. 

the way his villain costume is designed, with hands pulling at various parts of his body, two of them positioned on his neck – this is a trope that has been used in various manga series to portray abuse. the way he clings to “father” showcases a lack of a father figure in his life, presumably one that he accidentally killed. all for one is always referred to as master/sensei, shigaraki reveres him as something more akin to a god than a father in season 3′s first opening, and it’s not… healthy. none of that is. that isn’t the basis for a healthy relationship

i’m not sure where people get the idea that all for one is a good father. he’s not even a father, he’s shown as a terrible person who has hurt many people throughout his overextended life time, he horribly abused his brother as shown in the most recently chapters during midoriya’s dream, and he taunts all might about the death of nana shimura, who is all might’s mentor. none of this says “good”. someone who is so vile in so many different situations is not likely to be a good father to tomura, who, again, he kidnapped as a child to use as leverage against all might. tomura was a tool to him, not someone he was rescuing. he used tomura’s relations to nana as a way to break all might’s spirit during their last fight

all for one is not a father figure, and abuse in bnha does not always have to be painfully shown on screen – the word “abuse” does not have to be uttered by the character themself. him telling him he’d give tomura chances over and over again when he failed wasn’t him being kind, it was something that left me with a very bad taste in my mouth. i think it’s very obvious that shigaraki was abused by all for one, at the very least manipulated, and i would like for the “even afo is a good dad!” trope to die.

I wasn’t allowed to leave the grounds of the boarding school I was attending, because my abusive family would potentially find me if I did. I wanted to go shop downtown however, like all the other kids, so I busted out using a breakfast sandwich as a motorcycle. I crashed the sandwich though, cause I didn’t have my license.

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Harry says in The Philosopher’s Stone that the Dursleys hadn’t exactly starved him, but earlier, after the incident at the zoo, Vernon sends him to his cupboard while yelling “no meals!” And then in the Chamber of Secrets, Petunia makes him do hard work in the heat all day and then feeds him only some old bread and a bit of cheese that she only gave him because she wouldn’t give it to the rest of her family because it was about to go bad. And then later, they lock him in his room with only two small cans of cold soup a day, knowing FULL WELL that he also has an owl that he’s going to feed, so he’s basically wasting away. And he ALSO says in the philosophers stone that he’d never been allowed to eat as much as he wanted, so essentially the poor kid doesn’t remember what it’s like to feel full and the word exactly in the phrase “hadn’t exactly starved him” is very significant because the abuse and neglect has essentially fucked with his perception of what is normal and okay so much that his idea of starving him is nothing short of actually letting him die and my poor baby just deserved so much better.

The one where Todoroki Rei gets out of dodge with children in tow Pt. 1

Prequel  AO3

A concept:

In which Todoroki Rei gets the heck out of dodge with all four Todoroki kids in tow before her mental state deteriorates. What sparks the action: perhaps one of baby Shouto’s training sessions go too far. Perhaps her eldest (coughDabicough) gets a little too snappy and lands himself in the burn ward again. Perhaps it’s just a culimination: the realization that sometimes she can’t even look at her five-year old without flinching, without the superimposition of Enji’s lightning eyes and rumbling disapproval. Her sweet, shy, five-year old boy, not even her eldest, who holds his father’s fire in more ways than one.

Perhaps one day on the streets she meets an old college friend who asks, very gently, “Rei-chan, are you okay?” and Rei gets an overdue stress breakdown right there and then.

Any of these things. All of these things. The end result is that Todoroki Rei realizes she needs out. She can’t do this anymore. Neither can her children. She and her college friend have a long conversation, and afterwards, Rei goes to Enji with divorce papers in shaking hands. There’s a messy custody battle that ends in bitter tears and a lot of shouting on several fronts, the loudest of which comes from Rei’s college friends, intersparsed with threats of media exposure and long nights of Fuyumi hovering, and then end result – the end result is that she’s out.

They’re out of Enji’s house.

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