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Okay, guys. The vegan pet food post got something like 2.5k notes after the puppy bowl promoted a dog that was fed a homemade and seriously unbalanced vegan diet. I love it, good on y’all for spreading education. However, there was also a huge upswing in the notes of people calling vegans animal abusers for wanting to feed their pets a vegan diet. I cannot stress enough that you need to stop that. I literally just published an essay on how the overuse of the term abuse only pushes people away from being educated because it makes them react viscerally first and think later. So when you share a good, solid, educational link and follow it up with commentary condemning folk before they’ve even had a chance to read it and maybe learn things they were unaware of… you’re shooting yourself and your activism right in the foot. 

Most people who feed their pets vegan diets are not doing it because they want to make their animals die of malnutrition. They’re not doing it because they hate their pets or have no regard for their welfare. That is exactly the opposite of why they’re choosing that diet for their pet. The majority of vegans choose that lifestyle for ethical or environmental reasons: to them, it is a moral choice. We all project our morality onto the animals we care for to some degree - it’s why it is so distressing to learn your dog is aggressive or reactive or anything society codifies as “bad.” We are good people, and we love our pets, so how can they be bad if we are able to love them? Everyone does this to some degree, and often folk for whom vegan ideals are strongly moral ones feel like it’s important that the actions of the animals they love also line up with what they view as being good. In the case of vegan pet food, they’re just simply mistaken about the true effects of such a diet and not animal abusers.

The fastest way to alienate someone who thinks they are doing something good is to accuse them of being bad. Their actions align with their moral compass, so obviously they can’t be doing something immoral, so you are automatically wrong and your ability to influence their actions is immediately destroyed. When people are genuinely ignorant of the effects of their actions, kind words and genuinely well-intentioned education go so much farther than abuse allegations. That is the case here, so please stop accusing folk of abuse. They love their pets as much as you do and are often horrified to learn what they’ve been accidentally perpetuating. It’s not easy to learn you’ve done something hurtful to loved ones, so be kind and support them - you’ll help a lot more animals that way.

(In a beautiful example of demonstrative irony, this post is an example of me trying to educate you on why you are doing a well-intentioned thing that is bad and that you need to stop. But in approaching it, I’m not condemning you for doing something you thought would help - I’m (attempting) to communicate that I understand your intentions but that you’re missing some information that undermines your success at your goal, and then trying to provide you some more information to help you achieve it. If I just said “jeez guys, calling vegans animal abusers is a massive fuck-up” you’d be pretty disinclined to listen to what I had to say…)

Imagine if other pets were treated the same way as fish

“Ugh not again these animal SJWs telling me to take my dog on a walk…”

“Oh yes, I clean my cat’s litterbox once in six months!!! :))”

“I want a lizard that eats poop so I won’t have to clean my snake’s enclosure.”

“I’ve had hamsters as pets before and they all lived for a week, so I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!!! >:( ”

“But the pet shop clerk told me that my boa will be fine with a leopard gecko!”

“Hello, I want to buy 5 corn snakes for this 1 gallon terrarium for my 4-year old son.”

“I have this 30cm x 30cm cage sitting at home, I’d like to buy 10 cockatiels to put in it.”

“I had a dog when I was a kid, it lived for about 5 months LOL”

“Well I got my cat for free, so I don’t care if it dies. I’ll just get another one.”

“I’m upset because I was called out for improper care for one of my pets!

Great, sorry you feel that way, but don’t use you’re emotional state as a reason to bypass the fact that you’re providing potentially improper care.

If you have a fish in a bowl, chances are you’re providing improper care. If you’re feeding your cat or dog a strictly vegan diet, you are providing improper care. If you are following what the major brand pet store says your pet needs, chances are you’re providing improper pet care. If you’re response any time someone tries to inform you of the general needs of your pet you get defensive and brush off what they say, chances are you’re providing improper care.

Every pet owner has made mistakes. But as people who have living beings whose lives depend on us, we must look past our pride and acknowledge when we are wrong.

I don’t care if it’s a fish, snail, worm, dog, cat, or a parrot. If it’s a living being that depends on you, you owe it to provide that living being with the proper housing and care. If you cannot do so the responsible action is to surrender it to someone who will.

Why do so many anti-kink people insist on putting themselves in someone else’s life?

“You’re sexualizing my abuse.”

“I was abused and your relationship sexualizes what I went through.”

“I was raped and your fantasy sexualizes my traumatic experience.”

It is fine for you to not like something or want to blacklist it, or not participate in it. However, someone else’s relationship or interests has nothing to do with you unless you are directly involved. 

Please stop using your abuse to guilt trip someone else into changing what they ship or their relationship because you have no idea what they have been through and they don’t owe you any bit of their life to try to justify something to your.

Someone have a BDSM / DDLG kink and you aren’t into it because of your own abuse? That’s fine. However, they aren’t sexualizing your abuse because your experiences are not in any way, shape, form, or fashion related to them. Unless they are fantasizing about you specifically being abused, then what they do with each other has absolutely nothing to do with you, and it isn’t your place to try to tell them what they are / are not doing, especially when you don’t know anything about the traumatic experiences they could have gone through. 

Go to therapy, or do whatever you need to do to heal, however, stop shoving yourself into someone else’s relationship, especially when the bullshit that you say isn’t even related to their relationship beyond what you think is going on, and is your own bias, and not even near what happens in their relationship. ‘Cause unless you are watching from the window, I’m 98% sure you have no idea what is going on in their relationship. 

Illegal Animal Trade in Mexico

I need some help from all of you that might live in a different country that actually do something for their wildlife and exotic animals.  

Lately I’ve seen many exotic animals or wildlife being sold on facebook, I reported it to my country’s authorities but I got no answer, it’s a big problem, people sell all the species above and more (like tigers).

There are so many posts per day of people selling wildlife or undocumented exotic animals, or changing them for stuff!! Can you imagine someone saying “I change this parrot for a bicycle” or “I change my dog for a video game I like”, can you imagine that?
“I sell this raccoon” “I can offer you a python”

And all you see are animals in terrible enclosures, ANYONE with money (and not a lot of it) can buy these animals without any knowledge, there’s not even age restriction.

Well, imagine that, that’s Mexico’s reality and what I have to face every day and I don’t even know how to deal with that. And this is not a black market, it’s literally only on facebook and only on my city! there are a lot of animals being kidnapped from the wild and sold at highways and flea markets.  

I would really appreciate if you reblogg it, I hope it reaches someone that can help or tell me what I can do to help the situation. Or at lest lets tell the world what is happening. 
(and if any of you can get into the group and report it to facebook I would appreciate it too)

 Lets be their voice.

consider modern au kakashi with bull and pakkun as trauma support dogs. he’s spent years in therapy and once he’s stable enough to care for himself relatively unaided, his therapist suggests that maybe he should get an animal to help him between sessions. a companion to help him deal with anxiety attacks, ptsd episodes, autistic meltdowns. so kakashi heads off to the pound the next opportunity he has with rin, intending to get a small pet to keep him company when she can’t be around.

rin did suggest a cat maybe, but kakashi isn’t really a cat person so the pair of them wander through the shelter, looking at all of the smaller breeds. there’s a sweet little jack russel, a yappy frenchie, a shy some-sort-of-collie, there are so many dogs and it’s the happiest that rin’s seen kakashi in a while.

i mean, he’s not happy necessarily, somewhere underneath the apathy and the vague excitement of seeing all of these puppers he is livid that anyone would do this to a supposedly beloved pet. they spend a good hour or two at the shelter, meeting various dogs and matching up their temperament to kakashi’s.

rin’s close to giving up and suggesting to kakashi that maybe they should come back tomorrow, and maybe give another shelter a shot, but kakashi wants to make one more round through the shelter before he gives up. he’s got too many feelings about these poor dogs and he wants to save someone. he can’t stand the thought of leaving without making somepuppy’s life better.

which is when he comes across one of the older dogs. the grumpiest, surliest, most crotchety little asshole of a pug he’s ever met and he is immediately in love. when he asks to interact with the lil guy the staff tell him that paku isn’t exactly the friendliest of dogs. if kakashi was worried about that he wouldn’t have asked. so they bring paku out and the next ten minutes is just him sitting with the pug in his lap, giving him pets and snarking quietly to him about people he doesn’t like.

rin suggests that maybe kakashi should think on this… but no, kakashi’s mind is made up. he’s getting the pug. he lets the staff know that he’s decided to adopt pakkun (”oh, his name is paku-” “anyway yeah what paperwork do i need to take pakkun home”) and they hesitantly inform him that pakkun is actually part of a pair and they’re not really willing to adopt him out without the other. both dogs came from an abusive home, and they’d rather not separate them. bull’s getting groomed at the moment, though. kakashi is not deterred.

he and rin wait patiently for pakkun’s partner dog to come back, and when he does kakashi is instantly in love. this bigass black english mastiff comes into the meeting area, and immediately plods over to kakashi and jumps up on him, and he must weigh at least the same as kakashi does but he just hugs this giant slobbering mess and tells them that he is, in fact, going home with both dogs.

there’s nothing rin can say that can convince him otherwise but honestly she’s just glad to see her friend so happy after so long. she even stays over the night to help get pakkun and bull settled.

Monsters in my heart - Giveaway fic

So back in the fall I did a giveaway because I hit 1k of followers and well I have finally finished writing them today :D Sorry for the wait, but meh, life, you know? Still I said I would probably have them in december, we’re in early february… I wasn’t that far in my estimate.

This is for @thesilverqueenlady who gave me the following Hartwin prompt

Can you write something where Harry starts calling Eggsy pet names after they get together (harry lives, obvs) but Eggsy associates pet names with Dean ordering his mom around or his mom being like “it’s okay, babe, it’s just a broken arm, he didn’t mean it” and so Harry has to gently get Eggsy used to the sensation of being called darling, dearest just because Harry loves him, not because he’s about to ask a “favor”

It was an interesting prompt to work with an I do hope you’ll enjoy my take on it :D And again sorry for the wait o3o

Monsters in my heart

Harry notices nearly at once of course. He’s not a spy for nothing after all.

Still, if one were to ask him, he would still say it took him far too long. His romantic relationship with Eggsy might still be in the early stages, but it is simply no excuse not to have noticed that flash of discomfort in his eyes anytime Harry would call him dearest or darling or any other pet name really.

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