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me a famous actor: you shouldnt use fishbowls. theyre one of the most disgusting abusive bits of “pet care” existing today. pet stores lie to you and sell you a product that WILL cause your fish to poison itself in its own waste so they can guarantee another sale. dont fall for it anymore. buy a tank with a filter and a heater if youre keeping tropical fish, and remember, goldfish should be able to live 20 years in a proper tank.
interviewer: uh ok thanks but i was asking you about your new movie?

There is no room for tradition in animal care.

Animal care should not be stagnant. It should always be evolving and improving.

This applies to breeders, hobbyists, “casual” owners, everyone. It also applies to anyone who keeps animals for profit. If animals are raised to be eaten, they should still have the most up-to date care available.

If you find something that works, great! Use it, recommend it, whatever. But keep doing research. Keep learning and trying to improve. There are very few things that were done 50 years ago, even 20 years ago that have not changed or been improved upon since then.

If a breeder, store, rescue, etc. tells you that they’ve been doing something a certain way for more than a decade, start questioning.

Signs that people are ignorant and neglective pet owners

• when you tell them they’re doing something wrong in a polite manner, their first response is to tell you to “fuck off” or “shut up”

• when you offer them resources or information that could help them, they tell you that they “know how to take care of their pet” and that they’re taking care of their pet “their way”

• they believe that any person that views the way they house their pet as less than ideal is unnecessarily targeting and attacking them

• when they start to wonder why their pet is ill and lethargic and a person tells them it’s because they’re living in an unhealthy environment, they ignore the other person’s (or people’s) facts and information, try to excuse the problems with the way their pet is living with stuff like “i don’t have enough room” or “i don’t have the time to do all that”, and try to solve the problem through methods that do not work unless the pet is in an environment where it is able to recover and heal

• their pet(s)’s health and environment are viewed as things that would inconvenience their lives if they were to improve for the better. i.e. them upgrading from a vase to an actual aquarium would take up to much room and make too much noise

• they see people who maintain their pet(s)’s happiness and health through keeping them in the proper environment as “extra” ✨

• they call neglecting their pet their own “style of pet-keeping”

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I’m not a saint.

So there are some negative vibes on Petblr, y’all.  I wanted to share a story, and encourage everyone else to share too.  This is the story of how I got to where I am now.

Who here considers themselves to be good fish keepers?  I’ve seen you out there, there are a lot of you!  Cool.  Out of you, who had a bowl or tank that was far less than what your pet deserved?  Not all of you, because many of you did the research first, but likely a few of you.  How, when, and why did you change?  I’m hashtagging this as #fish timeline and #pet timeline because I want to see stories of others who have developed and changed.

No graphic or sick fish images ahead, just pictures of betta in inadequate habitats.

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God I’m really tired of hearing “but I can’t afford to give my pet x setup [that is the bare minimum for them to have a happy and long life]” as an excuse for why people put their pets in abusive and constricting homes.

Can’t afford to get your pet and buy/maintain a healthy habitat for it? Don’t fucking get that pet then. Don’t force it to have an unhealthy life because of your selfishness.

Okay, guys. The vegan pet food post got something like 2.5k notes after the puppy bowl promoted a dog that was fed a homemade and seriously unbalanced vegan diet. I love it, good on y’all for spreading education. However, there was also a huge upswing in the notes of people calling vegans animal abusers for wanting to feed their pets a vegan diet. I cannot stress enough that you need to stop that. I literally just published an essay on how the overuse of the term abuse only pushes people away from being educated because it makes them react viscerally first and think later. So when you share a good, solid, educational link and follow it up with commentary condemning folk before they’ve even had a chance to read it and maybe learn things they were unaware of… you’re shooting yourself and your activism right in the foot. 

Most people who feed their pets vegan diets are not doing it because they want to make their animals die of malnutrition. They’re not doing it because they hate their pets or have no regard for their welfare. That is exactly the opposite of why they’re choosing that diet for their pet. The majority of vegans choose that lifestyle for ethical or environmental reasons: to them, it is a moral choice. We all project our morality onto the animals we care for to some degree - it’s why it is so distressing to learn your dog is aggressive or reactive or anything society codifies as “bad.” We are good people, and we love our pets, so how can they be bad if we are able to love them? Everyone does this to some degree, and often folk for whom vegan ideals are strongly moral ones feel like it’s important that the actions of the animals they love also line up with what they view as being good. In the case of vegan pet food, they’re just simply mistaken about the true effects of such a diet and not animal abusers.

The fastest way to alienate someone who thinks they are doing something good is to accuse them of being bad. Their actions align with their moral compass, so obviously they can’t be doing something immoral, so you are automatically wrong and your ability to influence their actions is immediately destroyed. When people are genuinely ignorant of the effects of their actions, kind words and genuinely well-intentioned education go so much farther than abuse allegations. That is the case here, so please stop accusing folk of abuse. They love their pets as much as you do and are often horrified to learn what they’ve been accidentally perpetuating. It’s not easy to learn you’ve done something hurtful to loved ones, so be kind and support them - you’ll help a lot more animals that way.

(In a beautiful example of demonstrative irony, this post is an example of me trying to educate you on why you are doing a well-intentioned thing that is bad and that you need to stop. But in approaching it, I’m not condemning you for doing something you thought would help - I’m (attempting) to communicate that I understand your intentions but that you’re missing some information that undermines your success at your goal, and then trying to provide you some more information to help you achieve it. If I just said “jeez guys, calling vegans animal abusers is a massive fuck-up” you’d be pretty disinclined to listen to what I had to say…)

To everyone who has a betta in a bowl/vase because they were wrongly informed that it is ok: It’s not. Pet stores kinda suck, and betta need actual tanks (5 gallons or larger) with filters and heaters. You’ll be amazed by how much healthier and active your betta is in a tank, they have incredible personalities and beautiful fins and colors. I’m sorry you were mislead, but thank you for trying to make things right and caring about your pets.

To everyone who has a betta in a bowl/vase and has been told multiple times it’s bad but still doesn’t listen or care at all: Fuck you. A fish is a living thing. It’s a pet, not a toy or a decoration. Fuck you.

Why do so many anti-kink people insist on putting themselves in someone else’s life?

“You’re sexualizing my abuse.”

“I was abused and your relationship sexualizes what I went through.”

“I was raped and your fantasy sexualizes my traumatic experience.”

It is fine for you to not like something or want to blacklist it, or not participate in it. However, someone else’s relationship or interests has nothing to do with you unless you are directly involved. 

Please stop using your abuse to guilt trip someone else into changing what they ship or their relationship because you have no idea what they have been through and they don’t owe you any bit of their life to try to justify something to your.

Someone have a BDSM / DDLG kink and you aren’t into it because of your own abuse? That’s fine. However, they aren’t sexualizing your abuse because your experiences are not in any way, shape, form, or fashion related to them. Unless they are fantasizing about you specifically being abused, then what they do with each other has absolutely nothing to do with you, and it isn’t your place to try to tell them what they are / are not doing, especially when you don’t know anything about the traumatic experiences they could have gone through. 

Go to therapy, or do whatever you need to do to heal, however, stop shoving yourself into someone else’s relationship, especially when the bullshit that you say isn’t even related to their relationship beyond what you think is going on, and is your own bias, and not even near what happens in their relationship. ‘Cause unless you are watching from the window, I’m 98% sure you have no idea what is going on in their relationship. 

humans are weird

of course there’s been lots of posts about how humans have pets

dangerous pets. that can kill. that are kept even having injured their human. ugly pets that humans still gush over.

but what if what really makes humans weird is the love we have for our pets? like, aliens can sort of understand pets because not only can they be used to hunt, but also because humans are known throughout the galaxy as a species that will aggressively pack bond and adopt even inanimate objects.

but humans love their pets. humans will cry over their pets. even humans who have been identified by other humans as criminals and dangerous have and love pets. humans that abuse their pets are looked at with disgust and considered criminal. humans will risk their lives for animals that aren’t even theirs. humans will make their pet toys. humans will groom their pet simply because their pet enjoys it.

imagine an alien experiencing a pet’s funeral. and every human crew member is crying. a couple even do a little speech for poor bobby. and the alien crew are just utterly confused? because isn’t this usually reserved for dead humans? not a non-sentient being?!?!

they ask Human-Bee after the funeral- why is your species upset. you ingest poison for fun. you evolved on the planet from hell. you can get another parasite- sorry- I mean pet, can’t you?

yes, crewman t’sk, of course we can get another pet, but we loved bobby

the humans are all noticeably upset for the next week, so the alien crew on the next shore leave sneak away and when they come back present their humans with a new dog called jeff

watching all the humans smile and coo over the new dog, the alien crew think that maybe the universal pamphlets advertising how to care for humans were wrong. maybe these humans and pets aren’t in a parasitical relationship, but a symbiotic one.

firephox replied to your post

“No your cat cannot be fed a vegan diet.”

I’ve been vegan for 6 years, and my aunt has been vegan for 30 years. I am poor af and I know I am contributing to the unnatural slaughter of factory farmed animals,but I buy meat kibble for my cat. When I can afford it, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I buy a small bag of the vegan formula. My cat loves it. She actually tore the bag open once and spilled it all over the floor. I was concerned as well, but 2 vets both said her bloodwork is 100% healthy and normal.

Here’s an example of a vegan looking at scientific fact, ignoring it in order to force their own morals and ethics onto a pet. This follows the age old vegan check list: 

  • your classic anthropomorphism. “My cat/dogs loves eating vegan! They beg for it!” 
  • taking their pets behaviour and signs of malnutrition (begging for food, eating eagerly, ripping into the pet food) as them “loving eating vegan food!”  
  • classic “My vet says it’s fine!” - This is often a straight out lie or twisted truth. They often don’t tell their vet they are feeding a pet a vegan diet or if they do, the vet reluctantly has to stop trying to convince them otherwise due to the stubborn ignorance of the vegan owner. Vets don’t want to keep pushing, incase the vegan owner takes their pet somewhere else (or just stop taking them to a vet altogether) which can result in health issues and death for the pet. 
  • No understanding what blood work tests for
  • also attack on pet foods and how they contain “no nutrition” and or just “left over bones! there’s no real meat! It’s just filled with filler meal!” (doesn’t know what offal is) before, in complete irony go on to talk about how much nutrition is in vegan pet food (despite the lack of tests and scientific evidence that says the exact opposite).  
  • using their own personal experience with their pet as “proof” vegan diets work for pets

This is really just textbook bad vegan pet owner. This is animal cruelty. If you can’t stand to care for a pet properly (this includes feeding them the correct diet) then you shouldn’t have that pet.

I honestly hope someone takes this animal away from @firephox