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y'all are so anti-cop, i just wanna know, what are you gonna do if/when someone robs you? assaults you? breaks the law? if someone broke into your house and started stealing all your stuff, would you just sit there and say "yep, take all of it. i'm not going to call the police because they're all rotten pigs, but i'm just going to let this person take all my shit." ??????

Oh yeah like that one time when I was about 12 years old and home alone. Two guys broke into my house, and when I hid and called 911 the dispatcher told me that I “don’t sound distressed enough,” and hung up on me. Then I called back and police officers finally showed up after 5 hours and told me there was nothing to do. Very helpful. 

Or that one time when I was even younger (maybe about 6 or 7) when my dad cut through a gas station instead of waiting at a stop light and a cop pulled him over. I was in the car with him, sick and my dad asked the cop to just give him the ticket, so the cop hit my dad, slammed him onto his car, and arrested him. Clearly that cop protected a lot of citizens by being unnecessarily aggressive.  

Then there was that time in high school when my boyfriend and I didn’t stand for the pledge at a school assembly. Our school had off-duty police officers survey our school, and when he saw we weren’t standing he came and yelled at us, threatened us, and tried to physically make us stand up. Because freedom or something, right?

I don’t have to trust a group of oppressors just to please you. They’ve proven time and time again they take their position of power and abuse it. And my stories are tame compared to many others, so fuck off.

it’s really upsetting to hear about the shooting death of Kevin Allen, a 36-year-old Black man, who was shot to death by the police while he was in a library.

we can’t do shit in peace. we can’t go to the store in peace. we can’t drive in peace. we can’t play in the park in peace. we can’t sit in our homes in peace. we can’t even read a book at he fucking library in peace.

what the fuck… i’m not surprised by the cops being racist murderers. i’m tired of the growing list of places that they’re trying to scare us out of going.
Judge Jails Kids, Compares Them to 'Manson Cult' for Refusing to See Dad
At the end of June, a Michigan judge held three children aged 9, 10, and 15 in civil contempt for refusing to see their father and sent them to a juvenile justice facility for an unspecified length of time. The children’s parents have been involved in contentious divorce proceedings for five years; in a lengthy tirade, the judge called them “brainwashed” and likened them to “Charlie Manson and the cult that he has.”
By Anna Merlan

THIS IS NOT OK. This is an abuse of power and a demonstration of how our court systems need serious reevaluation.
Seattle Coffee Shop that Refused Service to all Cops now Under Blatant Police Surveillance

Activists in Seattle are currently extremely active, doing daily protests for Ferguson, Palestine, against Monsanto for environmental issues, among many other causes. Image credit: jglsongs

It is under-reported how active these people are, and how much work they have put into making people conscious.

Seattle, and more specifically Capitol Hill activists, are in such large numbers and work so peacefully and effectively, that the Seattle Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security are targeting them and doing heavier and heavier surveillance by the day.

On a daily basis, helicopters fly over the protests that take place in Seattle, hovering menacingly over completely peaceful people. Innocent people get maced for no reason who aren’t even involved in protesting, and violence is instigated by the police.

For example, earlier this week the anarchist Co-Op coffee shop ‘Black Coffee’ was put under blatant surveillance and were met with intimidation by an officer. A female officer parked directly in front of the place and pointed her dashcam camera at the activist coffee shop,  videotaping the entire scene for about an hour and a half.

This coffee shop is under investigation in several ways , and the police are doing everything they can to shut it down. It will probably have to move to another location in Seattle in the next few months.

Here’s a video of the incident:


Likely because the shop hands out free zines about the philosophy of anarchy and countless other topics which challenge the current state of affairs. Bookshelves are filled with conscious material here, and the people who pass through the doors of this place tend to be determined activists, targets of the police and homeland security. These are people of great depth and powerful knowledge, and the police are blatantly targeting them.

Perhaps it’s because the coffee shop owners refused service to the police, exercising their right to refuse service to anyone. That is not illegal, and the police responding to that with surveillance is characteristically criminal behavior.

It is especially important to note that these activists are doing nothing but spreading ideas; ideas that are corrosive to the current paradigm of the violent police state.

This is an blatant indicator that the intensity of provocation from the police is on the rise, and the activist movements in Seattle and across America are becoming so effective that police are focusing on activists more than people who commit real crimes.

Please share this with as many people as possible, and simply be aware of the fact that if you are spreading ideas about opposing the current militarization of the police, or opposing the current paradigm of war for profit, you will be targeted. You must plan for that to continue to be an effective activist. If you are reading this, there is probably nothing that can stop your drive to wake up the fellow members of your community and society. Keep up the good fight, and know that this is a sign of the effectiveness of our activism.

If you would like to learn more about this anarchist coffee shop, you can visit Black Coffee Co-Op’s website here, and their Facebook page is here.

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“Firsties!” — those guys, sometimes

5 Shockingly Childish Abuses of Power by Hospital Employees

#5. Multiple Surgeons Dabble in Organ Graffiti

Simon Bramhall, a respected surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England, was suspended in December last year when co-workers noticed him burning his initials into a patient’s liver. The hospital is now concerned that he may have done this to hundreds of patients’ organs over the course of his 10-plus years working there, though maybe they should be more worried that Bramhall will someday decide to reclaim the organs, since he clearly called dibs.

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“I refused to legitimize police violence against people by telling them that if they behave differently, maybe they won’t die,” Hill insisted. “Harry said maybe you won’t end up on the ground. Yes, there are strategies we can use to survive. But the fact that we live in a world where we have to deploy strategies not to be murdered or killed or assaulted by police unlawfully is absurd.”

“What Harry is calling arrogance, I’m calling dignity,” Hill declared. “Black people have a right to assert their dignity in public. And just because it doesn’t cohere with what police want doesn’t mean they are being arrogant or dismissive.”

When University Presidents Become Robber Barons

The University of Akron has a fairly new President, Scott Scarborough. Like many university presidents, he makes in excess of $400,000 per year. He is provided a home by the university (which the university just spent $375,000 to renovate). The University of Akron has spent more than $25,000 on hotel rooms for President Scott Scarborough, his family and his in-laws while renovations continue on the president’s home. Scott Scarborough is eligible for an annual performance bonus of $80,000. And what did Scott Scarborough and his administration do today? They shut down the University of Akron Press as well as the multicultural center at the University. 

Now, something tells me no Deans or administrators had pay cuts or were asked to eliminate jobs. Something tells me the football program and its coaches are just fine. But let me ask this question: what is the point of a university? When a university is cutting its Press while spending $375,000 to renovate the president’s home, what is the function of the university? Because it seems to me from the outside that this university is run like a corporate fiefdom and not like a university at all.

If you want to voice your displeasure, you can tweet at President Scarborough  @PresScarborough or write to him here: . You could also write to the university’s Board of Directors. If a university can fork up the kind of money it does for a president’s house renovations and hotel rooms, it can help subsidize a Press publishing amazing books.

SPOILER ALERT: Everything in this article totally happens all the time.

6 Shockingly Childish Abuses of Power by Airport Employees

#6. Airport Body Scanners Have Been Used to Rate (and Berate) Your Junk

According to ex-TSA agent Jason Harrington (and every fiber of common sense in your exposed body), body scanners are much more effective for mercilessly ridiculing passengers from behind closed doors than they are for spotting terrorists. Plastic explosives were apparently indistinguishable from fat rolls, leaving screeners with little more to do than make a sport out of laughing at overweight passengers and guessing the sex of ambiguously shaped bodies passing through scans. And when they aren’t laughing their asses off at man boobs and crotchular irregularities, screeners racially profile your genitals in the name of … national security, or, as Harrington explained, “All the old, crass stereotypes about race and genitalia size thrived on our secure government radio channels.” Which makes us feel markedly insecure. In our pants.

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“What? Everybody steals office supplies.”

5 People Who Abused Tiny Amounts of Power in Hilarious Ways

#5. The Astronaut Who Stole the Moon

Thad Roberts dreamed about going to space his entire life. And it seemed like he might have even had an outside chance of doing so when, in 2001, he was accepted into NASA’s prestigious co-op program and elite training course for aspiring astronauts. … While he’d finally made it to the big show, Roberts’ dreams of space travel took a backseat when he noticed a selection of moon rocks – and one from Mars – that a NASA scientist kept in a locked safe in his office. He decided: Fuck going to the moon, he had the moon right here.

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Cellphone Video Shows A Cop Walk Up To A Man Reading A Book And Taser Him

What we see in this video is a cop talking to a man who appears to be reading a book.

The cop then becomes confrontational and the man’s body language tells us that he doesn’t care much for what the cop is saying.

He then proceeds to ignore and walk away from the cop, and that is when he is tasered.

According to FOX 12 Oregon, the department has not released any information about this case because it is under internal investigation.