Mental illness is STILL never an excuse to abuse and bully people. They are not a shield you get to strap on to protect yourself from criticism of abusive behaviors.

People are NOT obligated to put up with abuse, and people who detach themselves from abusers are not inherently shaming mental illness.

Shoutout to people with PTSD from bullying

Shoutout whether it was emotional or physical

Shoutout to the people who still have to be around the people who bullied you

Shoutout to the people who have managed to distance themselves from their bullies

Shoutout to the people who were able to recognize and validate their experiences and PTSD themselves

Shoutout to the people who took a while to be able to validate their PTSD because the stigma around bullying being “not that bad” and not being called what it is: abuse

Shoutout to the people who pulled themselves through it

Shoutout to the people who had people help you get out of that situation

Shoutout to the people who took a while to recognize that bullying is abuse

Shoutout to the people who didn’t believe verbal bullying is emotional abuse but came to realize it

You’ve probably seen ‘scared straight’ segments on some daytime talk show like 'Maury’ before. You know the kind where they throw troubled teens in jail for a day to get yelled at by a drill instructor and come out crying for their parents?

What if we told you there was a whole industry set up around this where you can legally have your child kidnapped in the night and sent to the wilderness or to live in a religious group home for months on end? These programs prey on middle-to-upper-class families, operate where there are no child labor laws, and use torture, fear, and manipulation tactics to “fix” troubled youth. Also the counselors need no formal training and are often child molesters.

THIS WEEK:  Cracked editors Jack O'Brien and Robert Evans speak with Maia Szalavitz, who literally wrote the book on the teen rehab industry, about how these centers operate and why so many families are conned into paying them thousands of dollars to hurt their kids. Then they speak with Sarah Cummins, whose family sent her to Utah to live in one of these centers where she was forced to manipulate other girls, do endless manual labor and hug her counselor who turned out to be a sex offender.

Reflecting on Adam Taurus....

So, after seeing everyone’s thoughts on Adam, whether Rooster Teeth pulled a complete 180, whether or not Adam is/was a good guy, I decided I’m going to weigh in on it with my own thoughts. 

Adam wasn’t always a horrible person. He wasn’t always abusive. It was a slow build, and I believe that it was Humanity itself that turned Adam into the abuser that we saw in Heroes & Monsters. In a lot of abuse cases, some victims of abuse end up growing up to become abusers because they’ve never known any different. I believe that Adam grew up hated by Humanity, perhaps abandoned by his own family or watching his family being torn apart by Humans, he was ridiculed, shamed, beaten, manipulated by people he thought he could trust, people he didn’t know anything about and would’ve given anything to just earn a hint of respect from. But he didn’t get that. He was tortured and mistreated and misjudged because of his Faunus heritage, and he probably didn’t know the first thing about love until the White Fang welcomed him with open arms. It was the first family he ever knew, and he was willing to do ANYTHING they told him to. He stole, he fought, he manipulated his way into survival because it was all he could do, it was all he KNEW how to do, and he eventually worked his way up the ranks to become one of the three newer, more violent leaders of the Fang. 

But Adam was probably the least-violent of the three at the time. He was probably the voice of reason at first, the one who saw hope for the tortured souls of the new recruits, including Blake. He felt for them, reached out to them, and he and Blake became close through their dark and unjust pasts. They bonded over being “different” from the Humans, bonded over their pain, and Adam was the one who taught Blake how to fight and survive. He became a mentor, a brother, a good friend to Blake, and over time, Adam began to fall for her. But he wouldn’t let his love for Blake ever get in the way of his mission - to take back the identity that Humans stole from him - from all of them. When they were on the train in the Black Trailer, Adam was doing what he thought he needed to hurt their greatest oppressors - the Schnee family. In Adam’s eyes, stealing cargo from the SDC and derailing a train full of SDC passengers would put the SDC in a horrible light, maybe even enough for people to stop investing in Schnee products. To force the SDC out of business, and to force the Schnees into poverty like Humanity forced the Faunus. And most of all, if the SDC fell, then its Faunus workers would be freed. To Adam, he thought what he was doing was right. Even killing the passengers, because they were nothing but no good Humans, anyway. 

But Blake didn’t see it that way. We KNOW Blake cares about people. About innocents. She refuses to go after anyone she doesn’t think deserves it. She REFUSES to make innocent people suffer regardless of their species, and because of this, she and Adam fell apart. They didn’t share the same dream anymore. Blake wasn’t willing to do whatever it took to gain her freedom, and Adam wouldn’t stand for it. Blake knew she had to leave, because she wasn’t willing to be associated with Adam’s crimes anymore. So she did. She left. And it wasn’t until this point when Adam truly broke. No, Adam didn’t start out abusive. He may not have even been abusive right off the bat after Blake’s disappearance. What Blake saw of Adam wasn’t an abusive man, but a man who was willing to take the lives of innocent people just because they were a different species. He hadn’t personally done harm to her at this point, but when she tried to reason with him, he wouldn’t hear it. He was too far gone. And that’s why Blake had to leave. 

It was Blake’s disappearance that sparked this change in his character. He was still willing to do whatever it took to keep his men safe, to get their justice, but in his eyes, Blake betrayed him, and she wasn’t a part of their fight anymore. She was just as bad as the Humans who hurt and tortured and demonized them. Blake left to fight AGAINST the White Fang, and that was unacceptable in Adam’s eyes. As time went on, and he joined Cinder, the WF clashed with Team RWBY more than enough times for word to get back to Adam about Blake’s involvement. Blake had basically given up her Faunus heritage, gone into hiding, and partnered herself with Humans - a Schnee, no less - to FIGHT the people she once used to consider her family. And Adam STILL loved her. Adam STILL wanted her back. He STILL wanted to make Blake a part of his world, to make her understand why he did the things he did. But Blake only continued to run away, run away from the Fang and from Adam, and he couldn’t stand for it. He vowed to make her pay for her betrayal. Vowed to treat her the same exact way he treated Humans, because in his eyes, Blake was “becoming” Human. She was becoming the thing he hated most in the world, and THAT’S why we saw him treat her the way he did in Heroes & Monsters. It wasn’t just some personality change, or something that came on suddenly. Adam was always a violent person, but only toward Humanity. It wasn’t until Blake “joined” Humanity that he began to treat her the same way.

At its core, the White Fang is still all about equality. But Adam, having worked with Cinder for so long now, could easily have succumbed to Cinder’s manipulation, to her insistence that it’s not equality that he wants, but survival. Revenge. Making his goals the same as hers. The White Fang still isn’t a horrible organization, at least it’s not intended to be. Those members of the White Fang who are fighting alongside Adam now? They’re not in it for the bloodshed. They’re in it for difference. Torchwick easily wrapped them around his fingers with his speech about hatred of Humanity, and it’s always the most broken of souls that are the easiest to corrupt. They’ve got nothing else to lose, but everything to gain, and that’s why Adam changed his direction. In Adam’s eyes, it’s about revenge. About taking back what he lost. About making Humans - and Faunus who align themselves with Humans - pay for their betrayal and discrimination and refusal to give Faunus free, equal will. While Adam may still be fighting for the Fang, it’s for a completely different reason, and because so many people look up to him, still see Adam as a survivor and a leader and a mentor, they’re willing to do whatever ADAM tells them is right. So are the White Fang bad people? No, they’re just…. (in the words of Blake herself) very misguided. 

So, Adam may be a monster. He may be an incredibly abusive asshole. But no, he wasn’t always like that. He became that way through his experiences, through his skewed views, through his heartbreak and pain, and his bitterness toward Humanity made him take it out on the person he loves most - Blake. 

In the end, everything Adam is he has only become between the events of the Black trailer and the present day. Blake never saw the change, and neither did we. We experienced the exact same whiplash Blake did, the exact same realisation that Adam was no longer the person we thought he was. That he had changed, and became the very thing Blake had hoped he would never become. And why? Because Blake was truly the last person who could have turned her back on him. He gave everything for her, and she took it and ran. Does this make Blake wrong? No. But it does lend credence to perhaps the most twisted line in the series:

“Why must you hurt me, Blake?”

A question that at first appears to just exist to make us hate Adam even more and add to his abusive nature but could actually be the truth of the matter as far as Adam’s character shift goes. Blake, even though she was absolutely right to break her chains and flee, hurt Adam, more than any human ever had. She betrayed him, abandoned everything he had ever known and directly opposed it, siding with some of his worst enemies in the process. That, in Adam’s eyes, is an unforgivable offense. It shattered his trust in the Faunus as a species and was the final nail in the coffin for his desire to be equal to humans. Revenge is all he cares about now. He’ll make humanity pay for everything they’ve done to the White Fang. But most of all, he’ll make Blake pay for everything she’s done him.

And no, this is still not okay. He’s still a horrible person for treating her the way he did. But was he always like that? I highly doubt it. Did RT just throw this in our faces? I doubt it. It was planned. It was all right there. It just wasn’t set up nearly as nicely as it should have been. And I DO think that we will be getting more flashbacks next volume to hopefully clear some things up. 

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How would the team react to hearing O!Yamaguchi is in an abusive relationship? What would the pack do to protect their member? The aftermath?

Without hesitation, the Karasuno pack would hunt Yamaguchi’s partner down, teach them a few ‘lessons’ without Yamaguchi knowing. If the offender ever came looking for Yams again, someone from the pack would instantly be by his side, ready to fight to protect him.

They scent Yamaguchi a lot to make him feel safe again, and do whatever they can to help him recover.

“That is abusive.”

I had forgotten how important and valuable it is to have people around me who will say, “that is abusive." 

"That is not okay." 

"That is wrong." 

Even if nothing can be done to change the situation, having people around me, in person and online, who remind me that what I am feeling is not just a "feeling” that could be easily dismissed but really… wrong? means so much to me. 

It is validating. It is reassuring. It is essential. Recognizing this again today and relishing in that fact instead of re-questioning my own reactions to really fucked up stuff. 

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I've been hurt and had my trust broken many times when I was a child and I think it might be carrying onto how I experience attraction because I look at people and think"oh hey they're attractive" but then immediately after im like "but I don't know them and they might be a horrible person and I don't want to give this stranger the power to hurt me" and I even start thinking stuff like "fuck them I hate them" when I don't even know them. Is it possible for abuse to make you like this?--blue

Hey anon,

Yes, abuse can affect interpersonal relationships going forward from the abuse. I would recommend talking to a therapist about how to learn to form healthy attachments and relationships with people.


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I've been in a relationship for 2 weeks and I really like this guy and he told me he didn't want sex, but he's started pushing for me to take my top off etc, and talking about sex in the future. I've tried talking to him but he's not listening and I don't know how to make him see that its really affecting me? I'm having panic attacks about it and I just don't know what to do, sorry for venting at you I'm just so confused x

This is a problem. If his behavior is upsetting you to the point where you’re getting ill, then it’s time to confront him, or distance yourself. If you don’t know how to deal with the issue through words, then maybe it’s best to just cut off contact. 

- Fae

Education needs to adress relationships

I’ve sat through so many classes on either how Jesus loves everyone or how menstruation works that I could recite it by memory. Including religiously biased facts from my very inaccurate sexual education in ninth grade. But that’s Catholic school. I’m glad I learned sex ed. It taught me a lot.

But the question is, why do I know nothing about relationships? Yes Jesus loves me but what if the boy who hits me does too? What if my girlfriend tells me I’m beautiful and the next day is screaming about me being a “fucking bitch” for taking her things when I simply moved them into her room? Yes I know all about abortion, adoption or keeping the baby but what about a planned kid? Where does my curriculum teach me about divorce? Teacher, how do I know I’m in an emotionally abusive relationship and how do I get out of it? How do I tell my kids their dad is gone? What even is a healthy relationship?

I’ve been through an emotionally abusive relatuonship. So have three of my closest friends. I stayed for two months after I knew things were bad. One of my friends stayed a year. Another didn’t even break it off, the abuser did. And none of us knew what we were doing. None of us knew it was wrong. Everyone thought we were the cutest couple, that we should stay together forever. No one knew the signs. In some cases they were right in front of them. If they had, we’d all be far happier people today.

Why do we know everything about cells, multiplication, semicolons and World War II yet nothing about this? Why is our education system flawed?

Often abusers try to avoid responsibility for their actions or maintain their “reputation” by claiming that a relationship is mutually unhealthy- that both parties are participating in abusive tendencies.

It can be admittedly tough to figure out who is benefitting/who is abusing.

A good place to start in these situations-

Ask “whose world is expanding? whose is shrinking?”

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Hello! You reblogged a post of mine earlier with some commentary & I have a question. In reading some others' comments & scrolling through their blogs, I think I misunderstand what MRAs/MRMs are about. I've *heard* a lot about how it's just people getting POed at women's progress, but I'm beginning to doubt that. Google gives iffy results, so I figured I'd ask someone what MRMs stand for directly. Not that any group has a totally homogenous set of views, but you get my point! I hope that's ok?

What you’re discovering is why I do what I do here. I’m not an MRA myself, but the majority of my followers(I think?) are. Most of what you see out there about MRAs is hyperbole, exaggeration, or outright lies, especially from feminist sources.I seek to basically present accurate information about, and call out misinformation regarding the MRM, from the outside.

I encourage you to continue looking into MRA blogs, or if you feel really brave, go to A Voice For Men with an open mind, and start with their mission statement. Bear in mind Paul Elam’s main goal with his site, at least at this time is to kick up a lot of shit, and get attention. As such a lot of titles look really bad, but when read the articles they usually are pretty fair and eye opening.

Bear in mind this is a lot of overlap of anti-feminism and MRM, partly because Feminism has done real harm to men, and it’s hard to argue it wasn’t by design. So it’s very hard to think of a way to fix some of these issues without going directly to feminism and saying “You screwed this up, you need to stop this message, so the problem can get fixed.” The MRM unfortunately has to fight feminists on a few fronts, and frankly, feminists haven’t been willing to admit they were wrong.

But on the whole I’m glad you are seeing a new side, please explore it deeply. Right now you’re in the same place Cassie Jaye found herself, and really, that’s not bad company to be in.

Your ribcage is battered and bruised
from trying to keep your heart intact
because you went chasing after boys
made of broken bones and bloody knuckles,
telling yourself that if they are always ready for a fight
maybe they would fight for you.

But they are the kind of boys
who give bruises the way other boys give flowers,
and to you they both bloom the same.
You keep mistaking bruising
for butterflies in your belly
and the back of your mind is always screaming
with things you already know.

These are the kind of boys that will destroy you
to prevent their own self-destruction,
but you can’t stop yourself from driving into their storm
and acting as if they are the safety.
You crave them like saltwater in a drought,
because your crooked soul can’t help
being drawn to broken boys.

- crooked soul & broken boys (s.m.p.)

me: I could really easily see you cheating on me
partner: ?????? what??? no???
me: lol yeah I can like rly easily imagine it
partner: you act as if I actually did cheat on you
me: I mean I know you didn’t but I can tell if u got the opportunity you would so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
partner: no???? I actually??? love and adore you? I don’t want to be with anyone else and never have?
me: ok yeah but you would do it lol I can imagine it rly well and you would do it so you basically did it

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If you don't mind. Words can effect me greatly, I can't help it. All my life I've been mocked for my mental healthy, for my lack of sexual attraction, told I'm broken, inhuman, that I deserve death. But they're all words right? Why do they effect me so much? Well because those words show how little these people care about human life. They show me they don't see me as human or worthy of living. Words hurt and they always will. And before you try and argue yes I've been physically beaten too

Verbal abuse is still abuse. Words hold power. Society is built upon ideas that are communicated by words. I’m always baffled by people saying ‘it’s just a word’.

sometimes i ask if i can eat food that i know is mine bc im so afraid im gonna get yelled at again lmao