Throwing a post into the fray of the upd8 tag right now to remind people about the canon fantroll’s characteristics/quirks/etc.

Nektan Whelan - is of Eridan/Cronus’s blood caste, Derse dreamer, his handle is debonairCorsair, replaces t’s with 7’s, FLARPs as a pirate, likes building steampunk machinery, and uses Bladekind Strife Specibus

Mierfa Durgas - is of Vriska/Aranea’s caste, Prospit dreamer, her handle is abundantCacoethes, FLARPs as an exotic monster hunter, occasionally replaces vowels with x’s, sends out letters to random trolls bragging about her exploits, and uses Nunchakukind Strife Specibus, but has trouble using them properly.

The Shishaku

The Shishaku was a greatly feared member of the cerulean class.  A highly capable and dangerous warrior, she was usually dispatched to take care of high class traitors.  After one particularly destructive battle during which her favorite pair of nunchaku were destroyed, she decided to make the target pay by crafting a new weapon from his sizable horns.  The sea-dweller’s shame was short-lived as the Shishaku quickly put an end to his whiny blubbering.

The Picaroon

The Picaroon was a highly-skilled marauder of the seven seas (even if Alternia didn’t actually have seven seas - he was just that good at being a pirate).  His buccaneering skills were only matched by his evasive ones.  Unfortunately, he could only run for so long.  After a very successful robbery, a mercenary was dispatched to bring back one treasure in particular…and to kill the Picaroon.  During the battle, he managed to escape once, but he lost his eye in the process.  This was, however, the last time he would be able to make an escape.  The mercenary caught up with him, cut off his horns, and quickly killed him.