Good news for blueberry lovers: this year’s wild blueberry crop in Finland is expected to be the most abundant in 22 years. However, you’ll probably have to wait until late July - early August to head to the woods and start picking blueberries (note: according to Finland’s everyman’s right, everyone is entitled to enjoy the products of nature - e.g. mushrooms, blueberries, lingonberries etc. - independent of the ownership status of the land in question, so you can pick blueberries even in private forests).

Check out this article for more details on the blueberry crop predictions:

Your Life With Money (Exercise)

1.       Take a moment to grab a pen and paper or a word doc

2.       Imagine you have an unlimited supply of money, no limits

3.       What would your life look like? What can you do?

Write it all down. Here are a few clues to help get you flowing 

See an example here

You have an unlimited supply of money….

I vacation in ……..

I drive a ……..

I live in ……….

I stay in only luxury hotels

I donate to ……..

I own

I wear …..

I support ………

I invest in …………

My house is ……….

My new hobbies can be……….

Don’t stop keep it flowing imagine the recreation you could have, the activities on the weekend, what you could eat, where you would travel, what you would no longer have to do yourself, perhaps having a cleaner or a cook? What business could you start, what dream could you pursue?

Wow, do you feel that? YOU ARE AMAZING, if there is more keep going. 

Are you willing to let go of anything that does not allow you to have this in your life?

Are you willing to let go of any beliefs, points of view, judgements that you have relating to money and you?

Thank you 

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It was the warmest day of the year so far, but the sky was overcast and - owing to the unusual absence of wind - the midges were biting. The world was entirely grey and green, and Algy felt tired and indolent. He reclined sleepily on a tumbled tree trunk overlooking the lochan, brushing the midges off from time to time, and looked at the water and the sky. Like all the other flowers, the water lilies were late this year, and so far there were only a few buds showing among the floating leaves. As he gazed up at the leaden sky a large bird circled overhead, and Algy was reminded of a poem he had recently discovered:

Day and night, the lake dreams of sky.
A privacy as old as the mountains
And her up there, stuck among peaks. The whole eye

Fastened on hawk, gatherings of cloud or stars,
So little trespass. An airplane once
Crossed her brow; she searched but could not find

A face. Having lived with such strict beauty
She comes to know how the sun is nothing
But itself and the path it throws; the moon

A riddled stone. If only a hand
Would tremble along her cheek, would disturb. Even the elk
Pass by, drawn to the spill of creeks below—

How she cannot help abundance, even as it leaves
Her, as it sings all the way down the mountain.

[Algy is quoting the poem The Lake by the contemporary American poet Sophie Cabot Black.]

Algy dedicates this post to all his friends overseas who so badly need water. He wishes so much that he could send you some of the abundance he sees here, but alas, he cannot. Every day that it rains here (and that’s most days this year), Algy is thinking of you xoxo

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A Simple Way to Attract Abundance in Positive and Healthy Ways

Have you ever trained to do something new or to do something you were already doing in better ways?

At any time during the process, did it ever seem tough or challenging?

Of course you have, and of course it did.

Applying LOA is no different. It’s all about your attitude.

A simple way to attract abundance is to gradyally train yourself to recognize that abundance is already all around you.

Simple shifts in perspective can cause you to send out vibes that are aligned with abundance while you are acknowledging the abundance that already exists around you.

One of the many forms of abundance is what we call moolah, paper, cash, money…

Let’s take a look at money a little closer…

Whenever you speak, think, or focus on money in any way, you are sending out either a positive or a negative vibe.

Why do we need to know that?

Well, if you often find yourself fearful that your bills will not get paid, fearful that you will not or do not have enough money, stressed out about where more money will come from…

If you are constantly paying attention to the lack of money in your life and feeling crappy about it…

If you are feeling limited and often saying things like “I don’t have enough money. I am low on funds. I can’t afford it….”

You are probably not feeling good in those moments. You are probably sending negative vibes.

To LOA, it doesn’t matter how real that experience or reality is to you. LOA doesn’t care if you are looking at lack of money and feeling bad about it or not.

It is just responding to and replicating your vibes in this moment “right now.”

What’s most important is how you “feel.”

Gradually start catching yourself in these momentums as soon as you are able to, and gradually start to train yourself to change how you feel in those moments by focusing on what you do want.

This means the following, if law of attraction is solely responding to your vibes “right now,” you can make a change in how you feel “right now.”

And, therefore, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t have money yesterday or even earlier today…

If you can change how you feel, consistently and gradually…you will then consistentlyand gradually change how you are attracting money and everything else.

If you can make a change in how you feel, you can make a change in what you attract.

A simple way to attract abundance in the form of money, and really in whatever form you are desiring in positive and healthy ways…

Is first to ask to…

Then acknowledge that you are in the process of attracting and allowing all that you need to be, do, or have, to attract more of your ideal amounts of abundance and money into your life.

What this does is make space for LOA to deliver more abundance and money to you in various forms.

“Now” is when LOA is responding to your requests and vibes. And if you can start getting excited about money…

If you can start looking forward to having more money…

LOA will be responding to those vibes, and you will be attracting more abundance and money.

If that’s too far of a jump…

A simple way is to watch a funny movie or video.

Why? Because it makes you laugh. Laughing feels good!!!

You could watch funny YouTube videos.

Why? Because it makes you laugh. Laughing feels good!!!

You could watch funny vine videos.

Why? Because it makes you laugh. Laughing feels good!!!

You could watch a funny movie.

Why? Because it makes you laugh. Laughing feels good!!!

You could look at funny pictures.

Why? Because it makes you laugh. Laughing feels good!!!

Feeling good changes what you are attracting.

So now you are feeling good and the universe is responding to your vibes.

You made space for more abundance and money, so that’s one way that LOA can deliver to you more experiences that feel good.

You can’t laugh at something funny in positive and healthy ways, AND be fearful that you don’t have enough money at the same time.

You can only do one at a time “right now.” And “right now” is when LOA is responding to you and replicating your vibes.

Will you face challenges in your life? Yes, yes you will. What’s most important is how you respond and what your attitude is.

Abundance, the fact that you exist is proof that you are worthy of having it in your life in positive and healthy ways.

Peace be with you.