abunchoflions a réagi à votre billet :do you have any book recs??

i’m not anon but what’s a cool book about music for a dude who like…. knows that there are notes from A to G and not much else

depends on what you’re after? there are a lot of different kinds of Books About Music

in the general case i might recommend Walter Everett’s The Foundations of Rock, which, if you’re willing to work through a couple pretty technical early chapters, does a fairly decent job of introducing a lot of music theory concepts and relating them to music that was actually made in the past 100 years.

there are also, of course, plenty of really good historical/sociological studies of music and stuff that don’t really require a whole lot of technical familiarity with notation stuff but my field is the super-technical stuff so im not as up on those as i might be.

if you just want to learn ~the mechanics~ or w/e any music theory textbook will probably be decent (not great, but passable) just find whatever used book store your local college students dump old textbooks on