15 questions

I was tagged by the always beautiful @louismyonlypuresunshine  (sorry I’m late, I’m always late, ily)

1. Take Me Home or Midnight Memories?
I’m always a slut for Midnight memories tbh. It was the very first album of the boys I fell in love with and I know it better than I know myself so…

2. MM or Four?
According to a buzzfeed quiz, my favorite album is four… but I already said that MM is my life. (see? this is why you never ask a 1D fan to choose between the albums they love) I’m gonna go with MM :)

3. Four or Made in the A.M.?
Four has no control and girl almighty so… Four.

4. Alive or Rock Me?
 ROCK MEEEEEE, Hands down. I still cry when I remember I won’t listen to this song live :’(

5. Moments or I Want to Write You a Song?
I want to write you a song is the cutest <3 It’s so beautifully written. OMG.

6. Walking in the Wind or Clouds?
I’m team “i fucking hate clouds” (sorreeh) so Walking in the wind. I’ll be honest here, the part “and you will find me in place that we’ve never been for reasons we don’t understand” reminds me so much of a friend who lost her father last year… it makes me cry like a baby.

7. No Control or Temporary Fix?
This one is sooooooo hard!!! I’m… I quit. I can’t choose between them. BOTH.

8. Through the Dark or Fool’s Gold?
Through the dark. *cries loudly*

9. Actual book or e-book?
 I haven’t touched a book in yeeeeaaaars, but an actual book is great 

10. Coffee shop AU or College AU?
  I’ve read like a ton of college AU but hey a coffee shop AU is not bad.

11. Canon or AU?
AU, Ohh the possibilities are endless :’)

12. Tattooed or non-tattooed Niall?
Honestly, I kinda love his clear skin, I just can’t imagine him with anything inked on him soooo <3

13. Short haired or long haired Louis?
Short. (Maybe the look on Jay’s wedding is the exception)

14. Skinny jeans Harry or jean shorts Harry?
Skinny Jeans, baby. Do I really have to explain whyyyyyy??

15. Bearded or non-bearded Liam?
Bearded, It makes him look so manly (OMG)

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